Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food Trip Friday---Pinoy Foodies

I' d like to share the great chef during our vacation at the province--MY DEAR BROTHER!! I wasn' t expecting that he will cook at home my food requests that I'm longing to eat in the Philippines!( as in I'm craving for YEARS!!) And the thing is that he' s a very good cook than me and my husband can attest to that (well, it's just that I don't cook pinoy foods at home--nag-rason pa eh lol!). There are some of the pinoy foods that they love like adobo ( or anything chicken), caldereta,veggies, soups ( like tinola ) and hate like sinigang ( and anything lamang-loob) and when my brother cooked boneless danggit for dinner for a change coz everyday is a meat day ( my husband hates seafoods ), the odor of the danggit almost killed them lol! They stayed in the bedroom all day while my brothers and family stayed outside to eat lol!

Looking back with the yummiest treats that I'm craving of, I' M MISSING THEM ALREADY! THANKS TO MY BROTHER FOR BEING SWEET!!\(^0^)/

---munggo with pata ng baboy---yum! pinoy na pinoy!

---boneless danggit, it was served with a soysauce and calamansi for dipping---

---veggies, pinoy style---

---bihon---they love bihon!!
---paksiw na bangus, my all-time fave--
---bistek---they love this, too!
---adobo---my bro cooked a combination of pork and chicken too but I love this one the most!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girl' s Talk: Describe Yourself as a Lover

I' d describe myself as a playful, loyal, open-minded, loving, accepting and passionate.

No matter how distracted my husband could get for some ways, be it with some friends, cars, games, I know his world will always revolve around them.

I know it's soo mababaw but a few sweet words and a hug from my back while I'm doing the dirty dishes, I'm all drawn to his!

I find happiness when we share the same ice cream cones or a box of chocolates.

I feel that even the smallest thing that he has done seems like the world to me.

I love to put smiles on his face that makes my heart really swell and put an even bigger grin on my face.

I love to colour his day with all those silly stuffs that for many reasons, made him laugh, sometimes get annoyed and often times makes him blush.

In short, I feel and do all the kabaduyan as a lover coz I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND!now I'm shoutin' that!\(^0^)/

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Couple's Corner--Breakfast In Bed

"Are you kiddin' me? Breakfast in bed?! " says my husband...

I was trying to make the sweetest thing for my husband during our first year of marriage and that is making his breakfast in bed. A simple plate with heart-shaped pancakes with maple syrup, fruits on the side and a juice or his favorite black coffee perhaps. Di ko pa ginagawa but I think it's great to wake him up on his day0ff with all those sweetness I had in mind. Buti na lang napalabas sa TV ang scene na ganyan and asked him kung ano sa palagay nya--it's a taboo for him daw. Unlike with the west, bakit daw kailangan pang kumain sa kama eh meron namang mesa? Forgive my maarteng Japanese husband but he sees that eating in bed is a bad manner. I don't think it's bad naman but I guess it's the difference of CULTURE. However, he cooks breakfast ( always a pancake or french toast )to us for sometimes on his day-off --not all husbands cooks for his wife and children and I really appreciate of all the efforts and yes, he's sweet, maarte nga lang lol! I don't know for some couples living in Japan if they practice breakfast in bed but to us, it's a big NO.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Haruka chan, now 4!!!

My Dear Haruka chan,

I can't believe I have to utter these lines as of last year again... how time flies! You are excited of growing up coz you' re asking me a lot of questions almost every day. Like when you wake up in the morning first thing you'll ask of me is that how many inches have you grown already ( Mama, watashi okikunatta? ) or how many sleeps do you have to take to be like your big sister Wakaba. If I could only freeze the time for you to be a baby forever I will but the mother in me loves watching you growing up, too.

I asked you one day of what you wanted to be when you grow up, you told me that you like cutting/fixing hairs then you started pretending as a hair stylist coz you have my comb then your toy scissor with you and tried to " cut" my hair. I guess you have been so observant when I was at a beauty salon coz you took some sprays, too. I told you how talented you were then you just kept on doing your own, spraying till my hair get wet but then you cried when I rushed into the bathroom to wash my hair. You don't have to worry my dear, I love the way you did to my hair ---it' s just that I thought that you were using the "morning reset water" spray that I used for you and Wakaba chan's bed hair and my attention was in front of the computer at that time and all along the spray that you used for me is a deodorizer spray for the clothing, carpets and household! No wonder it has a fresh scent lol! I can't help but laugh to myself as I gently touch your head to comfort you from crying. Ahhh!!KIDS!!\(^0^)/

***Once in a while when I feel nostalgic, it's so much fun to go back and just sit, read my kids milestones here and reminsce.***

I love you, Haruka chan and Happy 4th Birthday!!

