Thursday, October 29, 2009

Girl' s Talk-- Fave Accessories

I can only have my watch and a pair of earrings and that' s fine with me as my accessories now that I have kids. I may have some but I rarely use them. Here are some of what my husband gave me as presents for my late entry for the theme Favorite Accessories here at Girl' s Talk.

Platinum engagement ring--he gave me the ring at the wrong finger lol!!

His very first present--Tag Heuer ( sorry, it' s blurry--it was taken long time ago )
Some of my collections--platinum, silver, gold and diamond

I love this watch from Philippe Charriol

My fave necklace from Tiffany

How about you? Are you fond of wearing accessories??
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I would like to Congratulate to all the winners of Azumi' s First Giveaway Contest by Bambie. Lucky Dolly 1: Gengen of Rewards Station in which she won a month of adspace at Kizuna, Lucky Dolly 2:Redamethyst of Earn Money Online With Red ,to Melandria of My Journey To Life for winning the Bonus Prize of the contest and to Mommy Yami of Mom Writes For A Cause for being the Lucky Dolly 3 for winning Kizuna' s Agnes B make-up goodies as one of the sponsor of the contest.

Congratulations to all the winners, sponsors and supporters of

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Couple' s Corner-- We' re In Love

Rodliz’s Nest

" Bunso, kung magkakagusto ka rin lang sa hapon, mayaman na ang piliin mo. " That' s what our Ate in our working place told me when I was still working as an entertainer here in Japan.

I' m in love--- The club is our dating place that my co-workers and other guests started to noticed. I was a third timer then when I caught the managements attention---I don' t have a number of guests anymore. I was told of not letting Yochan get inside the club anymore coz he' s distracting my work and other guests are jealoused because of him ( pwede ba, di ko naman sila BF noh,sagot ko lang sa isip ko but I don' t have a choice coz I have to "work" out some pambobola to the guests to keep them coming at the club ) Since then, I learned to escape just to be with him for a date, of course with the help of Yochan's friend and my co-talent as our partners in crime. I know the risk of getting caught-- we have to pay for some penalties, we could go back to the Philippines without finishing our contract but it didn' t stopped me for not seeing him once in a while kahit na bawal. I' m a prisoner of love...But then lahat ng talents nagkabistuhan na including us, most especially US. My co-talents was pregnant by Yochan's friend and was talking about their marriage after our contract, but I remained as a talent and was extended for another 6 months after I promised that I won't break the rules again and became the groups leader as my 4th timer in Japan. It wasn' t easy coz there' s a lot of pressures now after the bistuhan but then another talent was asking me like," Ate, I would like to have a date with my BF, help me!! " hayzzz... Makakatanggi ka ba sa ganyan? I know it' s bad but that' s the truth...Hayan at tumubo na naman ang sunggay ko!!

He' s in love--- I thought that Yochan' s just playing around coz I didn' t hear anything from him about his plan for us in the future nor introducing me to his parents. He proposed to me a week before finishing my contract for 6 months as 4th timer that time and decided to meet his parents. I don' t really remember the first meeting--I was nervous!
After a long waiting of processing of papers, we became man and wife and then we went back again to meet his parents for the second time around and that time was different! It' s the only time I heard the truth that his Father is against me and Yochan didn't tell me anything about the arguement between him and his father even before he decided to get married to me. Gees!! That time I was nervous because of that long silence between both parties and that I was told by his Mother about the revelation.We are all kneeling at a coffee table ( japanese stlyle ) me and Yochan, and they're all facing in front of us. Yochan breaked the silence--- he said to his Father that he' s not asking for forgiveness for marrying a Filipina but he wants to introduce me that I am now his wife and whatever happens, it' s his own decision and his responsibility. Even if his father is against of our marriage, Yochan fighted for his love for me. After that, his father asked his wife to prepare a hotpot. While his Mother is preparing the hotpot, she was crying -- she told me that hotpot is served during winter time, she said that it means that I am now accepted because for them a HOTPOT is shared by FAMILY and that time it was summer and then we both cried in the kitchen.

