Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinoy Style Birthday Party

My kids friend, Mirai chan celebrated her 7th birthday last week and everybody, most especially the kids in the neighbourhood had a good time. The birthday girl's mother is a pinay friend of mine and helped her in the kitchen of preparing foodies to serve. It was such a long time for me to prepare pinoy foodies ( although I only prepared the chicken macaroni salad and helped wrapping the lumpia) coz my Wakaba and Haruka is picky when it comes to Philippine foods that is why I also brought my homemade inari zushi ( which I forgot to take a picture lol ) to the party. Preparing foodies at Mirai chan's birthday party reminds me to cook and serve Philippine foods more often at home, too ^_^

Well anyway, here's the foods that we prepared during the party ~ yep, the pinoy style and I loovet!!! \(^0^)/
Pork and Chicken Skewers

Boiled Shrimps

Kain tayo, masarap yan! ^_^

The Birthday Cake

Just having fun! ^_^

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Because I Miss Our Community In Namie

I will be reposting the post I've written on the year 2009~ I am praying that the day will come that we will see each other again. ( wondering why? please read my Fukushima posts) Same happy on the same old town....

Reading my blog during the past years, I have been blogging all about our life in Namie ~ the so-called Our bukid of tralala....a big part of our lives is missing..

Sports Festival Part 2- Community Bonding

This was taken last year of October, and I don’t want to receive a call from my in-laws during that month coz there’s always a sportfest at my husband’s hometown and we’re forced to participate for the so-called “ community bonding ” wherein the community residents gather and do some sports act. Of course we don’t have a choice but to participate coz their blocks team don’t have any other younger members(?) and I guess I don’t have much more alibis to make–last year was I have my monthly period and the other year was ….unnnmmmn!! I forgot!!! and the other year was….. lol
Well,here are some of our sports act we did —the highlights includes stretching (LOL),tama ire games ( shooting small balls to the basket),tug of war, giant geta race ( wearing giant japanese wooden slipper with a member of six, kind of hard ), relay –for the aged about 16-20’s a 200 meter race, aged 30’s, 40’s and 50’s a 100 meter race and more. Would you believe that I ( on my 30’s ) did ( forcedly ) a 200 meter relay coz there’s no one participating on aged 20’s on our team?!!huhuhuu!!! My sore muscles reminds me how important excercise is!! So, here it is……I enjoyed it very much!!!!!!! Except for the relay (T_T)

Giant Geta Slipper Race

Team work!

Hubby and I,waiting for our turn..
Shoot that ball!!

The Button Relay

Our team placed 3rd—BANSAI!!! \(^0^)/

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Monday, September 26, 2011


~ before ~

A lot of parents at school were worried about radiation, the soil that was exposed to radiation leaks at the playground of the school was removed ( please read my post about it here ) My daughter's kindergarten and in gradeschool is doing it's own monitoring here in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture and constantly getting the results that there are no problems. Before, kids at school are allowed to play outdoor for only 30 minutes but now the topsoil were removed, kids are now back playing outdoors ( but still time is limited but longer).

~ after ~

*** There were some 'wakaii mama san tachi ' ( young mothers) often says that they don't want to eat something that comes from our Fukushima Prefecture and that they're frightened of being exposed to radiation but are SMOKERS~ don't they know that they are directly exposed to radioactivity in cigarette smoke? Or is it just me being affected when somebody says something bad about Fukushima on TV? ***

Monday, September 19, 2011

Iwaki Star Festival 2011

Tanabata Matsuri or the Star Festival is most famous in Sendai but we also have here in Iwaki, it's not that extravagant like of Sendai though. Tanabata matsuri is also the most awaited event for my kids during the summer. Colourful streamers hanging, games and of course, foodies! (*^o^*)

The main tradition of the the Star Festival is to write your wish on a piece of paper called the tanzaku and tie it to the bamboo branch. Wakaba and Haruka were able to enjoy the food and beautiful sights~ Iwaki transforms itself into a colourful festival town! We had a great time walking through^_^

Tanabata Matsuri 2010

What is your wish?
Wakaba's wish: ' I wish to be a designer someday.'
Sights of the festival

