Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Omelet Rice and Pumpkin Potage

I’d like to share again some of my homemade recipes which is so easy to make! Here it is!

How to make the Omelet Rice:
Ingredients: (4 servings)
wienner - 4 pcs
onion - 1 small size
mushroom - any kind
green peas - 30 g
eggs - 5 pcs
4 cups of rice
butter - 1 tablespoon
salt and pepper
tomato ketchap - 6 tablespoon
1: cut onions into small sizes,same with the wienner
2: start heat,add butter into fry pan,add #1 and the mushroom then stir fry for a while,add the green peas then add A.Mix, add hot rice and mix again.taste according to your taste buds.set aside.
3. batter eggs with salt and pepper
4. start heat in another fry pan,add cooking oil,then add the battered egg for one serving in medium heat,stop heat when is egg is done.top in the mixed rice in middle then fold in the eggs at both edge then turn over the pan into the platter.top in tomato ketchap and sprinkle parsley.

How to make the Pumpkin Potage
Ingredients: (4 servings)
pumpkin - 300g
onion - 1 pc medium size
buillon - 3 pcs
milk - 200 ml
water - 600 ml
flour - 1 tablespoon
butter- 1 tablespoon

1: cut the onion and pumpkin into small pieces
2: heat the casserole and add the butter.add the onion and stir fry for a while then add the pumpkin,mix.at lower heat add the flour and mix(be careful not to burn it).
3: add water small amount in a time and mix then add the buillon and simmer.
4: when the pumpkin is soft,put them into the blender(mixer),when you see that they’re blended put them back on the casserole then add the milk and simmer while mixing.taste with salt and pepper.
5: put in soup bowl,top in croutons or parsley or just pour some fresh cream over it for added touch.


Nanaybelen said...

thanks for the recipe you shared . i 'll do it for breakfast of my kids

Nanaybelen said...

yummy omelet. thanks for sharing.

Kim, USA said...

hi clare, can we use the pumpkin in can? the recipe looks so yummy. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Mommy Liz said...

Sarap sana ng recipe mo, kaso ang family ko, choosy and picky esp. my hubby..Grrrr....my kids will eat just plain rice, except for my son Roan, he would eat rice with sabaw ng sinigang..

The pictures of the food look so appetizing, I bet it taste really good too.. Yummmm

Clarissa said...

@Ate Kim: I haven't tried pumpkin in can but I guess it's ok--tantya-in mo na lang ang timpla nya,Te.Thanks for dropping by!:)

@Mommy Liza: My family is also a picker,they don't eat pinoy foods!!kaya pag naluluto ako ng pinoy dih,ako lang ang kumakain!(T_T)
Thanks for dropping by!:)

Kim, USA said...

thanks clare.

EJ said...

Hey there Ms. Chef,that looks delicious!

richard said...

Hello Clarissa, just visiting and I have a tag for you, Hope you like it....

Umma said...

I like this recipe.. I will grab this one for sure Clar.

Allen's Darling said...

Ay ang sarap niyan clar inggit ako i dunno how to do it hehehe but i know how to eat ha ha ha

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