Friday, January 16, 2009

A to Z Tag!!

I've got my very FIRST TAG from my friend ' Grace '. YOUR'E SUCH A DARLING, Grace!! And also received same tag from ' Mr. Richard ' .Thanks for visiting my blog, Richard! \(^0^)/ and I apologize for posting it late--having a hard time figuring how to post tags. Now, I know!!lol!

A-- Attached or Single? -- Attached
B-- Bestfriend?-- I haven't see her for a long time
C-- Cake or Pie?-- Cake
D-- Day of choice?-- Monday
E-- Essential item?-- Pen and paper
F-- Favorite color?-- Blue ,Black and Red
G-- Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms
H-- Hometown?-- Negros Oriental,Philippines
I-- Indulgence?-- Family and friends
J-- June or July-- July
K-- Kids? Clarence Claire, Wakaba and Haruka
L-- Life is not complete w/out-- Family
M--Marriage date?-- January 29
N-- Number of magazine subscriptions?-- none, I buy from a bookstore
O-- Orange or Apple?-- Orange
P-- Phobias?-- None
Q-- Quotes?-- ' Recognizing and respecting differences in others, and treating everyone like U want them to treat U, will make our world a better place for everyone '.KIM PEEK
R-- Reason to smile-- My family and friends
S-- Season of choice-- Summer
T-- Tag people-- YOU!!
U-- Unknown fact about me-- Secret
V-- Vegetable-- Lettuce
W-- Worst habit-- Eating more even when full
X-- X-ray or Ultrasound? -- X-ray, it's my husbands' job
Y--Your favorite foods -- Yakiniku, Tempura, Sushi
Z-- Zodiac sign-- Scorpio


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