Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Happy New Year To All!!

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A Happy New Year To Everyone!! May you all be blessed with a great New Year! And many, many more to come^_^

ps: Blogging activities will be back after the New Year--we'll be celebrating our New Year at my beloved In-Laws home, the so-called Bukid Of Tra-la-la.Hope you all have a good one! Happy New Year and have fun!! God bless!!^_^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Food Trip Friday---Christmas Festives

I love preparing foods for events like Christmas and treat my family like we're eating in a restaurant although we're celebrating Christmas Day at home! Roasted Chicken as the main, baby leaf veggies topped with roasted beef for the salad(binili ko lang ang beef), some appetizers and of course, how can I forget a sparkling wine for toasting ( for me and hubby ) while sharing a great dinner. Christmas in Japan ain't complete without a cake at the table and I thought that they're too stuffed for dessert but still had some room to fill the milky crepe and layered by the richness of mascarpone cheese and was luscious!
Simple Hors d' oeuvre--Terinu (salami&cheese),mashed potato wrapped with ham(mash boiled potato, add boiled egg and cucumber(thinly sliced), mix with mayonaise, add salt and pepper to taste then wrap with ham and arrange platter
Rice topped with Prosciutto--mix cooked rice(in a bowl)with ham(cut in small pieces), zasai ( chinese pickles ), some sesame seeds and mix, top in raw prosciutto and sprinkle ground black pepper

Roasted Chicken--dust chicken legs with salt and pepper, marinate for one day with marmalade, soysauce, sake or white wine. Put chicken in a 200 deg C pre-heated oven for 25-30 minutes until done. Arrange platter, garnish with bed of veggies
Christmas Cake from Re Mercier-- it was ordered on-line and shipped to us before Christmas complete with cocoa powder for garnishing,freezed blueberries and raspberries, Christmas candles and decors plus my order a Silhoutte Glass candle holder for a romantic effect.
Tiramille De NoelMilky crepe folded with creamy and rich Tiramisu (an Italian dessert)

A Food Trip entry for

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Mommy Moments

Wakaba insisted of making some homemade crafts for a touch at home during Christmas time and so Wakaba and Haruka made a Christmas wreath for a display during the eve. I just bought the wreath at a craft store as the base and some ornaments( hard shelled nuts ) were just picked up by the kids during our stay at the bukid of tra-la-la. Wakaba made a candle out of origami paper and Haruka helped by rolling some cottons and some colorings. Their creativeness made our Christmas so merry and bright and gets us in the spirit of the season!!
Making a homemade wreath display
Their eyes are sparkling bright! Extra special touch for Christmas made with love by my kids!!
Wakaba's project at school--A Christmas tree made out of branches of a tree and origami as the ornaments. And of course, her work of art is displayed at our little Christmas corner
Christmas dinner
Opening of gifts!! Christmas is a special time to celebrate at home


Hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas!! An entry for
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mommy Umma!!

Dear Mommy Umma,

Here' s wishing you a joyous day and a bright beautiful year ahead! May all your wishes come true, Mommy Umma! I only have known you since last year and I really treasured the friendship that we had! The truth is I really miss your personal bloggie, Mommy Umma' s rants and of course, the growth of your lil koala! Give YL a hug for me!! ^_^


Happy Birthday, Mommy Umma!!

With Love,

Please visit her site for your warm greetings and make her birthday a happy one at Spices Of Life and Review My Opinons ^_^

A Happy Christmas To All!!

Christmas Glitter Graphics

From our family to yours, wherever you are, WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Contest

Thanksgiving Contest

I' m supporting Online’s Mommy’s Corner Thanksgiving Contest for a double purpose: First, there are prizes for grabs and the second and important thing is to give thanks and to be reminded of the greatness of our God by joining this contest.

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Here' s my piece:

I can' t change what was "happened", but I can change what I think...I know I'm not alone in my need to enlighten the load when life takes control of my senses---I have my loving family, my very supporting friends who has been there for me all the way. I'm thankful that I'm now in "recovery" but I don't think I will ever forget but will not lose HOPE. I didn't lose hope because I wanted to be happy. I have a simple goal and that is to be happy with myself and show love to others in need of my love. Thank you, Lord!
Please visit through this linky button for the rules and mechanics of the game.Thanksgiving Contest

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Trip Friday---Chocolate Fondue Fountain

My kids was fascinated with this Chocolate Fountain when looking for a good dessert during our malling at a shopping mall at Miyagi Ken and we did our unforgettable chocolate experience with chocolate fondue and guess what?? It is on a dessert buffet style! We dipped some variations available at the dipping area, some fresh fruits, cream puffs, marshmallow, cookies, deep fried sweet potatoes etc and the chocolate is rich and smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. The choco fondue experience was soo wonderful! You can just eat it like it is! And also my kids had so much fun of making their own crepes with all the toppings there. A unique experience really satisfied our sweet tooth!!\(^0^)/
Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Dessert Buffet---Anin Dofu, Roll Cake--macha and chocolate , Banana Cake, Crepes, and some Japanese desserts

