Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Trip Friday--Undokai Bentou


Wakaba had their Sport's Day at primary school last Sunday and made my very own homemade obentou to eat for lunch. It is always a tradition for me to make lunchboxes whenever we had gatherings outdoors. Wakaba had a lot of fun at the undokai and so are we! Well anyway, I'm gonna introduce you my bentou that I made for Wakaba's Sport's Day. Photo above is called the Inarizushi or the so-called the stuffed sushi or the sushi in a bean bag. My kids loves it because of the sweetness in it. Inarizushi is very time consuming if you start making it from scratch so what I did is that I bought a prepared bean bags ( inarizushi no motto) and prepared sushi rice (chirashi no motto)and all you have to do is read and follow instructions of the package.You can buy your inarizushi no motto and chirashi no motto at your fave asian supermarkets by the way. I made two varieties of inarizushi, the plain (sushi rice mixed with sesame seeds ) and Egg and Meat Soboro..

---Fried chicken, nugget, veggie stick ham wrapped, honey glazed chicken sprinkled with sesame seeds and star shaped potato---

---Futomaki or the Thick Sushi Roll---

What I did here is that I deep fried a pork cutlet( let it cool and cut them lengthwise) and prepared the sushi rice. Put a sheet of nori ( dried seaweed ) on a bamboo mat. You can also do futomaki using a wrapper if you don't have any. Spread a cup of sushi rice on top of the nori sheet and place some lettuce lenghtwise (on the rice)then the porkcutlet and spread some tonkatsu sauce or worchestire sauce. Roll up the bamboo mat pressing forward ( press it firmly) then cut the sushi roll into size bite pieces. Arrange the sushi rolls to your lunchbox. Easy, right?^_^

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Mommy Moments--The Joy Of Motherhood

I believe that children is a precious gift from God and that raising them should be done with great love and care. My kids have taught me so many lessons in life. They taught me what unconditional love really feels like. I don't know of how many things in my life have changed ever since I had them. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I couldn't share that journey with them. I love ME being a Mother!

It's nice to be around, hug your kids, play with them, see your kids grow up and so on...^_^

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nostalgia---First Date With Yochan

This was our very first date as chaperons during the date of my fellow co-worker when I was working here in Japan. As you can see, I was the one who's doing the 'attacking' ! I never thought he would fall for me that easy lol! Kidding aside, I was hoping for the day to have another date with him and next time not as chaperons, but as lovers. We had fun even as chaperons, we enjoyed each others company and 'twas the start of a very colourful days for me ^_^
---Having fun at the beach---


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Girl's Talk--Latest Picture Of My Off-Line Friends

My offline friends are Japanese and they're the Mom of my kids classmates! And they don't like to take photos of them not wearing make-ups lol! Kidding aside, they're so kind of me and befriended me when I was new in the environment. Sometimes, we all go together at the nearest cafe shops ( of course with kids corner )while waiting for our kids to play. They love making crafts and sometimes invited me to come over to their house but I'm a shy, I sometimes refuse..

---Mama Kaori and me!---

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Girl's Talk---Friends At Work

---Myself and Mhela--
I'd like to introduce to everybody my closest friend during the time when I was still working as here in Japan and until now, we still call and tease each other. Her name is Mhela--a real comforter, really loves my masahe (lol) she who listens and always there during my ups and downs in life, our witness and chaperon on my dates with my husband and of course, my Bridesmaid on my wedding day. And guess what?? She got married 6 months later and invited me as one of the Secondary Sponsors on her wedding day. I can't just say NO to her! ^_^ I call her Nanay and Tatay my Nanay and Tatay, too--that's how we're close to each other. I'm always invited as guest to their house whenever I'm staying in Manila for a week or two. I really love this ol' friend of mine!
---Bridesmaid Mhela and Secondary Sponsor Ritchell on my Wedding Day---
Another friend of mine is Ritchell--we worked as merchandiser in Dumaguete and I am the living witness of their lovestory. I always take time to visit her at her house or at her working place and invite her for a talk when I'm in Dumaguete for a vacay. I'm missin' her now...
---Meet my Childhood Friends---

