Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Trip Friday--Packing My Kids Bento

I love making bento for Wakaba and Haruka even before they started going to school--it all started from onigiri ( rice ball ) eaten as their snack. They're really a picky eater but when I started making bento for them during lunch( instead of the usual plates at home ) they tend to double their appetite. I don't make artistic bento for them but I see to it that what they're eating is what they like, healthy and easy to prepare. I usually pack lunches to my husband everyday and Haruka ( she's a kindergartener ) twice a week. Their school doesn't allow sweets for dessert ( except for fruits ), nuts and other drinks--only water or mugicha ( roasted barley tea ). I could only make bento for Wakaba ( she's in gradeschool ) for sometimes because lunches there is served at school. There's really no rule in making bento but there are some bento gadgets and tools that can make your bento more appealing. And even if they' re not the ' traditional japanese style bento ' I highly recommend packing healthy bentos---it is practical and is reasonable to the budget. It's ok to include all types of food in your lunch boxes with variety that your kids and your husband will enjoy^_^

---Tulip Garden bento---
---Rice Medley ( takikomi gohan )---
---Nori maki with potato salad and meatball bento------Hello Kitty bento------Favorite of all time, Nori maki---
An entry for Food Trip Friday. Chibugan na!!\(^0^)/

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nostalgia--Preggy Me

Being pregnant is full of mixed emotions--excited, tensed and having another life inside my womb is a miracle! I loved being pregnant because I knew I would have a baby and my baby is lucky to be born where it will always be taken care of. Being pregnant is the most amazing gift God has given me.

My girls are amazing and I would do the sweetest pain all over again!

Isn't it so much fun to go back and just yank them all out and just sit there and reminisce? ^_^

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Couple's Corner--What We Want From Each Other

What do I want from my husband? ( and I told him so.. )

I'm here to listen--- I'm concerned about some things happening to him most especially on his work. He tend not to tell why he's upset for sometimes coz he don't want me to get worried and that hurts me coz I feel like that he's rejecting me. I wanted to let him know that I'm always here ready to listen when he's down.
Tickle me more---I haven't received fresh flowers from him for 8 years. I don't need pricey gifts, his cheeziness is all I need. Don't get me wrong but he's a showy kind-of-guy unlike some other Japanese men but my husband says giving flowers is the cheeziest thing he won't do. ( hmmpptt! )
Always ready---I want him to know that I'm always ready for him sexually ^_^

What my husband wants from me? ( and he told me so...)

Balance--- he wants me to understand that sometimes there's something he don't want to talk about most especially on his job. He don't want to bring problems from his work and talk about it at his home. Leave problems at work, play with kids and get relaxed at home.
Surprise--- instead of waiting for sweet smelling red roses to come my way, he wants me to be surprised on something. ( mystery )
Desire--- he wanted me to know that he still desires me and wanted me badly after all those bulging fats ( sabay hawak sa bilbil ) and for having a flat chest.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spa Resort Hawaiians

My days has been hectic lately and my husband took a 4 days-off from work ( he's been working like crazy ) and last Thursday was a holiday here in Japan --- we went to Spa Resort Hawaiians as a late family getaway for the summer or a sudden plunge for the fall season ( for it wasn't planned at all ). Spa Resort Hawaiians is a hawaiian themed spa resort and water park located at Fukushima prefecture and one of the popular destination trips here in Japan. We didn' t stay overnight at the hotel ( for it's only 30 minutes drive away from our place ) but finally enjoyed jacuzzi, sauna, open-air traditional style baths ( in our bathing suit ) and not only that, the resort have an awesome onsen ( hotsprings ) where we pampered and relaxed ourselves ( sorry, no photos allowed at the indoor onsen coz everyone is fully undressed there ). The biggest outdoor onsen in the whole country happens to be here at Spa Resort Hawaiians and is listed in the Guinness World of Records. The resort features a huge waterpark with pools, slides, waterplay etc where the kids enjoyed a lot! After taking our lunch, we watched the Tropical Hula Show at beach theater---the resort is also famous of their Hula Dance and Polynesian Show and enjoyed the tropical atmosphere. Have you seen the Japanese movie Hula Girls? (watch the movie trailer here ) The movie made a great influence on Spa Resort Hawaiians and because of the said movie, coming guests were increasing. It wasn't a first time to visit there but it was a first to experience to try almost everything of their hot spring and felt so relaxed! I trully deserve this break!
---Wakaba and Haruka before taking the plunge---
---Holiday crowds at Spa Resort Hawaiians---
---waiwai Ohana---