Haruka chan, beating the heat with kaki-gori ( shaved ice with fruity syrup)
Haruka and Wakaba was delighted to take a picture with this rabbit named 幸せ屋(Shiawaseya, supported by Merry Project ) that gives heart filled with message of encouragement which makes you really happy.
A family picture of us ^_^

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I would like to share some updates and some good ( and the not-so-good ) news of my PIL's situation and for some of those who haven't known yet, they were forced to evacuate their home because of the high radiation levels that could harm their health. Their home is inside the 20 km government-mandated evacuation zone and the residents are now gone at their hometown leaving their homes, livelihoods and pets.

My PIL received 5 items of electric appliances from the Japanese Red Cross Society ( I would like to thank friends who funded for the Kizuna Love Fund , the received money was donated to JRCS ) and some relief goods from the government. They have returned to their home in Namie last month for two hours only wearing a white full-body protective suit to pick up some important belongings. They also looked for their pet Shiro but he's nowhere to be found.

It seems that we woudn't be returning to our home in Namie anytime soon and that makes us more depressed. It is said that it'll take 35-40 years to be able to come back and they are worried about how they will recover. Although their home wasn't hit by the tsunami but it feels like just the same. Home is gone! They still have a home but yet cannot live at their own house and make a living. Memories are precious to peoples live's and I feel sad too because Namie is my kids birthplace and although it doesn't show to their faces, deep inside they're hurting to be away with their home, friends and relatives . I can feel their sufferings, silently...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moritto Balloon Art Show In Fukushima

Wakaba and Haruka enjoyed Moritto Balloon Art Show held at Ito Yokado during the summer and luckily it was the same day of Aya Ikeda's Mini-Concert in Fukushima. So while waiting for the concert, they had fun interacting and making request to the artist ( Moritto ) for some balloon art. Moritto's Balloon Art Show is very entertaining and unique and most of her creations are her original designs. She made anime balloon arts ( Anpanman, Vikingman, Pretty Cure, etc) and speaking about summer, she also made a mikoshi that is used during matsuri ( summer festival ). She's very entertaining to watch and the kids adores her for answering any requests of balloon art to make.

Hubby gets a Chihuahua art balloon
Haruka gets an Anko ( goosefish) balloon art

Kids poses at the balloon art that was made and was given away by lucky participants after the show
Moritto and her creation, mikoshi ^_^
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Getaway At Twin Ring Motegi

Taking an out of town trip together with my In-laws is what I looked forward to and we had chance to go last month since the kids were off for their summer vacation.Although the original plan was going to Tokyo Disney Resort but we called it off coz my FIL ain't comfortable with the flooding of the people around the magical place. My kids were itching to go but we have to set another date for that minus their Grannies.

We had a 2 days out of town trip and our day one was at Sano Premium Outlet in Tochigi Ken where we had a blast shopping then day 2 was at Twin Ring Motegi.The weather was on and off but still it wasn't a hindrance and I'm happy to see my In-laws enjoying themselves. We've been in Twin Ring Motegi many times already( read here and here ) and this trip with them is their first after the earthquake that hits Japan and their hometown in Namie is still dealing with the radiation mess of the nuclear plant in Fukushima. That's the reason why we invited them over coz for even for a short period of time they could at least forget the recent situation in Fukushima. I believe that going for a trip would be better for them rather than staying at home and do nothing.And for the brighter side, now is the time to go into trips be it short or long coz they now have all time which they didn't do much when they were still working. Before I bore you to tears I would like to announce some good news:

Me and my husband planned of giving the couple a treat to Hokkaido this month!! Although we don't have much, it's our time to give back the kindness they did to us and a trip to Hokkaido is not enough but it is heartily given for them ^_^

Well anyway here's the photos taken during trip. Thanks for reading and hope you'll enjoy the photos ^_^

My In-laws at Honda Collection Hall Indy Japan The Final Display
Hands on
Our dream car ^_^
My girls Racing Motorcycles
Racing cars Asimo Super Live And U3-X Demonstration
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Kizuna Buttons

Just letting you know...