Monday, January 19, 2009

Sports Festival Part 1-- family bonding

It was great t experience doing and participating at my daughter's sportsfest at school last October. I woke up early and did some o-bento ( lunch box ) for lunch and my in-laws were there ( 2 hours drive to our place ) and I really appreciate that they came to watch Wakaba. The highlights includes tama ire ( shooting small balls ), tug-of-war ( the children vs. the parents and of course the kids is always the winner!), a 20 meter dash race ( Wakaba placed 1st! ), button relay, and we, parents,too have done participating like dancing and singing the " Ponyo On the Cliff of the Sea " ( haven't heard of it? It is a famous anime song ) and others. I've heard Wakaba practicing the songs to be sang before the big day but experiencing it there is a great feeling--and she's enjoying,too! Here's some photos that the family really enjoyed! I'm really proud of her! \(^0^)/

Good job,Wakaba!!


Singing the Ponyo!


Chubskulit Rose said...

very supportive mama hehehe... looks a lotta fun clariss..

Anonymous said...

wow good job wakaba and to your mom very supportive hmmmm.

Umma said...

Wow.. mukhang enjoy na enjoy ang anak natin Clar.. also si Mommy hahaha...

Your baby is already big na pala

Clarissa said...

Wakaba is now in kindergarten--she's 6 already.And Haruka is turning 3 this Feb. 20!they're so makulit!\(^0^)/

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