My childhood friends is my neighbors--I remember that our fave thing to play is push cart racing around the airport area after the flight. I can't believe we did that although it wasn't bawal before. I have a lot of childhood memories with them and just like any other kids, we are so playful! I don't have photos of us in our childhood but here's a photo of us, all grown up and I invited my childhood friends to be the witness of our exchange vows. They're my Bridesmaid and Groomsmen on my wedding! ^_^

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Monday, May 24, 2010

PBW-- Sports Day at Primary School

---White vs Red---

Last weekend was Wakaba's Sports Day at primary school and 'twas my first time to participate undokai ( undo means exercise and kai means gathering--Japan school promotes teamwork, friendship and unity thru undokai ) at a big school and it's far different to Wakaba's Sports Day at Kindergarten It's hard to take photos lol! My husband went early to save our place to sit down but some of the watchers had tables of their own and they're sitting in front and so all that we have seen was the back of their head lol! Well anyway, I made a plentiful obentou ( homemade lunch boxes ) again for us to eat during lunch coz my MIL went with us together with my BIL and Yuina( my SIL's daughter). They came late but I have to wait for them at the apartment coz it'll be their first time too to come over at Wakaba's school and of course to give her support.

Elementary students were divided into two team colors-- white team vs red team and Wakaba belongs to the white team and everytime her team earned points she would shout for hurray but sad to say the over-all winner goesto the red team. However, it was a great fun for Wakaba to compete with other kids on games like tama ire ( wherein they will put all the bean bags into a basket on a high bamboo pole ) then she won first at 'Yochi-yochi Penguin'( wherein they will have to pick up numbers and if you're lucky like Wakaba that picked number two so all she have to do is pick up two bean balls on her hands then run off to the goal but if your unlucky and picked up number three means you have to put one bean ball to your head and the other two bean balls on your hands ). She was given a certificate afterwards. It was a lot of fun and very impressive to see these kids doing some sports acts!!
---I was looking for Wakaba but she saw me first!---
---Tama ire ball game-----Look at those hats!---
---Big ball race game---
---Picture taking while waiting for Wakaba---
---Obentou of the day will be served at Food Trip Friday---
---A price hug from her Daddy for giving her best! Tanoshii katta neh!!---

They all had a lot of fun and so did I!! \(^0^)/

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Package from Nancy!!\(^0^)/

Received a package full of goodies of Taiwan and pasalubong from Philippines from a dear friend Nancy of U.S.A.!! It's my first time to encounter dried goodies made in Taiwan and it has similarity with some of Japan food. I soo love munching 'em and I can forget my diet for now most especially with all the appetizers which is perfect for my beer lol! Yep, some of them is our appetizer for the night. Pahamak ka, naparami ang inom ko lol! Kidding aside, I cannot thank you enough dear, your generosity has made me speechless! Thank you so much for the message at the card--- I feel the same way, too!

Thank you, Nancy! Your friendship is a blessing to me!! ^_^
---Full of dried goodies!!---
---Popcorn, Peeled Chestnuts, Dried Fish Peanuts and appetizers and Mochi---
---Coffee, the Batangas Way and Lambanog, 90% alcohol!---

Not what we give, but what we share, For the gift without the giver is bare.

~ James Russel Lowell~

Friday, May 21, 2010

Food Trip Friday--- Chicken Teriyaki Baguette

---Chicken Teriyaki Baguette---
I made my baguette with a twist for breakfast! We had some chicken teriyaki leftovers during dinner last night and decided to re-make some LO's. Sliced baguette (purchased) into halves lengthwise, spreaded some butter over my baguette, topped in chicken teriyaki leftover then add mozzarella mix cheese ( teriyaki chicken and cheese is perfect match!)then put them to oven toaster and wait till the cheese melts. Put in platter then sprinkled some nori ( thinly sliced dried seaweeds ) and I'm done! Easy peasy re-make leftover japanesey breakfast! ^_^
---My breakfast with a cup of cafe au lait. Love the happy cup given by Bambie!---