With Love,
---another homemade cake for the birthday girl!!---
---and a birthday present from us!---

Sunday, February 21, 2010

PBW--Preparing for School

It' ll be a month from now till Wakaba's Graduation Day from Kindergarten and then she will be a Gradeschooler and Haruka, too will be attending Kindergarten this school opening and I' ve been busy lately of attending school meetings some time during the first week and the second week since the day we came back from a vacation and there' s one more school meeting left for this month. Whew!! Ain't complaining but I guess I' m just afraid of being left alone in the house while the two of them are at school LOL! How the time flies so soon!!(T_T)
We' ve been preparing their school supplies and bought for them this week and yes, we've completed them already-- Thank goodness, we don't have to do some rush when buying school supplies! Some of the school supply lists are available at their school, some Supply Box, P.E. uniform ( seasonal )etc. Randoseru (backpack ), scissors, notebooks, colored pencil, cleaning rag are some that we purchased. CLEANING RAG?? Why cleaning rag maybe you questioned... Japanese are famous of the so-called o-soji ( cleaning ) and one of their tradition of Japanese education here is to let the students clean the school on several occassions but of course they also have a non-teaching staff to follow-up the cleaning.
We also bought Wakaba's formal wear to be used for the ceremony and mine, too. All we have left to do now is do some markings with their names of all their personal items and there' s a lot of themmm!!! ---Supply Box---
---Cinnamoroll pencil case ( from Sanrio ) and an old-fashioned pencil sharpener---
---B pencils-----Cinnamoroll school bag for Haruka--- ---Kindergarten stuffs for Haruka---

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mommy Moments

Wakaba and Haruka bought their Dad some chocolates from their own allowance before the Valentine' s Day and decided to bake a chocolate cake for him to make the day more special but Wakaba had a fever so we just celebrated it at home. Their Daddy was happy about the effort of the children selecting chocolates for him because it took them 30-40 minutes lol! I was trying to make some choices for them but they said "No!" they will be the one to choose for their Dad and they even told me to let 'em wrapped lol!

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Thank you, Mommy Dhemz and Mommy Seiko!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Thank a lot to Mommy Dhemz for a lot of gifts for me and the kids!! What a surprise!! It was delivered to us the day before we left for a vacation!! She actually did told me not to post this one but I can't coz she's such a very good friend of mine and I want everybody know about that. Thank you so much for the thoughts, Mommy Dhemz!! You' re an angel!! \(^0^)/

And a lot of thanks, too to Mommy Seiko for being soo sweet for a new added Elmo in our family!! She told me she have read one of my posts at Mommy Moments that Wakaba and Haruka loves Elmo! Ain't that sweet?! The omiyage ( pasalubong ) from USJ was actually sent after we left on a vacay and was re-sent to us again. Thank you very much, Mommy Seiko!! You just don't know how much the kids was surprised when they opened the omiyage!\(^0^)/

---Welcome to the family, Elmo!!---

From the bottom of my heart, thank you sooo much!!\(^0^)/

Girl' s Talk--2010 Valentine' s Day

We celebrated our Valentine's Day at home!! My husband feels good after receiving chocolates from me and the kids! Why? It' s because that here in Japan, Valentine's Day is a mens day and unlike any other countries, sending or giving Valentine's card is not common. Give 'em chocolates and you will be given pressies on White Day ( March 14, girls day ) in return!

***pinintasan ni hubby ang bigay kong Godiva choco ( you can read the posthere) masarap daw kung masarap, but ROYCE' choco is more satisfying daw!(T_T)hhmmpp!!***

***don' t tell my husband I bought this for myself on Valentine's Day lol!! TREAT THYSELF! Chocolate is one of the basic food groups! You knew that guys right?!\(^0^)/***

Hope everybody had a great Valentine's Day!! ^_^

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couple's Corner--Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Setting: Family dinner....

Us: Itadakimasu! ( we say this word before each meal time in Japan )goble,goble...

Wakaba and her Daddy removed some of the tomato from the veggie salad

Mama: Wakaba chan, tomato tabete, karada ni ii kara..( eat some tomato, it's good for your health..)

Haruka: Tomato chodai! ( give me some tomatoes!)

