Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food Trip Friday---Ebi Tempura

Today' s entry for Food Trip Friday is an Ebi Tempura Donburi ( prawn Tempura with steam rice ). We have a favorite place here in Japan where Tendon has good taste and has big servings and as you can see at the photos, the prawns are huge.

Ebi Tendon Set: miso soup, pickles and strawberry

Ebi Tendon is serve with a bed of rice topped with tempura and has mildly sweet sauce ( called the tare ) poured over the jumbo prawn and rice.

For Food tripers join us here. Chibugan na!!! \(^0^)/

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

Received a tag from Chuchie of Chuchie' s Hideaway and the simple rules is to list 6 unimportant things that can make you happy. This tag is all about those things that are not really important yet for some reasons, they bring happiness into our everyday lives that spending money for them is not a waste for they make us happy.
Thanks again, Chie I enjoyed making the tag! ^_^ I don' t buy some of them but here' s some lists of my unimportant things that can make me happy!

1: Honda Racing Caps --- I have a passion of red caps and most of them are from Honda Racing ( same Honda racing caps but different faces ) and aside from the pictures, I still have 4 more honda red caps.

2: Gacha- gacha ( toy capsule )-- I have a lot gacha-gacha and most of them are key chains, straps, tiny things that I love to hang all over my sling bag that made them heavy to carry lol!And oh, any idea on how to recycle an empty toy capsule? Anyone?

3: Perfume --- I love scents and I can' t get out leaving the house without a spray of my fave perfume.

4: My 5 years old sneaker --- After having a ' hole disaster ' , I' m still using my fave sneaker except for rainy days. Even if I have new one in my shoe rack, I can' t help using my loyal sneaker.

5: T-shirts --- same designs, different colors. Arrggg!!!

6: Unwanted Spam E- mails --- I can' t help myself opening spam emails most especially when the subject line is: " A FULLER MORE BEAUTIFUL, SEXY BUST LINE WITHOUT UNCOMFORTABLE BRAS OR SURGERY " or "INSTANTLY INCREASES YOUR BUSTLINE UP TO 2 FULL CUP SIZES ( I wanted 3 lol! ) or " HELPING YOU ACHIEVE THE BREAST SIZE YOU WANT NATURALLY " or " BUST BOOSTER! " I don' t know why but they make me smile lol!\(^0^)/

This tag is open to everybody-- grab them guys!! Happy Blogging!^_^

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

' A R T '

All her works are filed by me

During after school or whenever Wakaba had her time, she loves to play and od some stuffs like drawing, coloring, crafts, working with clay, and most of all, doing some origami at home. She learned a lot from school and Wakaba and loves to make tulip origami for me. She gave me a pocket tissue holder made by origami on Mother' s Day last year. It was my first time to receive something from her and am always using them almost everyday but her present for me ripped off after using them day by day(T_T) Wakaba told me that she' ll make another one on Mother' s Day. I' m getting excited!!\(^0^)/ Haruka is still in the process of learning and am proud of Wakaba doing some things together with her little sister. She' s trying hard on teaching Haruka but Haruka is always doing ' her pace ' lol. Here are some of Wakaba' s art and crafts doing at home-- I always keep the finished product filed and there are lots of them. ^_^

Wakaba showing off her origami made during the Hina Matsuri

Her arts being displayed on our giant cork board

hmmm...I should have her a colored clay--an onigiri ( rice ball ),gyouza, sushi, ikura clays

And even when she' s tired from school, she won' t stop doing them

What do you think?

What are your kids doing at home?? Would love to hear from you! ^_^

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Lot of Thanks!!

I' ve been loved by my fellow friends here at blogosphere and I can' t say no whenever I receive a tag and awesome awards from them and if only time would let me, I would love to grab them all. You are all so special to me! Thank you so much for the thoughts!! ^_^

This Queen of Blogs was given by Ate Ces of Down Home with the Kenyons, a special dear friend
of mine. I love visiting her blogs and I love her for being friendly. Thank you so much!^_^
I was also tagged by Ate Rose of Obstacles and Glories, I admire her for having a lot of posts in a day! How could you do that?? Thanks for being friendly, Ate Rose.^_^

According to the rule, to make your award valid is as easy as counting 1-2-3, you may:

1. Share this to anyone who inspires you and made you a better blogger or a better person in anyway or anyone who made you smile or anyone who deserves to be called “Certified QUEEN of BLOGS”.

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3. Don’t forget to copy and paste the code of the badge of the badge that you like and show off your award on your web site. Please don’t modify the codes. For now you have 3 options to choose from, the original badge, the silver badge and the purple one in here.Thanks! Hail to the Queen of Blogs!!