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Mommy Moments--Mother's Day 2010

---母の日 ちけっと, Happy Mother's Day ticket---

"Mama, what do you like to have as a present on Mother's Day?" My daughter Wakaba asked me one day and I answered " A one day ticket to have a date with your Dad! " ( Mama to Daddy dake no rabu-rabu date ) and grin but she gave me a firm " Dame! " (no answer--which is expected coz she sees me as her rival to her Dad lol!) then she asked her Dad on what he like to receive on Father's Day. Her Dad replied "a sports tire!" (wearing a big grin)"Daddy, sore wa jibun de katte yo ne!" ( buy them with your own pocket!) then we had a big laugh about it!
*** Here comes Mother's Day***
My dear Wakaba gave me her gift on Mother's Day that surprised me. I thought it would be her project at school for Mom's Day but it wasn't---A one day ticket to have a date with his Dad!!Finally lol!\(^0^)/ She told me that she will look after Haruka and play outside together with some of her friends so we could go out for a date. Then off we go for a walk around the city ( just near at our apartment )and went for a coffee break at Doutor ( coffee shop in Japan) and felt exactly like the first time when we had our first date, enjoying ourselves! We went back at home after 2 and a half hours then Wakaba and Haruka gave me a lawn grass(?)I dunno what it's called but it looks like a grass/weeds for me that they collected somewhere, you know kids lol!)and shouted 母の日おめでとう!!( Happy Mother's Day!)and gave some drawings of me. I almost melt coz all they wanted is to make me happy and be pleased-- I put the oh well, the grass with a lil bit of flowers (lol) on a vase and displayed in the kitchen and started cooking for dinner--I was almost through when I started to feel something strange into my system... non-stop sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes. My allergy is reacting so bad and it's coming from what they gave me!(T_T) I have no choice but to throw them away the next day, explaining to them why I have to and they understand. Buti na lang buhay pa ako lol! But what the heck, my kids are the sweetest, I enjoyed my day and at least I can shout to the world that " Nasolo ko na rin ang asawa ko sa wakas!! "\(^0^)/
---A date with my husband minus the kids at Doutor------Wakaba's drawing of me, done at home---
---Haruka's drawing of me, project at school---
---My kids work of art is always displayed in our room---
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nostalgia---Then My Journey in Japan Has Begun...

I lost my stepfather when I was still 9 years old and our Mom raised us up working in our own business, a small canteen. Due to poverty, I decided to work as an entertainer/dancer here in Japan--they called us Japayuki at that time. I stayed at a promotion for a year with a lot of practice, dance lessons, and then passed, received my license and took an audition. Working away from home ain't easy-- halos mamatay ako with all the homesickness. I love my work in Japan and I'm not ashamed from where I came from. Because of that, I have supported my family and they had a better life than before although 'some people' thinked that working as an entertainer in Japan ain't a decent one. Wala akong pakialam sa mga sinasabi nila kasi di naman sila ang magpapakain sa pamilya ko and the fact is nilayuan nila kami. I strived hard to bring bacon at home but still my feet on the ground. Hinde ako nagbago sa pakikitungo sa kanila kahit na dina-down nila ako and my family. I may sound bitter here pero wala na sa akin ang mga nangyari.

I have ups and downs in life but I'm blessed that I have my family--yun lang ang meron ako.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Couple's Corner--Labor,Delivery and Bring Home Baby