Mama passed the veggie salad with tomato to Haruka

Wakaba: Yada! Tomato kirai! ( I don't like to eat tomato! ) Daddy datte tabenai yo...( Daddy doesn't like to eat tomato,too...) Wakaba, looking at her father...

Haruka: Tomato okawari! ( more tomato please!) Mama passing again the salad to her...

Mama: Sonna kotto naiyone, Daddy chan? ( Daddy loves tomatoes, right Daddy? )
(Mama now GRINNING! You have to read my mind here, darling--it's for our Wakaba's sake, you have to eat those even if you HATE tomatoes lol! )

Daddy: Tomato oishii yo! ( Tomatoes are good alright! ) started eating the tomatoes having a sharp look at Mama and her, still having a big grin

Daddy: Chotto dake demo ganbatte tabete,Wakaba chan ( try to eat even a little, Wakaba)

Both of them wore the same yucky faces while eating the tomatoes that they both don't like and Mama still having a BIG grin for reigning a victory lol!

Will you still love this ijiwaru ( mean)wife of yours tomorrow, Yochan? LOL!

We tell or do bad jokes at each other... we laugh...that' s the way it is...^_^

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

PBW--Valentine's Day Chocolates

I guess you have already know that here in Japan, it is only the women who gives presents to men and they' re mainly CHOCOLATES and that my husband is really, really picky when it comes to chocolates--he would tease me like" magbibigay ka rin lang, yung masarap na!"Ggrrr! lol! That is why it gives me a headache on hearts day--nabubutas ang allowance ko and the fact that it should be my day lol! Well, I' m excited for what he will get me this White Day ( in which men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day should return the favor on White Day, March 14) I would not ask for a gift to my husband and he knows that I won' t lol! なにも いらないから 花 だけ ください!!\(^0^)/
Wakaba and Haruka shopped before Valentine' s Day using their own allowance and spent 30 to 40 minutes of picking and choosing some chocolates to give to their Dad and we decided to bake a chocolate cake for him but sad to say, Wakaba had a fever since Friday night ( she' s ok now )--we just handed him the chocolates and the kids received goodies from their Dad, too!
Happy Valentine' s Day!!
Valentine's Day chocolates
There' s no question that I love ROYCE' chocolates too but I don' t want to give him the same chocolate as last year and so I thought of giving this heart- shaped golden box that comes with a delicious chocolate hearts from GODIVA to the man I' m in love with to satisfy his choco craving ^_^


Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope everybody had a great one!!^_^

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hit the Province!!

--departure, Manila to Dumaguete--

Our stay in the province is more fun than I expected most especially to Wakaba and Haruka. We have appreciated everything especially every experience that comes along during our stay there-- the tricycle rides, the tabo and palanggana bathes( I have to let them bathe on warm water though coz we don't have hot-cold shower at home), heading to beaches, eating some fave street foods ( like fishball, manggang hilaw, banana cue and etc. that I can't much a do when in Japan), of course, going into church--I promised myself to visit Dumaguete Cathedral, reminscing the old times that brings me into teary-eyes for sometimes, breathing some fresh air and believe it or not, I would just sneak out of the house and do what I am missing so much --" tambay sa kanto" lol! I know it doesn't make sense but I love those "O pare! Kumusta? " when meeting some close friends in our neigborhood. Nothing fancy, but great smiles ^_^

I'm proud to be a " Dumagueteno" and I wanna give you some landmarks and 'lil tour thru pics on my beloved province. Dumaguete City-- the City of Gentle People, as they said. Enjoy!
--Welcome to Dumaguete City!!---
--The Cathedral--
--I find peace when I'm inside at the church--
--the altar----The Belltower--the Campanario de Dumaguete was built upon one of the four massive watchtowers that parish priest Don Jose Manuel de Septien built in the 1760's to discourage moros from pillacing the town. The two layers which are now known as the belltower or the campanario were added during the admnistration of Fray Juan Felix de la Encarnation during 1867--

---The Boulevard, my family loves to take a walk at the boulevard--
---They serve the best baked goodies, I recommend their Silvanas and Brazo de Mercedes---

--JO' s Chicken Inato, simply the best barbequed chicken in Dumaguete! (foodies will be served at Food Trip Friday)
--Riding a pedicab is a unique experience for my kids and they love it especially hubby, he loves to sit at the back!--
---celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary at Sea Forest, will have a separate post for that---
--if only I could bring some bananas in Japan, I'll be grateful to have some banana cues lol!--
--same sky, different views--

Have a blessed weekend to everybody!!

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