Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girl's Talk--Comfort Food

This is a typical " mother's taste" meal in Japan which I have learned from my Mother-in-law. You may find the recipe here It is served with a bowl of white rice and miso soup. I'm very much thankful to my Mother-In-Law who taught me how to cook when we were still living with them during our first year of marriage and now I am cooking them with my own family and it also became our family's comfort food--it is called Nikujaga ( beef and potato stew ). If it is served on our table, expect an " gohan okawari! " ( more rice, please!) from Wakaba and Haruka! ^_^

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Couple's Corner--Sweet Gestures

Ever since we got married and our life became busy with children and our hands full but sharing chores at home do make a little difference. From dumping the garbage before heading to his work in the morning, taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen after eating, cooking pancake as our breakfast during his day-off ( occasionally ) or making his part ( even without me looking or being told )on his very own special way is the sweetest gestures that he has ever done to me and by that the kids also shares their part at home and I find them soo sweet!
My husband also loves to take us out on his day-off, going out in different places for me and the kids to see and enjoy--he told me that going into different places and doing different things can ease my homesickness ( it was a problem before when we're still living at the bukid of tralala coz we're really in the middle of nowhere lol! ). I love him for thinking of what can makes us really happy for my sake and the kids.

Acts of kindness doesn't have to be that big, it is usually the smaller and simple acts that mean more.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

PBW--Wakaba's Graduation Ceremony

---Wakaba's Graduation Day was held inside the chapel at school---

The Japanese school year ends in March and Wakaba graduated from Kindergarten last March 20, 2010. Graduation Ceremony is one of the most important events at kindergarten and we are a proud parents of Wakaba!! The Graduation Ceremony wasn't too long because they only have small class size ( only 13 graduates )---the Graduates sang songs and lil speech and a speech coming from the teachers, too. I almost cried when the main part of the ceremony comes in and Wakaba went to receive the graduation certificate from the school principal/Director. I know, it's only kindergarten but I can't help it. My heart is bursting with gladness! What a delight to see Wakaba and her classmates receiving the symbols of their achievement!

---Wakaba, before the ceremony starts---
---speech coming from the Kindergarten Graduates to their loving Parents, Teachers, Principal, and Friends---
---classmates and Mariko sensei---
---soon-to-be-classmates-at-kinder and soon-to-be-classmates-at-gradeschool---
---Together with Wakaba's bestfriend, Reano chan--
---A face of a happy Mom!---
---Proud Parents of Wakaba with Haruka---

We went out to to celebrate and went ahead to my PIL's place coz the whole family want to spend the momentous event with us.^_^

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food Trip Friday--- Steak Miya

We went to Steak Miya ( Steakhouse ) after Wakaba's Graduation Ceremony ( will have a separate post for that ). The Ceremony didn't last long but since it's their last day and some of her classmates will be in different school this school opening for next month, they played around, had some bondings and took some photos. We waited for them until they say goodbye to each other. Wakaba and some of her classmates promised to go to Aqua Marine Fukushima during this spring break together with Moms.

---Mixed Grill is best for a starving Mama--chicken, hamburger steak, roast beef, prawn and veggies on the side. All in one!---
---Cut Steak ( 125g)Wazen Set, accompanied with a bowl of white rice, salad, miso soup, etc and a dessert, too! The Japanese style sauce of their steak is one of a kind!---
---dessert in the evening---Eclair filled with custard cream and whipped cream and topped with fruits. Cakes here in Japan is not too sweet and are really a fantasy and I find the filling to be a bit overwhelming. YUM!---

Happy Anniversary to

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Mommy Moments--Summer Days Is Here!!

Well, that's Mommy Moments theme for today---Spring has just sprung here in Japan and in a few more months summer days will finally be here! Can't wait!! I love summer coz there's a lot of events here like Wakaba's Summer Festival at school, Tanabata Festival, Hanabi ( Spectacular fireworks ), Golden Week, Picnic Time, Obon Holiday and we're really fond of going somewhere and I guess it's mottainai ( sayang ) if you just stay at home when the sun is out and the weather is clear. Here are some of Wakaba and Haruka's photos taken some time in the summer. Enjoy!
---Aqua Marine Fukushima---
--- Natsu Matsuri or the Summer Festival---
---Wakaba, wearing her summer yukata------taken last year at Aqua Marine------Growing up too fast!---
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girl's Talk-Pictures I Would Rather Hide

I looked like a lukaret lol! Just had a serious shot that fits well with a ' Woman Wearing a Kimono' before this one but I can't help but pose of being the real ME lol!

I would rather hide a photos of a drunkard me! My husband is fond of taking photos of me whenever I got drunk during some of our drinking sessions and make fun of me afterwards. I have lots of them but I guess lahat malala and this is the least decent one lol!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Back With Good News!

