Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Rice Roll LunchBox ( rice wrapped with dried seaweed )

Here's the lunch box that I made during my daughters sportsfest at school with the recipe. It's so easy to make even without the bamboo mat for the rice roll. All you need is a wrapper!! And you don't need some rice substitute or whatever coz it's not a sushi-- it's a rice roll! It may take a while to make a perfect roll but making it is fun!! Here it is--

Ingredients: ( good for 3 person )
egg - 1 pc
salt - a few
carrot - 1/3
kinusaya ( seapods )- 6 pcs
ground meat - 50 g
dried seaweed - 1 sheet
cooled rice - 200 g

naga negi ( long onion or leek ) - 3 cm
goma ( white sesame ) - 1 tablespoon
soysauce - 1 tablespoon
sugar - 1 tablespoon
sake - 1 tablespoon
goma abura ( sesame oil ) - 1/2 tablespoon

How to make the rice roll:
1: make a scrambled egg with a few salt, set aside
2: cut vegetables lengthwise, thinly
3: cut leak into bit pieces
4: put A and the ground meat into the skillet, start heat at medium and saute' .when the meat becomes brown, add the vegetables then stir fry for a while until it dried up. set aside,let it cool
5: place 1 sheet of dried seaweed on bamboo mat or wrapper, sprinkle a few salt over it, then press a thin layer of cooled rice on the seaweed ( it will be easier if you slightly wet your hands ). Leave at least 1/2 inch of the top and at the bottom edge of the seaweed uncovered ( it will be easier for sealing it )
6: arrange the egg and the mixed meat then roll from bottom to the top edge with the help of the bamboo or the wrapper tightly.Cut into 10 equal sizes and put them into the lunch box.


Cecile said...

i want to try these foods; they look yummy and easy to make :-) thanks for sharing them with us, dear!

Reanaclaire said...

my daugher loves sushi very much.. and it is so expensive outside.. perhaps i try on yr recipe when i m free during weekends.. i m sure she will wallop all within minutes.. haha..

Clarissa said...

thanks for dropping by-- but they're not a sushi.I'm also doing sushi but I don't know for some rice substitute in your country.yes, feel free to try the rice roll recipe.:)
thank you po!

richard said...

I love it, I will try your recipe, alam mo naman dito sa pinas mahal Japanese food...

Keep on smiling...

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow Clariss it looks delish, our kids love dried seaweed, sometimes they eat rice with it hehehe. I have a problem keeping the seaweed from tearing hehehe..

Umma said...

I love sushi roll..and the food looks so yummy.. ginutom ata ako ah!

Youa re a great cook pala Clar.. good thing your kids are already grown up, it is more easier to take care.
Mine just turned 1 year old last 8th of January and still trying to learn how to walk which is the hardest part.

Kim, USA said...

it looks yummy!!

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