Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love my husband for taking me out for lunch and spend quality time with me minus the kids. It is the only time where we could eat ' real foods ' is when the kids are at school. LOL! Sometimes he would just say in advance that I need not to prepare obento for him for lunch then he would surprise me with a message at my cellphone to go out for lunch with him ^_^

Well anyway, we went to Wa-Wa-Wa which is just a minute walk from Iwaki Station ~ a two storey standing and dining bar and they also serve lunch menu. The first floor is a standing bar ( but they also have chairs to those who doesn't like standing while having a drink) and with a huge projector. Wa-Wa-Wa's second floor is kind-a-cozy and romantic. They always change their lunch menus and the lunch set for that day was Loco-moco Don, a Hawaiian meal in a bowl~ white rice with a bed of veggies plus a hamburger patty with a tasty sauce and poached egg over it was just amazing.

Wa-Wa-Wa's Fish Carpaccio with wasabi dressing, Tomato Bruschetta and Mashed Potato starters made a great impression

Loco Moco Don

I love breaking the runny golden yolk with fork ^_^

Dolce: Tiramisu

The ' I LOVE IWAKI ' cheering message board

Tel. 0246-23-2488
福島県いわき市平字田町68 1F・2F

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Mommy Moments- Home

I would like to share with you our second home~ we've been missing this home which is a 20 km away from Dai-Ichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima and is inside the danger zone. My PIL has to leave this home because of the radiation level ( I can't hold my tears as I was writing this ) that could harm their health and sad to say that my husband's hometown now seems like a 'ghost town'. Everybody has evacuated the area including their livelihood...

I guess you're wondering why I preferred to write about my PIL's home~ my kids spend their first few years at their Grannies home and they grew up with them. They played with their cousins and tend to their favorite dog, Shiro. Wakaba blurted out one day that she wants some corn and I told her that I would buy her some at the market but she told me that 'she wants the corn from their Grannies farm' and it's kind-a hurting me knowing that it would take awhile for us to come back. And I'm sure that the one's hurting the most is my PIL, BIL, SIL and hubby~ he grew up there and has so many memories. It was hard for them to leave their home and their livelihood but there was nothing else that they could do but HOPE and PRAY. I'm praying for the day that we could all be together again at our home in Namie.
Peace - that was the other name for home.

~ Kathleen Norris ~
It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.
~ Author Unkown ~

Where thou art- that- is Home.
~ Emily Dickinson ~

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
~ Jane Austen ~

Home is a shelter from storms- all sorts of storms.
~ William J. Bennett ~

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~ Henry Van Dyke ~

Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
~ Robert Montgomery ~

A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless.

~ May Sarton ~

He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.
~Ellie Rodriguez ~


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gaga Over Pretty Cure

Wakaba and Haruka is a big fan of Pretty Cure and they both love to imitate the anime dances, songs etc. They're both a lover of all-things-magical-girl! Sometimes you would just hear them saying some lines of the anime that would end fighting with their Dad as the ' bad guy' lol! Sharing with you a homevideo of them taken year 2009, this video makes me smile ^_^

Isn't it so much fun to go back and just yank them all out and just sit there and reminisce? ^_^

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Wakaba and Haruka baked a cake to make their Dad happy on Father's Day~ their Dad went to Tokyo that day and the first thing that the kids did was to bake their Dad's favorite chocolate cake~with my help lol. Kids in the neighborhood was calling them out to play but they want to finish first baking before playing with them. Lucky Daddy, he is loved so much by his children!

The Mommy however didn't prepare fancy dinner to celebrate Father's Day coz he doesn't want me to do so and he just want his ' curry rice ' for dinner~ a leftover in our pantry and curry tastes so much better when it is reheated ^_^

A kiss + a hug+ kids letter for their father+ curry rice + Gâteau Chocolat = Happy Father's Day!
Wakaba is improving her baking skills but I still have to support her

Gâteau Chocolat

Daddy's dessert plate

Wakaba's letter from the heart

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Fast Food Bento

There are times that I don't want to cook during lunchtime coz I am usually alone at home and local take-out bento meal is an option and bento is of course, yummy and affordable. Each bento meal comes with a rice, salad, pickles, meat or fish in a well designed disposable package.

Yakitori Don Bento

Nori Bento

Yokubari (value set ) Bento

Tonkatsu Bento

Gyu Kalbi ( Beef Kalbi ) Bento

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Treat

Every summer time, I love to treat out the kids in our neighborhood ( they're friends of my kids, with the consent of their parents of course ) and last year's summer, we went out to a community swimming pool near our apartment where the kids had a blast! I'm still thinking of where to treat the kids this summer and the pool is not an option anymore coz we're still dealing with the radiation mess here and most of the outdoor pools are now closed. Even at their school, they suspend outdoor swimming classes which makes my Wakaba sad coz she was looking forward to go for it together with her friends. I guess most children here in Fukushima will not be able to swim outdoor this summer.

We can't even go to Spa Resort Hawaiians like we did some time ago coz the indoor pool has been closed due to the earthquake that hits Japan. Oh dear, where to go?

A Community pool near our place
At Spa Resort Hawaiians

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harapeko Aomushi

I guess some of you recognized The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, it is called Harapeko Aomushi here in Japan and the books are quite famous among japanese children including to my Wakaba and Haruka. They watched the story at youtube ( of course in japanese) and they love to talk about foods and or count the foods that the hungry caterpillar ate lol! Last month, I bought a Harapeko Aomushi Memory Game for us to play at home and to help them exercise their minds. My kids loves the game and it passes the time quickly.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Memory Game

Kids are like caterpillars, they will eventually grow up and when it's time to let them go, we have to let them fly and be grateful with their time with us ^_^


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Late Bloomer

Haven't I told you that I have dream? I haven't finished school and yes, I sometimes regret of not finishing school and was not able to receive a diploma. Life has been cruel to my family that finishing school was not the main anymore and when I was looking for a job, I usually get frustrated because companies wanted applicants with a degree required which I don't have and usually land to a job with a low salary. Nope, not that I'm complaining but having a good job with high paying salary is best advantage, right?

Finishing with a degree is my dream and online degrees could make it all now possible coz it would fit my schedule. Tending to my kids and husband while studying online degree programs in business on my own time, on my own pace is not a bad idea! I would be the happiest to complete a degree as an advantage.

Going back to school is a challege and helps me to get off a great start ^_^

Kizuna Buttons

Just letting you know...