Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaway From Vegas

Another friend of mine, Mommy Dhemz of Shopping Lists & Product Reviews is giving away freebies during their trip at Vegas! I just cannot let this pass without my full support and shout about her giveaway contest here at Kizuna!!

The criteria is very easy. Here's all you need to do:

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Prizes + a surprise gift:
(1) Las Vegas T-shirt (size: L)
(1) Las Vegas Hat
(3) Las Vegas Key Holder
(2) Las Vegas Pen
(1) Las Vegas Nail Buffer

Please visit her site for more details! Good luck and happy blogging! ^_^

Monday, June 28, 2010

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

Mom Conversations

Main Sponsors:

I'm supporting a dear friend Mommy Umma's BIGGIE contest in celebration of her 6th Wedding Anniversary next month. AND THE MAIN: $300 worth brand new Coach SATCHEL BAG!Ain't that fabulous as a prize for F-R-E-E?!! If I can't be the lucky winner, it might be YOU and all you have to do is join and spread the good news and try your luck. Easy peasy right? Now, are you ready of winning this $300 worth brand new Coach Satchel Bag?? Visit Mom Conversation for more details. I bet you don't want to miss this---yes, me too! Good luck to us! ^_^

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food Trip Friday-- Heavenly Cakes

A 'lil bit of something to fill your sweet cravings ^_^

---It's hard to resist the delicious chestnut paste of Mont-Blanc and strawberry paste of Strawberry Mont-Blanc or maybe this elegant Strawberry Bavarois is pleasing for you. Whatever your choice is, they will surely fill your sweet tooth! ^_^ ---

--- How about the creamy Milk Crepes, Strawberry Short Cakes, Caramel Cakes, Fruits Roll Cakes and or a Mocha Cake perhaps? Enjoyed these sweets from Patisserie P`ere Noel with a cup of black coffee at home together with my family during one of our afternoon snack and desserts---

An entry for Food Trip Friday. Chibugan na!!\(^0^)/

Couple's Corner

---Our Wedding Reception in Japan---

My Father-In-Law don't like me as a wife of his son coz I'm a Filipina and he has no choice but to accept me lol! We live in one roof with them ( after a year of getting married ) and just like marriage, it requires a lot of work and patience. I had a good relationship with my Father-In-Law ( even though he was against me at first ) and although he has some quirks that I don't like, he treats me well and I know how to handle him as days went on. Well I guess, communication is the key. OK, I won't lie... communication didn't work at first coz he speaks very native Japanese language lol! As in wala sa bukid! Nasa bukid na nga kami di ko pa cya maintindihan lol! My Mother-In-Law and I have a wonderful relationship-- she's my beer-friend!^_^I can tell her and be frank with her about everything most especially whenever my husband and I had some arguements and differences while holding some beer together with my two sisters-in-law lol! And I guess that's the reason why my BIL is still single coz he's hearing a lot of stories from us 'bout our husbands--he says 女ってくわいい!!( I'm afraid of you women! )LOL! ---Me and my MIL and Sisters-In-Law---

Living with them all in one roof means a lot of adjustments and differencies and there are times that all we had a very difficult moment and have stepped into each others toes, had a very tearful, a heart-to-heart conversation and accepted each others fault and be sorry. And all we came to understand each other better.

I love them and they love me. It's the Kizuna ( ties and bonds of love ) that strengthens our family ^_^

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girl's Talk--What's Inside My Bag

A little peek of what's inside my bag---I change bags all the time depending of where I'm going and if I don't get my stuffs ready before the day, I'm always into rush that sometimes a remote control is inside my bag! LOL!

My bag given by my friend Leony ganda used on our outdoor adventures--- Tumblers for our mugi cha ( roast barley drinks ), baseball cap for me and since my kids is very active, I always have extra shirts for them, chouchou's for their ponytail, towel, bandaids, mosquito spray, baby muhi ( for mosquito bites ) and of course, a digital camera.
---My Poppy Tartan Groovy Coach Bag for casual use ( last year's birthday present from hubby) ---
Here's what's inside my bag: My wallet, Atrix hand lotion, comb, Benetton camera case with my Canon IXY 930 IS digital camera(x-mas gift from hubby), Agnes B Green (face powder), Schedule Planner, Ballpen, Hello Kitty Bandaid case ( with band aids of course), Maquillage ( lipgloss), BVLGARI purse with OMNIA spray collection ( I use Amethyste, Crystalline depending on the mood but I love the scent of Green Jade the most ) and a capsule for my allergy.

