Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebrating New Year with friends!

We celebrated our New Year with my old japanese friends here in Japan. After we moved out ( due to my husband's work ), we often meet our friends there in our old place and just like the other year, celebrating New Year is an opportunity to see each other again.

We did a lot of talking, a lot of eating, and a lot of drinking!! We did some singing at the karaoke, and some bingo games. With the prizes about the games, you will have to choose with some various of " hints " like " The Lord of the Ring " ( inside your box is a ring ),or something like " How do I Love Thee,Let Me Count The Ways " (inside your prize is a calculator ), you don't know your prize until you open it and yes, I guess it's unusual for giving the prizes--it's a part of the game !! But the main is after you open your prize you'll have to crack up some crackers but BEWARE!! the message inside it are embarrassing! Like " Share your secret that anyone didn't know " something like that. What I got for the prize is a cash--hahahaa!!lucky me!!but after cracking some crackers, it says " Show us your ugliest face ever " then they started to count..
" 3..2..1...Go! " so I made my face like a gorilla and return to my seat walking like a gorilla!! Then the room filled with laughter!! I took my beer and drink it bottoms up without stopping--Whew!! That was the most embarrassing that I have done!! A red faced Me!!

The prizes that we got!!

Wakaba and Haruka singing 'Ponyo,by the Cliff of the Sea'
Bingo games!!
Dad with his prize & cracker!



Umma said...

Hi Clarissa... your new year celebration seemed so fun and full of laughter. So you were the only pinay there from the party?

You must speak Nipponggo so well then.. do you hv kids already? I have a 1 year old baby boy.
Pls visit my baby blog too @

He just celebrated his 1st birthday btw, I am married to Korean but grew up here in California.

Thank you so much for visiting my site often and leaving some comments. I will add your site to my blog roll, pls do the same. Thank you once again. Im glad to meet you here.

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