Friday, January 23, 2009

Sports Festival Part 2--Community bonding

This was taken last year of October, and I don’t want to receive a call from my in-laws during that month coz there’s always a sportfest at my husband’s hometown and we’re forced to participate for the so-called “ community bonding ” wherein the community residents gather and do some sports act. Of course we don’t have a choice but to participate coz their blocks team don’t have any other younger members(?) and I guess I don’t have much more alibis to make–last year was I have my monthly period and the other year was ….unnnmmmn!! I forgot!!! and the other year was….. lol
Well,here are some of our sports act we did —the highlights includes stretching (LOL),tama ire games ( shooting small balls to the basket),tug of war, giant geta race ( wearing giant japanese wooden slipper with a member of six, kind of hard ), relay –for the aged about 16-20’s a 200 meter race, aged 30’s, 40’s and 50’s a 100 meter race and more. Would you believe that I ( on my 30’s ) did ( forcedly ) a 200 meter relay coz there’s no one participating on aged 20’s on our team?!!huhuhuu!!! My sore muscles reminds me how important excercise is!! So, here it is……I enjoyed it very much!!!!!!! Except for the relay (T_T)

Giant Geta Slipper Race

Team work!

Hubby and I,waiting for our turn..

Shoot that ball!!

The Button Relay

Our team placed 3rd—BANSAI!!! \(^0^)/


Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh wow, looks a lotta fun dearest!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Hi ate... wow di ko na-experience yang community undokai na yan. Wala kasi sa min... Siguro sa inaka kayo no? Kasi mga close kasi neighborhood sa mga inaka diba. Enjoy ba? =)

mata ne *mwah

Anonymous said...

its soooo fun cguro jan hehe

Allen's Darling said...


buzzz buzzz buzzzz

Umma said...

Looks so fun activities.. How I wish I could do that too with my baby when he grows up and starts to go to school.

EJ said...

Oh wow, that's a very good idea, you will be able to know your neighbor and other people hehehe..

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