---My beer-friend is finally home!---

First things first... I would like to thank everybody for dropping by and for leaving your messages and comments here while I'm at the bukid of tralala ( my PIL's place--just in case if you haven't heard it yet ). Forgive me, we don't have internet there so I can't bloghop and it's boooring really lol!
Yep, I'm back with good news! First, Wakaba has just graduated from Kindergarten and she will start as gradeschool next month. Second, Haruka will be in kindergarten in the same school in where her big sister was in during her kinder days next month--they will be going into different school this time. During the first few months of the school opening, I might be busy again but in times when my husband has his day-off on a weekdays and the kids are at school, we can go out for a lunch date or spend some time just the two of us --that's the third. Fourth, after spending 4 months in the hospital from a car accident, my MIL is finally at home and that's why we went to their place right after Wakaba's Graduation Day coz they also want a double celebration ( she still have a hard time of walking and doing things at home and their ramen shop is still closed and I decided to give a hand and stay coz the kids has no school anyway. My husband went home ahead coz he has to work and was picked up yesterday ). We went to Za-Za ( Yakiniku restaurant ) during the night for a celebration together with my PIL, BIL, SIL Mihoko and daughter Yuina and Ayana and my other SIL Taiko announced that she's three months pregnant!! Well, that's the fifth and a lot to call for a celebration!

And lastly, it's great to be back!!!\(^0^)/

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet My Family--all smiles!

During our stay in the province, we had some bondings with my loved ones and spent quality time talking, laughing and I feel that it made us closer even more to each other. We didn't do much activities there except walking into malls, play games outside our house, playing card games, had a fun drink and some pulutan, went to beaches ( will have a separate post for that ), my brother pampered my stomach coz he knows that I'm starving for pinoy foods for years lol and we just enjoyed every moments with them. Nothing beats spending precious time with your family! ( forgive me, naiiyak na ako )
And what made me happy even more was their happy faces when our package ( full of assorted stuffs ) arrived and held to them their pasalubong. We also send to them our old TV ( after buying a new HDTV(L32-HR01)at home, sayang naman kung itatapon lang--magagamit pa eh )which made my two brothers busy of installing a new antena( nasira kasi) for a better watching pleasure. My husband was worried for the added work after seeing them working at the roof of the house lol!
Some funny experiences that we had was a kamay kainan during meals--doing it the pinoy way. We don't practice them here in Japan ( only chopcticks) and of course Wakaba, Haruka and my husband had a hard time eating using only with their hands! I love seeing them having a lot of mess! Ako lang yata ang natutuwa sa kanila lol!

I'd like you to meet my family and I guess this will be my first time to introduce them here--THEY'RE ALL A SHY PERSON! Believe me, ang hirap nilang kuhanan ng pictures lol!\(^0^)/
---I' d like you to meet our 14 years old daughter--Clarence Claire. Yochan loves her very much like his own! ---
---My two brothers, Jhun (on a white shirt) and Marvin ( blue one).I HEARD YOU! Yap, it's either me who's too short or them who's too tall in height lol!
---My Mama Julie here enjoying---
---My brother Marvin, a great cook------Wakaba and Haruka together with their cousins, Dhon and Sachi------drinking sessions---
---having fun beside the beach---

---Playing card (tong-its ) sessions---

I' m looking forward of going back home again ---maybe for the next two years. CAN' T WAIT!!\(^0^)/
***Note: This is a scheduled post, we'll be heading to my PIL's place after Wakaba's Graduation Ceremony. Will be back with an update. Thanks !****

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Trip Friday-- Sendai's Best!

---Gyutan Sumi yaki, a thick cut of grilled beef tongue cooked over charcoal grill--- We celebrated Haruka's birthday during the day at Sendai, one of our favorite place to go with, a 3 hours drive from our place. Sendai is famous with Gyutan ( beef tongue ) and greasy tonkotsu shoyu ramen but this time we went to Rikyu, well-known restaurant in Sendai. They serve a variety of gyutan dishes and gyutan set meals and domburi varieties, too. If you visit Miyagi Sendai, Japan, you must have a taste of Gyutan which is very popular dish there. Kinda pricey but remember, it is Sendai's most famous delicacies and original and it tastes really good! The thicker cuts of Rikyu Gyutan Sumi yaki 牛タン定食(photo above ) comes with a bowl of rice, Japanese Oxtail Soup and a fab veggie salad, one serving for 1,200 yen. The cut is thick and juicy! ---手ごねハンバーグ定食Gyutan Hamburger Steak set for 1,000 yen--- ---牛タンカレー定食、Gyutan Curry set, accompanied with Japanese Oxtail Soup and Veggie salad for 900 yen--- A Food Trip entry for

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Mommy Moments--Field Trip

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Wakaba had their school field trip at Flower Garden together with the parents ( mostly Moms ) and spent 40 minutes ride on a bus from school to get there. I made obento ( lunch box ) early in the morning to bring along at the field trip to for eat our lunch there including some leisure sheets to spread and sit down. The kids had a lot of fun exploring nature and playing outdoors. I bet they had a lot of adventures as the teachers lead us there to the garden. The kids explore the garden through sight, touch and smell. I bet School Field Trips is one of the greatest memories Wakaba had in her Kindergarten days and I'm glad I was able to capture them all including her joyous face having loads of fun together with her classmates and teachers!!

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Happy Birthday, Ate Cecile!!

Happy Birthday, Ate Cecile!! I wish you joy and happiness in God's will. You are such a wonderful friend! May your birthday bring in a lot of good things and some good surprises as well. Have a fun filled day! I love you, Ate Ces!!^_^

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Girl's Talk--Sexiest Part

Yep! I'm so fully covered lol! The sexiest part of me is my long black hair. I think it fits my feature better and I like the way my hair "naturally" falls. My hair grows better and healthier when I get my trims on the regular and they're done without charge! It's my husband who does the trimming! Libre di bah? ^_^

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