Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caprese--in a Japanese way

Our family loves italian,most especially when it comes to caprese. I tried my caprese doing it in a japanese style. I changed basil into shiso,a japanese herb for a touch of japanese. Anyway, here's the recipe-- it is best match for wine and good appetizer,too!

Japanese Style Salad Recipe

shiso (japanese herb) - 12 pcs.
fresh ham - 1 pack
fresh tomato - 1 pc,large
mozzarella cheese - 1 pack
salt and ground black pepper

How to make the caprese:
1: cut the fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese and shiso into one bite size.
2: spread the fresh ham, put the shiso,tomato and mozzarella cheese alternately over the ham and fold. repeat until done.
3: arrange platter, top in salt and ground black pepper.

To make it more italian:
You can omit shiso and change it to basil leaves, and change fresh ham into anchovy fillet or without both. Alternate fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, anchovy fillet and basil leaves into platter.Drizzle with olive oil,top in with salt and ground black pepper.

See, it's easy! Enjoy with wine! \(^0^)/


Unknown said...

yummy yummy tlga,,wala na kong masabi sa galing mo sa kusina sis clarissa

EJ said...

Wow, so talented.. another filipina chef in the making

Cecile said...

looks yummy to me :-)

hey dear, following your blog, too! thanks for following mine!

Allen's Darling said...

Hi Clarissa

wow naman i salute u dear hahaha me poor cook talaga hahaha

Umma said...

Looks so yummy..luckily, I dont really know how to cook.. Im impressed with what you did Clarissa..

Happy weekend over there.. whats the plan?

Clarissa said...

Thanks po ng marami!!:)

Rossel said...

kakagutom ito clarissa. sayang hindi na pwede sa akin.siguro gagawa ako para na lang sa mag-ama ko.

Cens World said...

sounded and looked so delicious. You are so magaling mag luto.. Thumbs Up for you, lady!!

Have a great day

Maus said...

parang sarap nito kaso hirap maghagilap ata ng ingredients hehehe
galing mo riz!

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