--A midwife SIL Mihoko and our bundle of joy, Wakaba---

I was finally pregnant after a year of getting married and everytime I visited my Ob&Gyn, my husband is always there from day 1 to take a lil pip on my tummy and loves to get involved in pre-natal . He's excited to see the ultrasound machine scanning our child and to check if everythings ok with her. My husband and my PIL decided to let my birth experience be at a big hospital where my SIL work to make me feel comfortable.
I was in mixed emotion of course coz it'll be my first time to give birth in Japan but my SIL ( a midwife at the hospital that I'm in and ON DUTY ) was very supportive of me. When I felt pain contractions my SIL gave me some IE's--- well, I wasn't ashamed of giving her a "live show" of me ( lol! ) at the labor and delivery room ( I didn't know the hiya word means that time lol!) but she's very professional and she's doing her job well. Here in Japan, the person will be delivering your child is a midwife. Doctors are on-hand in case there are any complications. The delivery wasn't complicated ( thanks God ) and was smooth--just after a few pushes, Wakaba came! ^_^ I was all supported with good nurses, my SIL, my husband ( holding my hands even though I was whiny at all times and very demanding ), my MIL, and when I looked at the corner, my other SIL Taiko was there--I didn't noticed that she was inside the delivery room, I thought all the way that she'll passed out if she sees me but she was amazed by my giving birth experience and started calling Wakaba as her child soon after my delivery! 私の若葉ちゃん だて! ^_^)
Just like any other Japanese women here in Japan that they go to their parents place for awhile to take a rest with all the work after the delivery, we decided to bring home the baby at my PIL's place first and stayed there for a month before going back to our apartment. I'm really thankful to my MIL with all the moral support, for taking care of the baby and for doing all the household chores for me. 私は 幸せものです!おかさん、ありがとう!
---Haruka--- ---The Sasaki family---

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Obstacles And Glories Blog Anniversary Giveaway


Ate Rose of Obstacles And Glories will be celebrating her 2nd year blog anniversary and she will be giving away fabulous prizes from CSN Online Store as her blog anniversary giveaway sponsor. WHAT'S UP FOR GRABS?? CSN Online Store is sponsoring for a $1oo promotional code which you can use at their online store just like this Oenophilia Wall Mounted Wine Rack ( photo below ) that catches my eyes when I visited their site. It's just exactly what I'm looking for! A classy wall mounted wine rack as interior at home and it's just below $100 !\(^0^)/
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

PBW---Licca's Castle

We treated our kids to the Licca's Castle before going to my PIL's place for the Sansai Matsuri during the Golden Week . A big event was held at Licca's Castle because it was Licca's birthday ( last May 3, she will be always an 11 years old for eternity ) but we went there a day before the said event coz of flooding of people and we don't want to get stuffed by there. Not only kids but also grown up fans are expected to be there and joining the fun. Licca chan is Japan's Barbie doll and is loved by many around the globe. It wasn't our first visit there but still my kids loves to go back there again and again.
Kids and adults ( women only)are allowed to rent for a free Licca's official gowns/dresses after getting your entrance ticket to the place and be like Licca. You will be greeted by Licca chan as you entered at the lobby and you can also experience her world at the party room, her dresser, her room, the museum, factory,etc. I was amazed of those lovely dolls most especially at the Castle collection but it's so pricey. Since my kids has their own Licca chan at home, we bought some dresses and accessories for them although they're itching to have a new one ( they have to wait until their birthday lol!) and played outside the castle after the tour.
--Party Room at Licca chan's castle---
---Licca chan's dresser-- Wakaba seems like to love the dress and be like Licca chan of her dreams--- ---Licca's Room---
---Study desk and randoseru of Licca chan---
---Little town of Licca!---
---Castle factory, this is how and where Licca chan's dolls is produced. Inside the castle!! There's also an option where you can paint, assemble, dress your own Licca chan doll and some other workshops---
---First Generation Licca dolls at Licca chan Museum---
---2nd Generation Licca Dolls---
---Marie Antoniette, Licca version---
---Gorgeous Licca dollies in Kimono ---
---So elegant!---
---Licca chan's Kimono set for 3,675 jpy! Takaii!!--
---Very tiny Japanese Licca sandal---
---Wakaba and Haruka, fishing for Licca chan's dress---
---Us, choosing some shoes, boots, hats and sandals for my kids Licca dollies---
---Having fun on a kiddie train---
My kids are growing up fast but not old enough to still want to hold their father's hands ^_^

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