Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food Trip Friday---Happy Birthday,Mommy Willa!

Dear Mommy Willa,
Because it was your birthday and I was late for the greetings, you can have this one whole birthday cake. It's a vanilla mousse birthday cake topped with fresh strawberry and blueberry and was done by yours truly during Haruka's 3rd Birthday---don't be guilty over the calorie counts, nasa ere tayo lol!^_^ Kidding aside, I wanna thank you for inviting me to join the meme and because of that, we became friends and started sharing recipes with Food Trip Friday participants, shared good foodies and had a great time. ^_^

I'm wishing you a happy, healthy life ahead and may all your wishes come true!

With Love,

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Happy Birthday To You . . .
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Mommy Moments---BLUE

This was taken recently during the organization here in our community called the ' Kodomo Kai ' ( child upbringing society ) and was invited to participate to join the parade for a Sakura Matsuri ( Cherry Blossom Festival ). It was our first time to join like that ( here in our place, each of the kids in primary is opt to join a kodomo kai, I don't know for some other places ) The kids wore blue happi coats ( usually used for festivals ) and some castanets and bells in hands to make a sound as they parade and a group of more or less 50 ( kids and adult ) participated during the 2 hours parade around the city. We stopped over on a nearby park for a rest and hanami ( cherry blossom viewing ) drink and then go. During our last stop over, the kids had a group picture and was given a bag full of snacks and juices and then headed home. Wakaba and Haruka had a lot of fun during the interval rests coz they were able to play at the park for awhile with some other kids. Another new experience for my kids!!^_^ ---Taiko, banged during the parade--- ---Dashi, a stall decorated at a time of a festival--- ---Before starting the parade---
---Decorations used for the festival being carried by kids---
---Same with this one---
---Photo shoot during resting time, first stop------Haruka shouts for everyone!------Fun at the park, second stop------Wakaba posed for me ^_^ ---
---Had some cold drinks during the rest time---

---Taking some group photos---
---Cherry Blossoms---

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Girl's Talk--Last Time I Pigged Out

---Pigging out also means supplying alcohol drinks into my system, Nama Shibori Kiwi Sour---

The last time I pigged out was going into a Yakiniku restaurant ( again! ) for two consecutive weeks in a month--our family usually goes out for yakiniku treats ( top notch quality and pricey meats ) at Za-Za once a month but this time we went to Gyu-Kaku twice coz there was a campaign goin' on there and it's still running up to May 5, 2010 ( to all my friends in Japan, don't miss and grab the chance until Golden Week! ) We ordered pitoro, miso harami, kalbi, horumon, oxtongue, veggies, etc ( sorry, didn't had the chance to picture all the food coz there's a lot of people around us and the seat wasn't private) but I've only had 2 glass of mixed drinks--nama shibori kiwi sour and nama shibori grapefruits sour (nama -shibori shochu based ( distilled drinks )) and of course, a heavy drinker like me doesn't end there...we went to the nearest convenience store and bought some beer and popcorn and extended the party at home! It's hard to have a drink outside then you have kids saying ' Ni hai made dake da yo!' ( limit of two alcohol drinks only )LOL!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Couple's Corner--We're The Best Of Friends

We have been blissfully married for 8 years now and we love to kid each other. We both love teasing each other, doing silly things and when we're both happy, the time just flies by! It's like ' Hey! Take my bra off your head! You're not Ultraman! ( said to him as he marched around the room and posed like Ultraman, with my bra on his face lol! ) everyday! Or in the middle of our badminton game outdoor, he would suddenly pose like 'Goku powering' ( of Dragonball ) and shouts KameHameHaa!! of course, our game will be over and me, a loser. I was ready with my hands to thrust forward, full with energy but then , he would shout ' Hey! Someone's doing kamehameha! Believing a powerful beam of energy would come out to her hands! ( Baka da neeh!! ) LOL! If you're into animes, imagine us like that!\(^0^)/

I wouldn't trade my relationship with my husband for anything! ( well, maybe except F1 driver Jenson Button would trash model Jessica for me!LOL! )