This Friendship badge was given by Dhemcy of My Life' s Perception and Inspiration , also a dear friend of mine, a veteran in the world of blogging. Your friendship means a lot to me! Thanks a lot!! ^_^

As what Anais Nin said; "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
The Best Blogger Award was given by Grace of My World & My Family, she' s the reason why my inbox is always full ^_^ nope, I' m not complaining-- it only means that I am always remembered. Thanks a lot dearie! ^_^ A new found friend from Japan , Mommy Jac of Mom' s Special Diary also awarded me this. Thank you very much! ^_^ And another friend Chuchie of Chuchie' s Hideaway also gave this award to me. You should check out her scrappies-- very talented woman! Thank you, Chie!!^_^ And Beng of Entertainment Spree passed to me this award, too! Check out her showbiz post and family bondings! Thanks to you, Beng!^_^


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Now it' s my turn to pass this award to my fellow friends here at blogosphere:

Niko, Dee, Anney, Edna, Bambie, Ate Kim, Ate Weng, Laine, Elizabeth, Maria, Mang Payatot, Rosell, Mommy Liza, She Eden, Amazing Grace ,Mommy Chris , Maus, Chandelier, Kittykat, Mommy Ummaand SUE.

Happy Blogging to everybody!! ^_^

Friday, April 24, 2009

Food Trip Friday---Miso Ramen at Shoya

My first entry for Food Trip Friday taken at Soma Shi, Fukushima, Japan---at Shoya 's Ramen. For ramen lovers, this is for you!! Have a happy ramen weekend!! ^_^

For Food tripers join us here. Chibugan na!!! \(^0^)/

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy Moments

It' s my first time to join Mommy Moments and today ' s theme is Daddy Moments. I' d like to share something that Dad is doing in private. A plunge in a warm bath is their bonding time before bed --they spend an hour in a bath where they have a lot of talking and learning.
The photo under is taken during Wakaba' s first bath at home. He was guided my Sister-In-Law( which is a Midwife ) that day and until now, he is still the one in charge of taking our kids in a warm bath even after in a long and busy work.

Even when their Daddy is crazy over his work, he sees to it to have time during the weekend going out with the kids-- whether doing outdoor activities, trying new adventures, going to parks, or just staying at home, bonding.

That' s the reason why Wakaba and Haruka loves their Daddy very much!! ^_^

Please share your Mommy Moments and stories-- join us here. We' d love to hear from you! ^_^

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Wakaba started her regular class in kindergarten last Monday although half- day classes started last week and I' m kind- a - starting again and adjusting time with myself and all. Always a busy Mom! \(^0^)/ I'm excited about walking to school, routinize sleeping schedule ( I have to wake up early to make lunch boxes for them twice a week ) and pleased to be able to participate with my two daughters. We had a special " first day " family dinner. Haruka starts her Pre K twice a week half day program and happy to see my two kids at the same school. Kindergarten is truly one of those first milestones you will definitely not forget. ^_^ I' m seeing again my friends ( Japanese mums ), and sometimes we' re having coffee break after picking up our kids at school. They' re such a nice Mums, they treat me like for example whenever I don' t know the meaning of a hard nipponggo on our conversations, they' ll use the easiest way for me to understand which I' m grateful. Talking to mums like them embrace differences in opinion, in background, and in experience.

Wakaba and Haruka enjoyed their spring vacation a lot! ( that' s what they' re saying lol! )going into different parks, watching character shows, playing with friends near the apartment.

Wakaba had a new found friend at school!

Haruka is enjoying her Pre K!!

Looks like time is really so fast!! Seems like yesterday that I was writting 'bout their activities at school! ^_^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Love Mother Earth

I received a first tag from Mommy Jac of Mom' s Special Diary .Thank you so much!^_^ Please visit her blog, she' s another new found friend here at blogosphere!

Every day should be EARTH DAY and this day has never been about a day, it' s always been about individual doing something to save our mother earth.
---Mommy Jac

Here's the rules:
~Click the badge and get the code then put the logo on your blog sidebar and post.
~Tell us what is your contribution to our planet? You live here for surely you've got something to share!! Post any pictures or share some of your ideas on how to help and save out planet Earth.
~Post this rules.
~Share this meme-tag to as many Blogger as you can think.

eco- bag

Here' s my contribution:

1: Bringing eco- bags when going shopping into supermarkets.
2: Turning off or unplugging electric appliances that are not being used.
3: Water conservation.
4: Re-cycle things that can be used.
5: Reducing waste.

