Thursday, January 15, 2009


Finally,after 5 years!! A new VAIO LT 22 inch wide Desktop PC has come to our home! The audio is great, with a motion eye camera, the keyboard is so easy to use, a really nice interior! Now, I'm starting to enjoy of using this new PC of ours, but the thing is I DON'T KNOW MUCH OF COMPUTERS!!! That's why it's mottainai!Sayang,in other words.SShhh!It's my first time to see a web cam!And I don't know how it works! And guess what?? All I know is to type and to upload photos! I'm not into chatting for 6 years now...And there's one thing-- My friend Grace and Richard ( Thank you, guys! )sent me my very first TAG to post but until now I'm still figuring it out on how to do it!( I can't understand for some of the messages coz our PC's language is on Japanese and my hubby is out when I'm touching them ). My first reason why I started my on-line diary is that I wanted to practice my english for every day use coz we're always speaking nipponggo here and I'm afraid I'm losing them. Now that I'm starting to enjoy and wanted to improve my site but cannot do it, I'm starting to regret on how important an education is which I didn't care much when I was still in my schooldays. I'm starting into crash but enjoying to explore something. :)

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day to every one!! ^_^


Chubskulit Rose said...

awesome, looks great...

by the way, I have posted something here, as a thank you for supporting and comforting me during my tough times, hope you guys like it.

Unknown said...

hi sis,,clarissa,,gawa ka ng ym sis para confe tayo nila grace..muaaahh nice pc ako gamit ko laptop pinaglumaan ng bf ko hhehhe,,okey lang basta magamit ako..muaaahh Godbless you

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