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Separation Anxiety

---I' m all alone---

No, not my kids but me lol! I have been suffering from ' blues ' on their first day of school until today... I didn't take it seriously when Haruka asked me a question--after dropping her at school, I proceeded to the supermarket to do my groceries but then I became sad--I dunno why... I should be happy coz I can go on with my groceries smoothly without getting worried of her whereabouts ( palagi cyang nawawala lol! ) but there's something missing.... THERE'S NO MAKULIT BY MY SIDE!!(T_T)
My husband and I talked about me being alone at the house before the school started--that I can do now a lot of stuffs online because they're both in school already (and I have all the time ALONE ), or maybe start a new hobby, lunch date with him, etc, etc...I should be happy... but it's soo tsumaranai ( boring ) of being alone. Well, I guess masasanay din ako someday...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PBW---Walking Along Sakura Views

The amazing sakura or cherry blossoms is now peak bloom at our place!! Our family had a stroll around the paradise bursting with blossoms!! It was a spectacular day for hanami ( cherry blossom viewing ) and although the full bloom was a lil bit late and the weather was bad lately( windy and rainy ) and now the sunshine has come out, we don't want to miss the hanami! We went out to get a glimpse of the sakura blooming at it's glory! The sakura trees are in gorgeous peak and the views are breathtaking! I find serenity and peacefulness looking at these beautiful cherry blossoms! ( Click the photos for bigger views--thanks! )
---Once in a while solo photo of me lol!---
---Haruka and Wakaba striked for a pose!---
---Enjoying a peaceful stroll---
---Sakura background---
---My kids had a lot of fun!---
---Thank you for a lovely day!---
---Just having fun!---
---The sakura blossoms are of course, gorgeous!---
---Beautiful views of cherry blossoms, and they're everywhere!!---
---Sitting under the cherry blossoms on a sunny spring day!---
---Us, enjoying the atmosphere ^_^---

Have a nice week ahead to everybody!!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Food Trip Friday---Mister Donut

---Enjoying Mister Donut at home, Baked Puff Choco&Whip, Angel French Chocola, French Cruller and Rich Donuts Bitter Choco---

Going to Mister Donuts is definetely my ME time! Good thing that Mister Donuts is just near to my kids school, it's my favorite place to go whenever their school is on a half day, I could wait for them there while having a morning break and or after PTA meetings with some of the mums. We love to use the word ' Misudo ikanai?' for a coffee break. Love talking to mums while having our Mister Donuts morning set, very light on the budget and you can have some 'okawari' refill hot coffee and or hot cafe au lait as many as you want. My all time favorite is the ' Pon De Ring' varieties, they have the ' mochi -like-chewy ' texture and Bitter Choco. Bitter Choco is not that sweet donuts and has a dark choco filling in the inside and has a bitter cocoa powder in the outside. I can only eat 2 doughnuts in one sitting and 2 cups of hot cafe au lait. I love Mister Donut because of the texture, it so light and not soo overly sweetened, a lot of doughnuts and other baked goods to choose from and I also love to get points to get free cutie collectables from them! ---Mister Donuts new product, Tokyo Pretz Ring: Maple and Almond and Choco and Crunch---
---Baked Puff Choco&Whip and Pon De Ring Kinako flavor ( one of my fave, powdery and 'mochi -like-chewy' texture--- ---Pon De Ring, Special Donuts (from the movie Nodame Cantabile edition)
---Baked Puff Custard&Whip
---A cutie collectable toys my kids got when they ordered a kids menu at Mister Donut. Obentou (lunch box ) and a leather Diary ( not in the photo )that I got for free after redeeming my point card---

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mommy Moments--Red

I' d like to share our Christmas fun last year which I didn't had a chance to post here at Kizuna and I think it's perfect for Mommy Moments theme coz a lot of color RED everywhere! We went to Sendai to watch Sendai Motorshow 2009 in Miyagi then we went on malling at Mitsui Outlet Park after. We love it there coz there's a Ferris Wheel where you can see the panoramic views of Sendai Port, then an attractive restaurants which offers selection of foodies, brand shops, etc.. And since it was Christmas time, we enjoyed ourselves there, the kids had a lot of fun, we did some window shopping and we also bought some gifts there. The colourful lights illumination during the night was amazing! Here' s some of the photos--enjoy!!
---The 50 meter tall Ferris Wheel and our CL7------We enjoyed the view while riding a Ferris Wheel, picture taken by Wakaba------Panoramic view of Sendai Port------The beautiful Christmas Tree------Haruka and Wakaba------Our favorite outlet for breaktime, TULLY'S COFFEE------Illumintaion Lights at Mitsui Outlet Park ------Striked a pose before we left------The Ferris Wheel during the night time---

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