My contribution isn' t much but I believe that home is the best place to start saving Mother Earth.^_^
I' m tagging everybody on my list!! Happy Blogging!!^_^

Sunday, April 19, 2009

TEPCO Mareeze

We went to see a women's football game and cheer for Fukushima' s team, TEPCO Mareeze, Japan Women' s L1- League. It was our second time to cheer for them for a home game and was fun watching. The kick- off started and so is the fun! TEPCO Mareeze ( is familiar widely by everyone and is loved ) matches Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies of Saitama ( one of Japan' s best teams ) and the soccer battle field heated up and so are we at the grandstand! Each of the teams squad cheers with banging drums, and busy singing their team song. Hinde pa nag-iinit yung upuan namin eh nagka-goal kaagad ang kalaban! Unluckily, Urawa Red Diamond Ladies scored 2 - 0 over Mareeze (T_T) during the half- time of the game. Victory for Urawa Reds! Really a strong team! \(^0^)/

Mareeze' s Cheering Squad

Us at the grandstand

TEPCO Mareeze team

We went to the park near the place after the game where the kids played an air dome to ease some crankiness lol-- they jumped and jumped and jumped!!! Oh kids, they never get tired! ^_^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last look

Our afternoon walk--- Although Sakura is only a short- lived beauty, it is an excellent reminder of our blessings from nature. The beautiful flowers of cherry trees are just breathtaking. It doesn' t last long, but it' s a hopeful moment. We had a quiet walk with my family. A paradise bursting with blossoms!

Remembering the old times---same place, same season, same faces
Cherry Blossom in full bloom

Haruka and Wakaba

Moments like this isn' t bad at all---- Ahhh, sakura!! You fill my heart with gladness!! ^_^

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Video Goodies

Before proceeding for today' s Friday Video Goodies, I would like to thank Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey for featuring me at her site which allows to feature and give thanks to her sites commenters every Friday. Isn' t that sweet?! Thanks, Mommy Chris!! You can also visit her site and join her Mommy Moments and be a participant! Although I' m not member yet but I love reading her entry and posts. Thanks for being friendly, Mommy Chris!!^_^

This was taken during our fun at the karaoke last summer with my kids friend, Mirai.

Have a great weekend, everybody!! \(^0^)/

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kiddie Treat

We went to the park near our place together with my kids and their friends down here in our apartment since school days now is only in the morning. Regular class will start next week, Monday and was thinking 'bout that and grabbed the opportunity to treat the kids out for fun. Asked for the kids parents for permission and was ok then we took a taxi to the park and the kids played, have some rides at the park, eat some snacks and ice then they won' t stop--rides?merry-go-round, again? I' m glad that the fees in every rides are cheap or else.... lol! They' re kids but I' m glad they behaved properly like staying their line while waiting for their turn for the rides, walking hand in hand and sharing each others food. Oh kids!! How I love 'em!! \(^0^)/

The kids at the kiddie train

Mirai and Yukiko

At the boat ride

My kids

Aren' t they a cutie?? ^_^

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stick Figure Family

This tag is given by Mommy Chris of Mommy Journey. Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed making this one!!^_^

Stick Figure Family at

Make your Stick Figure Family at

Rules: Enjoy and have fun!

I' m tagging everybody!! Please feel free to grab and enjoy the fun!!^_^

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Overwhelmed Awards!!

Receiving awards from friends at blogosphere are overwhelming!! From super kawaii herself SUE of Good Girl Bad Blog. Thanks for sharing the kawaiiness of your creations and stuffs!! Visit her blog!  かわいい!!

Kawaii Blog Award

It's made specially for all the blogs spreading kawaii-ness!!

Kawaii-ness is all about loving all things kawaii, being kawaii ourself and definitely being able to add kawaii-ness in everything, its all in our creativity!!
- Good.Girl

The simple rules that go with it are:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her kawaii blog.
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3. Nominate all the blogs that you think deserve this award (*kawaii of course!*).
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I'm tagging my wonderful friends here at blogosphere:

Niko, Dee, Ate Cecile, Dhemz, Grace, Ate Rose, Richard, Sassy Reporter, Beng, Anney, Edna, Bambie, Ate Kim, Ate Weng, Laine, Elizabeth, Maria, Anabelle, Candice,Mang Payatot, Rosell, Liza, She Eden, Chuchie,Stacey,Amazing Grace ,Chris ,Maus,Chandelier,Kittykat,Umma,ReanaClaire.

International Bloggers Community

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7. Have Fun!!

Questions & Your Answers:
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4. Persons you tagged

The Blogger Award

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I am tagging everybody!! HAPPY BLOGGING!!

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