" Bunso, wala kang mapapala sa bata, walang pera yan--gamitin mo naman ang utak mo! ". I knew I was right and I did the right thing when I decided to tie a knot to Yochan. " Why did you chose me among of your suitors? " My husband asked me one day." You might be living in a big mansion now and not in an apartment. " My husband is right-- we don' t have all the money in the world and that life can be hard and rough for us for sometimes. But it' s okay, I always have my family.( well, there are times I' m saying to myself that " kung may pera lang sana kami " ) LOL!^_^

( excess: My co-talent and Yochan's friend had a baby girl but sad to say that their marriage didn't last long. They had a divorce three years ago and yes, this is my first and this will be my last time to write a long post. I never thought I could make one lol!)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekends


Wakaba, Haruka and I ( minus hubby )went to karaoke marathon at Shidax---a famous karaoke bar here in Japan. We pay for a private room on our karaoke sessions. I love their food menus there and cheap beverages called the nomihodai ( all you can drink menu ). Karaoke is an inexpensive way to have fun together. You can have a choice and pay per hour but I would suggest the free-time ( where you can get your unlimited time)/nomihodai basis. We had fun and sung our lungs out!! No matter how terrible my singing voice I had, there' s always an applause from my kids! By singing, does it mean I burned some calories???LOL!!\(^0^)/

Haruka on her microphone!!We had our lunch time there

Wakaba's turn

French fries break time!!

Thanks for the kids room at Shidax where they can play after singing.

Wakaba and Haruka loves to sing Yes, Pretty Cure theme song and any other anime songs.

A late entry for my Pixel Bug Weekends meme-- thanks for dropping by!! Have a nice week ahead!! ^_^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Too Fast, Too Soon!!

Just a quickie update on what' s keeping me busy lately---

1: We went to the immigration for some papers coz we will be going back to the Philippines early next year for a vacation!! Yippee!! We just opened of what we saved for our plane ticket---196,000 yen! Not bad for over a year of saving ( including my hubby's utot fine lol! ) but not enough for a JAL plane ticket. Can' t wait to be re-united with my beloved family again!! \(^0^)/
2: We just enrolled Haruka at Kindergarten for the next school year and just had an orientation meeting with the teacher and the school Principal. Haruka is pretty excited of going into kinder as much she is on her preschool course. On her preschool course she' s required only for a twice a week, two and a half hours program.
3: Bazaar meetings--the bazzar is soon approaching (it'll be next week ) and more meetings is expected (T_T)
4: Wakaba will be graduating to Yochien ( kindergarten ) next year and we will be bringing her along to her will-be-school for a visit to make her comfortable for the next school year as Gradeschool. The elementary school just set a date for us for screening and that is tomorrow. Wakaba is soo excited to a soon-to-be first grader!! She' s asking for her new Landoseru--the traditional black for boys and red for girls leather backpack but now there are more varieties of colors added to be used. It' s truly expensive but she can keep them the entire years of her elementary schooling coz it is durable. Her Grannies promised her a new landoseru.
5: I guess I' m expecting another baby, I have to go to the hospital for a check-up though. Will write for some update for that. Am not sure yet..

Thanks to all of you who keep on dropping by even if I can' t return the visit. I will join for some memes and will visit your sites as soon as I can. I need to get things in order--I can' t stand everything everywhere, it drives me crazy most especially if your blogging/bloghopping time is only in the morning. So I have to be here popping in and out at blogosphere.

Have a nice day to everyone!! I miss visiting your sites!! Hope to visit you soon!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sister' s Week Tag

This tag is from Mommy Rossel of Mom' s Up And Down and Mommy Shy of Simple Happy Life Thank you for always remembering me in your tag lists!! I' m so loved by my treasured friends here at blogosphere!!\(^0^)/

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Be the kind of women that when your feet hit the floor each morning,
The devil says "Oh Crap, She's Up."
Sister, life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Believe in everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promise it would be worth it.
Today is sister's day.

