Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Yochan,

I like the way I feel about you.

I live to be with you, to hold your hands,
to see your smile.

You' re all that makes my life worthwhile!

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to both of us!!

Love you forever,


(note: this is a scheduled post, we're still on vacation)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kizuna on Blog Leave

Dear Friends,

My family and I are leaving for a vacation. We'll be back on the 2nd week of Febuary--I'll see you then.^_^ Thank you so much for dropping by and for leaving your messages and comments!

With Love ,

(note: this is a scheduled post)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girl's Talk--My Firsts

It's been awhile that I haven't posted an entry for Girl's Talk and I don't want her to say something on our meeting and so I must have a post of all My Firsts here-- all in one for this month lol! ^_^

My First Crush and First Date

I was on my highschool days when I met my first crush, Teofilo---he was a senior of me and I was in my junior and I know this might sound stupid but I really asked him out to be my partner during our Junior-Senior Proms Night. So stupid right? It was embarrasing, I was blushing and all that but he agreed to be my date--it was his first to be asked by a girl, he said. And so I asked a bakla friend of mine to do my make up and my hair done and even borrowed a cocktail dress for the special event to look perfect to his eyes! I was flying in ecstacy seeing him on his formal wear and walking towards me for a dance! My dear! It would be very difficult for me to get down to earth from cloud nine ( ang luma ko lol!) when we had our dance during the Prom night! He dropped me at home after the dance party on a pedicab ride and he was gentleman enough to held his hand and I smiled back...but all of a sudden the next thing that I remembered was my knees were bleeding--naipit ang heels ko sa butas ng bulok na pedicab! My first crush on my first date-- I am all red and blushing.... with embarrasment! (T_T)

My First Kiss and My First Boyfriend

My first kiss was my first boyfriend, J--J was introduced to me by a friend during my highschool days and we saw each other almost everyday and time went on we started hanging out as friends then eventually he became my first boyfriend. He picks me up at school every morning and dropped me back at home after school and that is everyday! He's close to my family and I'm close to his family,too. He invited me to go to a disco (OMG!Ang luma lol!)on a Friday night, we danced and enjoyed each other together with some of our friends. The weather wasn't my bestfriend that time, the rain started to fall and decided to drop me back home using his motorcyle and we're all wet. I was ready to go but he held me back and kissed me--it was my first kiss....and was amazing...
We dated for over 2 years and a half and just like any lovers, we had ups and downs. But the thing is he's becoming more and more possessive--he had so many bawal to me. He doesn't like me wearing shorts in public and sleeveles and or any sexy clothes. He's jealoused to any guys that I talked to and finally decided to break the relationship. I needed some space to breathe...A months later, we talked as friends and told me that he'll be going to America and finish his studies there. A year later I heard from a friend that he's getting married and that his fiance' is pregnant. My goodness!! Natatawa ako sa kagagahan ko dati lol!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couple's Corner--How Well Do We Know Each Other

---I knew my husband so well---

--He loves his coffee black most especially when eating sweets--if his coffee ain't black, it means he's really darn tired at work!
--His favorite scent is Soir of Bvlgari or nothing.
--All the time I thought I'm only a tag-along ( on his car racing practices ), it turns out that he doesn't enjoy it without me watching him at the grandstand.
--He has a lot of colored clothes than me, mine is all black and dark colors.
--He doesn't talk much about his work at home, if he did it means he's stressed.
--If he's stressed, it's time for car racing practises.

---He knows so much about me as well---

--If I take out our electric hotplate and prepare yakiniku or yakisoba or okonomiyaki for dinner, or a pancake for breakfast, he knows he's in charge of cooking at home.
--He knows that I will be asking for my allowance next after questioning the date of his salary
--He knows that I'm always available to him sexually lol!
-- He knows that we're not only husband and wife, but bestfriends,too.
--If he makes utot at home, he knows he has to pay for a 500 yen fine.

The more time we spend together, the more I find him interesting and we're becoming made for each other!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Pretend At Kindergarten

Observation Day at school is one of the most exciting in which Wakaba has experienced in kindergarten--the teachers shows to parents what the children will be learning on the day and this time they played " Let' s Pretend ". Playing a "Let's Pretend" at kindergarten is a great opportunity to explore their creative imagination and this time they played omiseya- san gokko-- the kids made some art crafts out of recycled papers, cardboards(last year Wakaba made a giraffe out of recycled milk packs). They made a paper watch, some animal shaped made of origami, jewelries made of straw, and etc. for selling and since Wakaba is pretending to be as the cashier, she made her own cashier machine/cash register. Each kids has a paper money for shopping and bought something they wanted and has a mini ramen shop there where they can eat while shopping! Just like the adults were doing, they fall in line after shopping for their goods and pay for it or ordering some ramen ( made of yarn and straws)and then paid after. I remember that Wakaba has been very observant during our shopping at the grocery because of her job as the cashier and very courteous,too--telling her classmate to wait for their turn in line and saying thank you to the shoppers. I love watching her grow with confidence and she really enjoyed what they did at school! The kids all seem to be enjoying of doing their jobs very well! I wonder what kind of job that they will do in the future ^_^

---Wakaba' s cash register that she made at school, made from recycled boxes---
---some animal shaped origami, art and crafts made by the kids at school---
---With apron and bandana---
---recycled art crafts for selling--watches, jewelries

---Wakaba and the kids made some cookies and eat them before they start selling their stuffs--yours trully also had a share of the cookie, Wakaba shared it to me^_^-----Wakaba was worried if she can do her job well---
Wakaba is very busy doing her part as the cashier!!---
---paying up after shopping with paper money------Haruka shopped for a ring and watch, she said that it's for me--ain't it sweet?? Of course, she paid for it with paper money lol!!---
---Haruka acting as a ramen costumer--she ordered ramen and juice---

Watch them play their part on Let's Pretend^_^

Have a nice day to everyone!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just A Hint

I was popping in and popping out of blogosphere.....
---opening my second bank in can, it's not much as the first though---
---busy schedules---

Can you guess why??? ^_^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Yenggay!!