For Food trippers join us here. Chibugan na!!! \(^0^)/

Mommy Moments

I love every entries that I have been posted at Mommy Moments and I love all the themes coz it tackels more on my kids, Wakaba and Haruka. And so I' m posting one of fave for today' s theme--Favorite Mommy Moments and this was my entry during the theme School Days. The photos that I used for the scrapblog was of last year. Wakaba is soon to be a school grader next year and Haruka will be on Kindergarten next year and they're excited to go to the next level of schooling!! Oh my, they're really growing up so fast!!\(^0^)/

(click play to view,thanks)

Wakaba and Haruka shared the same and a Catholic school here in Japan and it' s only a 15 minutes walk right from our home!! We' re glad to find a school for them to go the time we moved in our new apartment. I' m so worried about sending them to school because we are into adjustment period in our new environment, and no friends at all. Wakaba is currently enrolled in kindergarten and Haruka is now at preschool. At their school, all children have to play outside ( or indoors ) and to do some skill work and their teachers shows to parents what children will be learning on the ' Observation Day ' given. And of course, teachers updates parents on own child development. They practice washing their hands and a gargle with water after playing outdoors.They are required to have more responsibility at school--- learn to self-organize, maintaining the classroom and also required to serve lunch. At their school, they have a so-called ' onigiri no hi ' means eating rice ball only for lunch every Monday, a full lunch at school ( which is nutrious ) every Tuesday and Wednesday and a home made obento ( lunch box ) every Thursday and Friday. And of course, I have to do the same obento for Haruka--she' ll get cranky otherwise lol! And Haruka is attending a twice a week course at preschool for 2 hours and of course I have to be there coz it is a Parent-Involvement type of class.
( note: this is a re-post dated June 25,2009)
mommy moments

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Girl's Talk-- Christmas Decoration

We finally put up our simple Christmas tree last week with the help of Wakaba and Haruka--at first the motiff was only blue ( which is my fave color )but Wakaba insisted to put some pink ornaments to go with our not so big Christmas tree. And since we're celebrating this time of the year, I also put up the cards that I received last year from friends and loved ones to our giant cork board which is Wakaba' s art work display supposedly. I will put them back after Christmas time. There' s still no gifts under the tree because Daddy will play Santa Claus for my kids and it' s a Ssssshhh!!!



---Burton Hillis---

What' s your Christmas Decorations for this year?? Wanna talk about 'em? Share them here ^_^

****A note for Dee: I cannot access to your site****

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Couple's Corner---Before-After Shopping Galore

Rodliz’s Nest

I love to shop for myself---that was before when I was still single...When I got married, I know the importance of having coupons in hand, discount cards and some point cards and oh, I soo love the word S-A-L-E and F-R-E-E lol!\(^0^)/ Have you experienced going into supermarkets doing " tsumehodai " thing? I don' t know if there's such thing at your place--meaning you will be given a plastic and stuff it all you can get( let's say a sausage for example ) at a lower price--the more that you can get,the better.You will learn the tricks of how to put/stuff them inside the plastic without tearing it lol! It was a lil bit embarassing at first but fun. Minsan I would think " ano ba tong pinagkaka-gawa ko, di ko naman to ginagawa dati?" while grabbing some sausages with some other rivals lol!!\(^0^)/
I would search at the net and compare prices and would go at least at the lowest price as much as possible. My husband would tease me of being kuripot for myself. Instead of buying stuffs for me, it' s more with my kids stuffs now. I' m a Benetton lover before but now, I am much satisfied with UNIQLO. I would let my husband shop for me or else I won' t have something for myself but Yochan said he' s afraid that Santa Claus ain't coming this Christmas for me because of the widespread INFLUENZA(A1H1)!!

For more talks at Couple' s Corner, head up to Mommy Liza' s fun meme HERE:

Happy Birthday,Mommy Chris!!

Look who' s celebrating her birthday today??!! ^_^

The fun comes in double measures because aside from the presents, you have your family and friends to share with you the joy and happiness of your birthday.

Thank you so much for hosting Mommy Moments meme--- joining every Friday means fun and excitement of meeting some other Moms who are participating Mommy Moments.

Happy Birthday, Mommy Chris!! May you have a memorable one this year! ^_^

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Haruka's Day at Pre-school

Haruka is attending her preschool, a twice a week, 2 and half hours program and a parent-involvement type of class with some other toddlers. Her course is a play-based wherein they can create an homelike natural environment where they can safely explore and experiment and accomplish learning through play. We' ve done classes where we all attend together and sometimes Haruka' s class can join at her big sissy Wakaba' s class and some other students if they' re playing outdoor at the same time during the day. We' ve been doing together many activities such as dancing, singing, making simple crafts, etc and I enjoyed and pleased to be able to participate with Haruka at school. By trying to engage her in play and activities at pre-school she had developed more and had so much fun of meeting new friends and doing exciting new activities.

Playing Riddles
During the summer

Learning and fun at Pre-school
Haruka waving at her sister Wakaba
Trying to do her part---watering the flowers

Playing outdoor activities
Posing for me ^_^

Haruka loves dirt!!
Balloon fun" Mama, I wanna play outside!! "
After a fun with the balloon

Kizuna Buttons

Just letting you know...