Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Girl's Talk-- Bags

I' m joining Niko of Girl' s Rule! every Thursday fun meme and for today's theme is all about Your Favorite BAGS--- I think all girls loves bags! Who don't? May it be a designer or non-designer bags, you can carry them with style and elegance. I' m sure girls out there are excited to choose a perfect bags of her special day and for fashion.
I guess you have seen this bag before in a tag--I' m more into sporty bags, I have 2 more from Nike but I' m using this bag from Adidas everyday. COACH Hobo Bag

This shoulder bag is from COACH and was given by my husband during the White Day as an advanced gift in exchange of my gift to him last Valentine's Day . I wasn' t expecting anything from him on White Day coz he planned of taking me at MISIA' s Concert that time but he gave me this special gift before the concert!! I' m not much into designer' s bag but I love this small, pink Coach Hobo bag. It is simple and yet classy, it comes with a Coach tag and buckle latch ( I don' t want the logo all over my bag and my husband knows that lol! ) This is now my favorite whenever we go out on special events.

How about you? I' m sure you love bags! Share them here ^_^

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shout Out!!

There are things running through my head and I cannot help but burst them out here:

Manner at the parking area

I just finished my groceries and a young man just came out from the store and walked through his car and went away from the area. I shouldn' t have mind not until after seeing him where he has just parked his car-- he parked his car at a parking space reserved for disabled person. I know how convenient it is to park your car the nearest the possible most especially on bad weather and on large groceries but please, don' t park your car at the parking space reserved for the disabled persons. That day was a weekday and the weather is clear and the parking area has a lot of space to fill in that day. I' m sure he' s not blind for not able to see the sign at the parking area.

If you drive, don' t drink, if you drink, don' t drive

A sports car was crushed and two other persons was hit during the accident. According to the news, the driver was drunked and driving at high speed and was out of control and instead of hitting the break, the driver hitted the car axels by mistake hitting a mother and her child aged of 4---dead. I may sound mean but I don' t like for some irresponsible driver who cut other people's lives because of their irresponsible driving attitudes.

Child seats

I know how important and how comfort and convenience it is for a mother and child on a baby carrier at her mother's back-- BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING!! Baby/child car seats are important to keep your baby safe. Please strapped your baby on a car seat that is properly attached to prevent any injuries during car accidents.

On gambling

I guess you have already heard the word Pachinko in Japan--it is a kinda pinball game, a very popular gamble game here. Summer is over but not some accidents happening at the parking area. Babies and small children pay the price with their lives because they are left in cars at the parking area with the engine running and after that the air con die from the heat and of course the children, too. Why? The car engine stops, the air con stops and temperature on the car rises, and the heat kills the children while their parents are into pachinko, busy into gambling. It so sad to hear news like that. Games/ gambling can be so addicting, we have to control ourselves. Please don' t leave your child just like that.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend


I would like to give thanks to Sassy Mom for inviting me to her new meme to play along by posting photos that gives best highlights of our weekends every Monday. I guess this is a perfect meme for me coz I am always posting my family' s weekend adventures every Monday here at Kizuna. Thank you so much!^_^

Cars are fun. My husbands real pride and joy is on his four wheels ( most especially when he' s stressed at work )and had zero mechanical trouble which amazed me. I brought my camera and managed to get some footage. Nothing special but at least proves that we were there with him at the circuit AND my husband drove to bust his stress away lol!!

My husband, an occassional racer

Hot race on a hot track!!
Wakaba and Haruka watching him race at the paddock
I don' t know if a picture could convey my feelings but I absolutely love the sounds of the cars screaming at the track and the burnt smell of the tires!

Wakaba loves his Daddy' s helmet-- cool ey?
Mom should have at least one pic again lol!

For more Pixel Bug Weekenders, head up here

Happy Monday to everyone and enjoy your week ahead!!^_^

Friday, September 25, 2009

Food Trip Friday--Pizza From Pizza-La

I have always been thinking of what to treat the kids here in our apartment, Wakaba and Haruka ' s playful friends. We always have joyful visitors almost everyday and our house is always a mess lol!! We did a karaoke summer treat last year and a swim at Spa Resort Hawaiians ( we were given a free ticket, that is! Lucky!!) and because we had been so busy lately, we had a pizza party at home yesterday. We only have a traditional japanese tea table ( it is where we eat our meals, the japanese way ) which is good only for small family so we took off the table and spread some newspapers and eat on the floor. The kids love it that way lol!! We ordered Teriyaki Chicken pizza with mayonaise sauce and French Camembert Cheese and Four kinds of Selected Ham from Pizza-la and some fried chicken, nuggets and roasted potato as side menu. Believe me it' s soo G-O-O-D!! It' s a superb menu from Pizza-la!! \(^0^)/