What's inside your precious bag? Share 'em at Niko ganda's fun meme only here at

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nostalgia---A Surprise Visit

Yochan and I had a ermm...lover's quarrel and he was not in the mood of speaking to me over the phone and haven't seen him for a couple of weeks... I couldn't stand it anymore till he visited me my working place one night... together with an unknown woman...I was in panic and not only me! The staff and my co-talents were puzzled. ' Is she his new girlfriend? How rude of him to introduce her to you without breaking the relationship with you first! ' That's how my fellow co-workers was saying as I was getting their drinks to the bar and heard the two of them laughing back at their seat. Me myself is also puzzled--who is this woman? Why is that so easy for him to completely forget me for another woman? OMG! Is he married at the first place? I felt so akward and tensed then Yochan breaked the silence....I want you to meet Mihoko, my sister. 'Clarissa, hajimemashite! I finally met you! Yochi told me a lot about you!' and then smiled at me... Your sister?!! But you didn't told me you have a sister?! me, confronting Yochan...You didn't ask!! says Yochan... Oo nga naman, di ako nagtatanong lol! ' Watashi Yochi no kanudyo datou omotteiru deshou? You're thinking that I'm Yochan's girlfriend, right?' Mihoko teasing me...and I answered a big NO! A liar me!! LOL!
Yochan told me that he's just busy with his work and the reason why I can't get in touch with him is that he went home ( mountainside )and not at his pad-- meaning cellphones don't have signals there at the bukid of tralala and that he wasn't serious 'bout the petty quarrel that made by a childish me and that he just wanted to introduce his sister to me and he was the one surprised because of my reaction!hayzzz!! Lesson learned: Don't jump into conclusions without asking questions.

Isn't it so much fun to go back and just yank them all out and just sit there and reminisce? ^_^

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something New About Me

I seldom make an update of what's keeping me busy lately these days and what's something new about me... So here it is--- ( kahit wala namang may nagtatanong lol! )

---Yellow Flag---

School Cross Walk Guard---I man twice a month in the morning when children are going to school. I go out with a yellow flag and spend about 30 to 40 minutes at the cross walk until 15 to 30 children leave the neighborhood. I have to tag along Haruka with me early in the morning, usually around 7:15 A.M. coz I don't want her to be left alone in the house. Wakaba and some of the kids in the neighborhood goes together to school here in our community and we, parents ( usually Moms ) must do the task ( given by the school ) twice a month. I don't know for some of the schools here in Japan but that's what they're doing here at our community.

---Haruka doing her part---
---We greet the kids as they pass at the cross walk. ' Ohayo Gozaimasu! '( Good morning! )---
--- On-going project---

Bazaar Project--- I'm starting (again) a bazaar project at Haruka's school together with some other Moms and this time we're making some cutie handicrafts to be sold at the bazaar early November this year. I'm not good at these needles and threads thingy but I'm trying to do my best on how this stuffs work. However, I'm enjoying for sometimes and that Moms at school is very patient of teaching me. It's just that my needle, thread and me ain't doing well together lol! ---Pamphlets/ Brochures---

Camera Hunting--- Camera hunting is driving me nuts!! I dunno what camera to choose for a beginner like me. The truth is I'm very much satisfied with my Canon IXY 930 IS digital camera( x-mas gift from hubby last year ) because of the compact size and it just fit our needs--not until when my daughter Wakaba's Sports Day at Primary School came and I realized that I need more ' room of the zoom ' but still undecided of what kind of camera that really suits us. The main: Money, I'm only after for cameras not exceeding to 100,000 japanese yen ( well, more or less ), it must have the 10 times zoom, not too much heavy and can record videos. Anybody helppp!!\(^0^)/

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mommy Moments-- Daddy Moments

Have I mentioned how great Wakaba and Haruka's Daddy is?? My husband spent more time running around with them even after his work and although their Daddy is crazy over his work but when he comes home, he's still the same Daddy that they love to play with, having loads of fun, being in action with them and in every lil thing that they do, they'll receive a big H-U-G from him!

I love to take photos to remind me of moments that I really wanted to remember---Daddy Moments..

