Thursday, October 13, 2011


We had our lunch at Mori No Kitchen during a family weekend road trip to Mitsui Outlet Park in Sendai where we had fun window shopping. Sendai is known with their best Gyutan Sumibi Yaki (charcoal grilled beef tongue) and Marumaya's Sumibiyaki Buta Don ( charcoal grilled pork in a bowl ). Eating out for Sendai's delicasies was our main purpose of visiting the outlet park and we don't mind driving for hours just to try what Marumaya has to offer and I swear, it's worth it! The mighty bowl dish is sure popular with pork lovers! The pork was grilled into perfection and had a rich smoky flavor which we appreciated ^_^
Haruka chan and big sissy Wakaba chan
Sumibiyaki Buta Don Set ( charcoal grilled pork ( well flavored with sweet soysauce ), pickles and miso soup for 800 jpy

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Haruka's Observation Day

Haruka had her Observation Day at school in kindergarten and it was a good timing to tag-along Wakaba chan with me because Haruka's big sissy didn't have her class during that day. We observed the whole class but then Haruka's teacher invited Wakaba to play with them and joined the class~ it was kinda special observation day with special guest lol! The kids made a cone out of colored paper and used soap to make bubbles for the 'ice cream' and gave 'em to the parents. I was kinda WOW when my daughter Haruka handled me PLENTY of it which made my eyes rolling of how to bring them at home lol!
Wooden toys and hand puppets
Wakaba chan feeling nostalgic ~ Haruka chan's classroom was the same room during her time in kindergarten
The kids used whisk to make lighter, fluffier eggs errr I mean bubbles with less effort LOL!
dyaraannn! ' Ice cream ' for Mommy! ^_^


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Kizuna Buttons

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