---Tropical Hula Show------My kids amused with these tropical wood carvings( I dunno what to call that lol )---
---Kimochiii!!! ( feels good! )--- ---Omiyage ( souvenier ) shop, I forgot to buy one (T_T)---

I' m back and I miss being online and being able to do bloghops. Thank you my dear friends for always dropping by. I' ll be back for a visit to your sites soon ^_^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Food Trip Friday--- Kinchaku ( Egg Stuffed In Fried Tofu Pouch )

During our stay at my PIL's home last weekend, we harvested summer veggies at their farm together with my kids and by the time we have to leave and be home at the apartment, Okibachan ( Great Grandmother ) gave us a plentiful veggies fresh from her garden like of these pumpkins. I love serving hot or cold pumpkin soup for my family and some other pumpkin dishes and this time I made a meatless pumpkin dish for them--so healthy, easy to make and of course ' magaan sa bulsa ' ^_^

---Pumpkins were cut into one bite pieces, eggs were stuffed inside the aburage ( fried tofu skin, cut into halves, one egg per pouch) and tied off with a toothpick and was set in a mild brine of dashi then simmer until the pumpkins are half cooked-------Take off the toothpick, cut egg pouches into halves, arrange platter and top boiled green beans---
---Kinchaku, Egg Stuffed in Fried Tofu Pouch---

An entry for Food Trip Friday. Chibugan na!!\(^0^)/

Mommy Moments--Grandparents

Life is grand for my kids coz they have so many wonderful memories with their Grandparents-- maybe strict in disciplining for sometimes and yet so caring. My kids are enjoying their childhood by spending quality time together with their Grandparents like playing games, reading stories, taking out for a dinner or lunch, and we have been celebrating holidays together, and they don't miss attending events at schools, etc . They are the loving, fun, attentive and best Grandparents to my kids! I'm so thankful to them because they're great listeners when I need for some advices most especially of bringing up my kids and I know my kids are trully blessed to have them as their Grandparents.

---A Grandmother is a little bit parent, little bit teacher, and a little bit bestfriend. ~Author Unknown~ --- ---Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short in criticism and long on love. ~Author Unknown~ ---
---By the time the youngest children have learned to keep the house tidy, the oldest Grandchildren are on hand to tear it into pieces. ~ Christopher Morley ~ ---
---A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother's heart. ~ Author Unknown ~ ---
---It's such a grand thing to be a mother of a mother-that's why the world call her Grandmother. ~ Author Unkown ~ --- ---Nobody can do for little children what Grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. ~ Alex Haley ~ ---

quotes source

This entry is dedicated to my kids Grandparents for Japan's Keiro No Hi ( Respect For The Aged Day ) it is more like a Grandparent's Day celebrated elesewhere. As a tradition, celebrating Keiro No Hi every third Monday of September is a national holiday here in Japan.

On this Keiro No Hi ( September 20,2010 ) or Grandparents Day 2010, we wish all the Grandparents there a Happy Grandparents Day! Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Know more Grandparents only here at mommy moments

Join us! We' d love to hear from you! ^_^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm So Proud Of My Wakaba!

Wakaba's article that she wrote during Tanabata had been chosen---She went home with a certificate from her school! Can't help it but I'm so proud of my Wakaba!!\(^0^)/

Monday, September 13, 2010

PBW---Blissful Weekend!

After my MIL was discharged from the hospital, we always find time to visit the bukid of tralala ( I guess you all know where the place is ) to tend and help her around every weekend. She's doing fine ( thank you my friends for all the prayers ) but she cannot walk really well unlike before.

During our visit to my PIL, my kids went to do what they love to do every summer and that is harvesting time! My MIL and kids went to pick up blueberries again ( just like of last year ) at their grannies blueberry farm and not only that, lots of corn and summer veggies like eggplants, pumpkins, cucumbers were harvested during our stay there. It seems like that they've been waiting for us ready to be picked up ( and to be eaten lol ). My kids Great Granny is the one whose doing the regular picking and sometimes she would send us a package full of veggies available at her garden. Now I'm looking forward for another tasty veggies to harvest next season ^_^

---My MIL, Haruka and Wakaba picking up fresh blueberries at the farm---
---Blueberries------Bonding time errr kulitan time -------Cutie cousin Ayana chan------Daddy wishing for another baby girl?------Our lil baby at the bukid of tralala---
---Haruka harvesting some sweetcorn together with Okibachan ( Great Granny )---
---Wakaba doing her part---

---Haruka gladly poses for me---
---So happy together---
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Have a nice week ahead to everybody!!^_^

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