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza with mayonaise sauce and French Camembert Cheese Pizza

For Food trippers join us here. Chibugan na!!! \(^0^)/

Mommy Moments

mommy moments

It' s Friday once again and although I' ve been very busy these week, I don' t want to miss Mommy Moments meme for today and luckily I just had the time. Whew!\(^0^)/ And for today' s theme: That' s my Favorite and talking about Wakaba and Haruka' s favorite is going to their favorite character live appearances shows such as events at the mall, fairs or festivals! Here I am, checking up on my event calendar for they don' t want to miss any anime/character shows most especially when they' re on vacation at school. And because of this, they love any of their fave anime product such as music CD' s, figures, collectibles items but we don' t buy them everything they want, except on special occassions only. Here are some of the characters loved by Japanese children--- do you know some of them? ^_^

Wakaba and Haruka at NHK' s Gu Chocolan tan Live Show, 2007
Masked Raider Kiva ( Kamen Raider Kiva ), 2008
Photo shoot of their fave character hero
An Pan Man Show, 2008
Can you see the eagerness in their eyes?
Engine Sentai Go-onger ( Power Rangers ), 2008

They can' t wait for the next action scene!!
Introducing the Go-On Rangers: Violet, Red and Yellow
Fresh Pretty Cure Show on a summer event, 2009
Shaking hands with Cure Berry, Cure Peach and Cure Pine
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger ( Power Rangers ), 2009
Climax: Fighting scene of the mighty morphine Power Rangers!! ^_^
Shaking the hands of their fave super hero after the show

Nothing special, they just want to make a pose of Ultra Man during our malling on a weekend. LOL!

Please share your Mommy Moments and stories-- join us here. We' d love to hear from you! ^_^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Trip Friday---Saba no Miso Ni

Saba no Miso Ni

My Food Trip Friday for today is Japan' s comfort food--- Saba no Miso Ni.
Although my husband doesn' t eat seafoods, I was taught by my Mother In Law for some Japan' s comfort foods that is quick, easy and healthy. Saba no Miso Ni is a macarel simmered by a miso sauce and for my own version, I added a konnyaku ( konjac or yam cake ) for volume. Konyyaku is a very healthy food, rich in minerals and low in calories.

For Food trippers join us here. Chibugan na!!! \(^0^)/

Mommy Moments

mommy moments

It' s Friday once again and I can' t wait for today' s Mommy Moments theme: Treasured Pictures--- I have a lot of treasured pictures to share and if only I could share them all here I would but I' m posting my favorites and I guess you will recognize some of them. Here' s my entry with the stories behind the photos. ^_^

In the beginning--- This is one of our dates when I was still working as an talent/entertainer here in Japan. He proposed to me a week before the expiration of my contract as OCW.
After 3 years of getting to know each other, we got married on January 29 at my hometown in the Philippines. It was solemn, a number of guests and friends celebrated our day with us.
Wakaba--- My daughters name has something to do about NHK ( Japanese Broadcasting Channel )here in Japan---we already have in mind of what name to call of our girl after our ob gyn spilled out even if we didn't ask of our childs gender to extend our thrill. Kokoro means ' Heart ' for a girl and the Kokoro kanji ( Japanese character ) can also be read as ' Shin ' for a boy name. That time NHK' s Asadora ( morning drama series ) titled Kokoro of Noriko Nakagoshi and the drama was such a hit!And so we decided to change the name from Kokoro( 心 )  to Wakaba( 若葉 ) after she was born because we don' t want her name same as the drama series name of that time of the year. A months later a new morning drama series starts entitled Wakaba of Natsuki Harada. Coincidence?? Wakaba means a young leaf. ^_^

Haruka---We did a lot of thinking of what to name her and even bought a book for names but when she came to our life, it really made us confused more coz she looks like Wakaba when she was born. We chosed Haruka ( 遥 ) for it' s a kawaii name and it won' t give a confusion to others on how to read her name. And guess what? We found out later that there' s another new morning drama series titled Kaze no Haruka of Eri Murikawa that year! Another coincidence??
My Girls!!

During our vacation in the Philippines, 2007

Daddy' s Girl!!
Husband and Wife tandem during our Community Sports Festival
Taken during Wakaba' s first Sports festival at school
First Christmas at our new apartment
First Christmas in Iwaki--taken at Aqua Marine Fukushima
Family bonding while enjoying the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms
Walking holding hands-- it always made my heart melt when I see them like that!!

Wakaba and Haruka--- I love taking pictures on their back coz it looks more natural.

A date with my husband---I love the marriage that I always wanted. I fall in love with him again everyday!

A recent family picture on a picnic--we had soo much fun there!!

Please share your Mommy Moments and stories-- join us here. We' d love to hear from you! ^_^

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