---So sweet---
---Priceless hug from Daddy---
---Children are the keys to paradise~Eric Hoffer~---

---I had so much fun seeing my kids bond with their Dad---

Happy Father's Day!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nostalgia-- His Song For Me

Do you guys have a theme song? I fell in love with my boyfriend turned husband Yochan and he loves to sing songs of Mr.Children's Dakishimetai , Deen's Konomama Kimi Dake wo Ubaisaritai, Bluem Of Youth's Stairway at the karaoke and everytime I heard the songs from the radio it makes me feel full of spirits and there's one song that he first sang after saying ' yes ' to his marriage proposal and that is from Yamane Yasuhiro's Get Along Together. I wasn't expecting that he would sing that song for me at the omice ( my working place and it is usually used as song at a wedding ) and because of the lyrics and was touched on the way he was singing his heart out, I cried a river! And even up to now whenever we had our karaoke sessions plus the kids, he would sing that song again and would bring back the memories of us and the emotions tied to us ^_^

Get Along Together~Ai Wo Okuritai Kara~ by Yasuhiro Yamane

Omoeba tada kizu tsuke nakaseta yoru mo atta ne
Konna boku de wa aru keredo dare yori kimi wo ai shite iru
Shinya no kimi no denwa samishii koe wo kikeba
Futari tooku hanarete iru kyori ga yake ni kuyashikatta
Mou nido to hanasanai kimi no hitomi
Boku wa kimi wo zutto mamotte yuku
Onaji jikan no naka onaji michi wo aruki omoide kizamikonde...

Ima, kimi ni chikau yo boku wo shinjite ite
Sono hitomi wo sorasanaide sono egao wo wasurenaide
Ii koto bakari ja nai kedo namida wa mou iranai
Datte kore kara itsumo kimi wa hitori ja nai no dakara
Tsumetai ame no naka kasa mo sasazu ni futari umi made aruita ano koro
Kore kara mo zutto soba ni ite
Ai wo okuritai kara...

Mou nido to hanasanai kimi no hitomi
Boku wa kimi wo zutto mamotte yuku
Kore kara mo zutto soba ni ite
Ai wo okuritai kara
Ai wo okuritai kara...
We can get along together


Isn't it so much fun to go back and just yank them all out and just sit there and reminisce? ^_^

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girl's Talk--Inside My Wallet

---My simple black Hiroko Koshino wallet ( gift from hubby )---
What's inside my wallet: Aquamarine Passport( a year passport and just had a renewal), Maruto point card and Waon point and electronic cash card ( what I love about WAON is that while you shop you can earn points that can be converted into cash ), Famitan Card ( families with children living at Fukushima Prefecture only is eligible to receive this card and it is used to get discounts and services from participating shops in Fukushima Prefecture by presenting this card ), TOYS R US point card ( for some kiddie stuffs ), MisDO Club point card ( I'm a die-hard fan and earned a lot of points from Mister Donut ), NIMIUS stamp pointcard ( brand shopping ), Comme Ca Ism point card( Japan brand clothing ), Bikkuri Donkey stamp pointcard ( family restaurant ), Big Apple stamp pointcard ( hairsalon for my rebonds and trimming) and A.V.V. Michel Klein Paris pointcard ( my fave brand in clothing line).

Are you expecting credit cards here??Nahh!! I don't have that 'magical card' lol! All I have inside my wallet aside from these pointcards (which is common here in Japan) is my health card ( used to hospitals for check-up ) and Eiju card ( permanent residency) and both cards are used as my identification card. ^_^

What's inside your wallet? Share 'em at Niko ganda's fun meme only here at

Sunday, June 13, 2010

PBW--Racing Fun at Sugo

---Hot track at Sugo---

We went at Sportsland Sugo for my husband had a sports car racing fun competition together with some of his friends ( CL7 owners ) last week. Although my husband loves to simply enjoy the pace of his race while his friends are advanced racers, he is now improving his time, technique and performance. He put his heart and soul into it ( and his bank account as well lol! ). Well anyway, the car which finishes in required numbers of laps in the fastest possible time wins the race and was awarded with a prize and trophy ( we went home with a portable DVD players as his prize ) and the car which finishes with least the time receives a punishment-- the driver have to run over the circuit minus the car of course. We went all laughing and gave an applause after the driver came back running from the track. It was such a loong journey for him lol! Forgive me but I can't just publish their faces here without their permission and I have to edit some of car numbers but here's some of CL7 cars and us posted instead. For those who love the burning smell of tyre, this is for you! Enjoy!!^_^ ---Preparing for the race---
---The CL7 Team--- ---Thumbs up!! Great job!!--- ---While they're taking the photos of their CL7, I'm taking the photos of the drivers. Look at this shot!!---
---My Girls!---
---Watching their Dad doing some hot laps--- ---Mom should have at least one shot lol!---
---Future Race Queens??---

Have a nice week ahead to everybody!!
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