Friday, January 9, 2009

I Heart Honda!!

Our family went to an event called ' I Heart Honda 2008 ' last summer. It was a Friday and the weather was an on and off but there's still lot of people who went there. We enjoyed the talk show, games, seeing demo cars, hot race, the drivers, but of course, experiencing to drive our own car to the circuit for free of charge! Though my husband, the driver cannot do some high full speed which I think he's not satisfied of. He'll be back again at Tsukuba Circuit next time doing some race
( with charge,of course) and us at the grandstand watching him doing some time attack. His personal best? Don't ask coz he's slow! Don't tell him I wrote them on!LOL!! For some HONDA lovers or car maniacs, here's some photos of them. Enjoy!!

I love this!!!
Twin Cam
Spoon S2000

First time to see Spoon S2000 and Accord
Honda Classic Cars Parade
The heat is on....
At the circuit
Honda Ladies
How about you? Do you heart Honda? ^_^


Chubskulit Rose said...

wow, hot cars... and ladies... we love honda too.. we have honda accord

richard said...

great cars! the ladies are beautiful, bet you have a great time...

have a nice wkend...

Clarissa said...

Thanks for visiting po!:)

richard said...

Hello Clarissa,

Just visiting and kindly visit my blog Dreamworks, I have a tag for you.

Keep on smiling...

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