To the cool women that have touched my life.
this is for you.....LOVE U!!!

Tag all your sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, girlfriends,
including me if I am like one. If you get tag back seven times, you are loved.

I am tagging all the blogging mothers and girl friends most especially who tagged me for they' re deserved to be tagged back.^_^

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girl' s Talk--Fave Dress

Niko dearie' s Girl' s Talk meme every Thursday is talking about our favorite dress for todays topic --- I don' t wear much girly dresses, all I have are Tees and a couple of suits for formal wear ( and yes, I digged my files for this ). What I' m showing off is my fave cotton Yukata---Yukata are most often worn during summer festivals and summer outings like watching fireworks here in Japan that' s why I always look forward for some of the events during the summer. Yukata sets include with an obi ( sash ) and a pair of geta ( wooden clogs ) and it is becoming more fashionable by adding embellishments like chiffon ribbons, corsages that is applied to the obi and other accessories. But I want mine in a simple way. I just learned how to dress up my yukata this year. My MIL used to dressed me up but since we moved away from them now, I have to learn wearing the yukata all by myself. Here' s some of my summer yukata dresses of my fave color!! ^_^

Summer time
At my In-Laws place
Summer Yukata

How about you? Share your fave dresses HERE Would love to hear from you!! Happy Thursday here at Girl' s Talk!!^_^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Couple' s Corner: The Day We Met/ Dined Out

Rodliz’s Nest

Mommy Liza of RodLiz Nest, host of the Couple' s Corner Wednesday meme is on her second week and for today's theme is The Day We Met/ Dined Out ---I don' t do much writings on my page--- it's always a photo blog and I guess this will be my first time writing about before our marriage. So please read on...

one of our dates with his friends

The long and usual nights has passed for me but I didn' t expected the night that would changed my life forever---and this is just the beginning...

I saw this chubby guy that happened to be a first timer in a Philippine club, a new guest and with a bunch of his drunk friends. I sat beside his friend which I tried to have a chat with ( I guess the conversation was like a " Yeah, yeah! I hope the rain won' t fall! " or was it like a " What a sunny day today, isn' t it? " pakialam ko ba talaga,gabi na ngayon noh LOL! )' but my eyes was on this chubby guy and other talent was busy talking to him at the moment. The time has passed but we didn' t even had a chance to talk nor to introduced to each other! He didn' t even noticed me! A week later, he came again with a friend that is really, really drunked at that night that his friend is starting to touch me--but he came to the rescue! His name is Yochan-- he apologized of what his friend has done to me. He really just don' t know how much I wanted to thank his friend for being drunked at the moment! ( siguro kung iba yun, binatukan ko na lol! Gusto ko tuloy lasingin yung friend nya para makatulog at makapag-usap kami ng maayos!\(^0^)/ ) That night seemed too short for me that I don' t want to end-- I gave him my calling card at the club and asked him his number too and was freely given. I called to him next day but no one answers and waited for his call for days. Weeks later, he came with a friend at the club and invited ' US ' for a date as chaperons. I don' t know the system in other clubs but we cannot go out for a date alone with the guest, we have to bring someone of the group as chaperons. And yes, sabit lang po kaming dalawa sa date. We bought some obento from a convenient store and went to the beach next day. Kahit na sabit lang kami sa date ng friend nya at ng ka-grupo ko, it was still a memorable date for me. I asked him why he never return from my calls and for not coming to the club--he told me that he wanted to know me better outside the club coz if I' m there working, whatever I tell him is always a " lip service " for him( pambobola ). And so I started calling him through my cellphone and he started to call mine, too and months later he started coming to the club alone. We went to a Glass Musuem on our first date as lovers--- even though I have been there a couple of times already ( with other guests ), the feeling was different. Nothing fancy, no expensive gifts but that moment with him was the happiest!!

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