A beautiful daughter of Niko and Yobib is celebrating her birthday today! Happy 2nd Birthday to Yena!! Wishing you more blessings and great birthdays to come in your life!! As you celebrate your birthday, may all your wishes come true!!

Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YENA!! ^_^

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Food Trip Friday---31 cm Bibimbap!!

One of my favorite food served at a yakiniku restaurant is a bibimbap--I can' t resist a serve of it after grilling some of the yakiniku meats. I have posted bibimbab before here but the the difference is the size-- 31 cms!!Good for 4-5 sevings-- we already have a full stomach that we have to pack it home (sayang naman lol!) Bibimbap is a mixed up rice, a very healthy and served in a heated stone bowls. I liked the crispy rice that forms at the bottom and sides and was absolutely delicious!! A tasty bibimbap with a mug of beer is perfect for a Friday night out!^_^

A Food Trip entry for

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Mommy Moments--New Born Days

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Dear Wakaba and Haruka,

It seems like not that long ago that I was pregnant with you when I think of how much joy you have brought into my life. I don' t know how I ever did without you.

Being pregnant was such a beautiful time in my life. I will never forget the first time I felt you kick, and the look on your Daddy's face when the doctor saw you on the ultra sound for the first time!

You are the biggest blessings in our lives and we are so lucky to have both of you.

I love you so much!

With love,


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Couple's Corner--He Made Me Really Angry!!

No matter how much I love my husband Yochan, there is some time that is really annoying that drives me crazy and really hate him for doing such a thing!

There was one time at a shopping mall and Yochan was looking for a down jacket and asked my opinion of the color to choose from--black, blue or orange. I knew my husband loves bright colors but I wanted him to have the black for a change and he's asking for my opinion anyway and I guess he needs it for a new look. He was crossing his brows when I chose the black one and insisted the bright colored jacket. The black down jacket looks good on him and in fact t'was cool when he did some fitting but still refused--I guess we've been there for an hour! He was ready to pay at the counter then all of the sudden he went back and returned the black one and replaced by an orange down jacket! I was kind a " Yeah right! Nagtanong ka pa, di mo rin lang pala ako susundin! " Why did he asked for my advice for the very first place but wouldn't dare to listen??!!GGrrrr!!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Otoshidama and New Year Holidays


During the January 1st, Japanese children receives cash envelopes from parents, grandparents and relatives and of course, the Sasaki clan is one big family!! Wakaba and Haruka had lots of otoshidama from them and to my surprise, I received from my MIL and Obachan (great grand mother)too!!\(^0^)/ We will keep the half of their money at the bank and it's up to them on how they will spend the half of it. Wakaba and Haruka bought some fukubukuro for shopping as planned before the new year and they wanted to save the other half of it. Good girls!!(mine is paubos na lol!!) never thought that on a very young age, they have learned to be thrifty like their Mom ( who?me?lol!)We celebrated our New Year holidays the busiest and yet a very happy one!!^_^
---while their wives were busy talking in the kitchen, here' s our husband and my BIL doing their part of taking care of the kids. Took a snap of it lol!---
--Wakaba, Haruka and cousin Yuina watching their favorite anime which make them stay silent for awhile lol!!--
---looking for some lucky bags for grabs for the new year that they received from their otoshidama. It' s amazing to hear them talking about what to spend on their money most especially when they said of not spending all of the money---
---Fukubukuro or lucky bags from Mr. Donuts( 10 donuts of your choice plus Mr.Donuts cutie character goods for 1,000 yen ), Rilakkuma(below pic), Fresh Pretty Cure( undies ), and bought some stationery sets,too---
---here' s what's inside of the lucky bag( heart shaped pillow, fleece blanket set, notebook, a file and coin purses for 2,000 yen)

--Rilakkuma kawaii coin purses---

Have a nice day to everybody!!^_^

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy Moments--New Year' s List

Our New Year's list is gonna be all about Wakaba and Haruka chan. We are preparing Wakaba chan for this school year because she will be a gradeschooler soon! My two girls are growing up really fast! We just bought her a new Randoseru backpack ( they cost too much coz they' re made of genuine leather, so durable and tough ) for her to use during her elementary years. There are many types and colors of the randoseru and we didn't get her the traditional red for the girls but a rose-pink color one.We bought them ahead of time otherwise the colors will be out of run. Wakaba is excited to be a gradeschooler but sad to graduate in kindergarten--she said she will miss her classmates in Kinder although 3 of her classmates will be on the same school this year.

The next thing on the list is Wakaba's desk for studying--since we lived in an apartment and we don't have much space, we need at least a compact one coz Haruka will be needing another one in the future and that means another space to move. We got her the desk with more comfort, a bookshelf, with light for studying, and a utility and file drawers. Her desk will be shipped to us on Febuary after arranging their toy racks and will set aside some other toys that are not in used so that we can have space for it.
--Wakaba, a soon- to- be- first grader!!---
Haruka chan will be on kinder this school year and is pretty excited of wearing her big sisters uniform in kindergarten! I'll be left soon in the house alone and I'm kind-a-sad...chotto tsumaranai kamo...(T_T)
And for us, we will be celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary this month and I hope 2010 for us will be a great one! ^_^

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