Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Linky Love

It's time to give a special linky love to my Top 10 Commentators and EC Droppers for the month of May for taking time of visiting Kizuna. My outlet Kizuna wouldn't be possible if not for all of you my friends who continues to support by reading my blog. Thank you very much ^_^

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To my friends who didn't make it to the top 10 and to my silent readers, your visits is highly appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank you all for always dropping by and for leaving a line or two at my shout-out corner, it brightens my day ^_^Please feel free of visiting them also thru their linky.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Kids Bento

Yours truly have been preparing bentos to Wakaba and Haruka almost everyday since last week coz the School- Lunch Center serving at their school was being affected during the 3-11 Earthquake in Japan but this week, milk, a piece of bread and something extra are served as school lunch. According to our PTA meeting, gakko kyushoku will resume next week.

Wakaba's problem with ' gakko kyushoku ' ( school lunch ) is that the serving is too small for her (she's a big eater kasi ) and she's shy to ask for an ' okawari ' ( asking for refill of food or another bowl of rice lol ). I remember what she told me when she came home from school and talked about her first school lunch~ Wakaba told me that she was shocked about the size of the hamburger steak at school, she said the size was far different of what's she was eating at home lol! Well, the serving at school ain't bad it's just that my girl wants a larger size of her favorite meal lol! School lunches serves healthy menus~ it has main dish, side dish and milk.

Well anyway, here's what I prepared for my girls bento~ everyday is a twist, easy and healthy that they love ^_^

Rice seasoned with furikake, fried chicken, potato salad, tomato, cheese, hijiki nimono (simmered thin seaweed ) and strawberries
Chicken teriyaki, chikuwa ( fish cake ), kanikama ( crab stick ), cucumber stick salad, tomato, takuan ( japanese picked daikon ) and takikomi gohan ( japanese rice dish seasoned with soysauce with mushrooms ) topped with nori.
Wakaba and Haruka's Bento for school
Kanikama Maki ( crab stick sushi roll ), kinpira renkon ( braised lotus root ), flowery ham and egg, tomato and apples
Wakaba and Haruka's Bento for school
Tamago yaki ( japanese omelet rolled with nori ), rolled bacon with asparagus, rice ball, tomatoes and grapes

Oval onigiri wrapped with seaweed, wiener, veggie pork stir-fry and strawberries
Wakaba and Haruka's Bento for school

You'll find some of my homemade bentou's of my girls here, my FIL's bentou here,my kids Sports Festival bentou here and here, picnic time bentou here and my husbands bentou here.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dealing With Radiation Mess

Parents ( mostly Moms ) had a couple of PTA meetings at school of Haruka in kindergarten about dealing with radiation mess of the nuclear plant in Fukushima. Parents were concerned of the kids condition bout the safety limit of exposure ( the school authority limits 30 minutes of letting the kids play outdoor ) and most request from the parents were to remove topsoil from the playground of the school because the soil was exposed to radiation leaks...

Last Sunday, March 22, 2011, the school granted the request with the cooperation of the teachers, staff and parents by digging up the topsoil from the playground ( although the tests showed that the radiation level were low ) so that kids at school can resume playing outdoor activities. The digging started at 8:30 in the morning and wasn't expecting many volunteers to come but was surprised that most of the parents were present.

Sunday, 8:30 A.M. radiation measurement at the schools playground: Before⇒0.55μSv/h
radiation measurement at the schools playground:
After ⇒0.13μSv/h

Parents, cleaning up school playground

Digging up soil and was replaced by a clean soil

The sand box at school was covered by a blue sheet~ it wasn't used since the class resumed

Working together

The School Director thanking everyone for the cooperation and for a job well done.

The amount of radiation dose on the surface has dropped and we are hoping that the troubled nuclear plant would remain stable soon.

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Spring Time Photo Shoot

Haruka chan and I spent much time together last month because her time at school was only on a half-day class. We usually spent our day out at the nearest park passing by with beautiful blooms and during one of our time together, we went out with my camera and took some spring time photos ^_^

I love spring time most especially the yellow colours that brighten up my day and sneeze in between lol! It's hard to have a pollen allergy and I'm always ready with my nasal spray in hand whenever my allergy attacks.

Yellow Spring Flowering Shrubs
Had a wonderful time with Haruka chan

My favorite flower ^_^

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

~ Proverb ~

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


この間ママ友からメールをもらいました、もらったのは良いんですけど漢字読めません!(T_T) その時良い翻訳会社をさがしましたそしてサイトを読んでいる時に良い事を思いついていました!

私みたいなブロガー自分のサイトを世界中に見てもらいたいそのためには Transliaの翻訳サービスが必要。 たとえば日本人ブロガーだとTransliaの英語翻訳サービスのお手伝い良く世界中に自分のぺジを見てもらいたい。自分のウェブサイトやビジネス文書はもちろん。よりはやくクオリティはパーフェクト!

これで私にもメールの中身読めるし返事もできる!今度のご飯のレシピ、ブログに乗せちゃう!楽しみ、楽しみ! ウェブサイトをチェクしてみてねえ! ^_^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

We celebrated Mother's Day in a simple way and we celebrated it at home ~ baked cookies with my kids! What makes it more special? I heard my kids talking bout their plans for Mother's Day and that is to bake cookies as a surprise gift for me but the problem is that they don't know how to do it! I was laughing out loud but Wakaba and Haruka melts my heart! It may no longer a surprise gift for me by lending a hand but baking delicious treats with them brings joy and happiness! And the most important of it all, they enjoyed what they do~ from cracking the eggs into the bowl, sifting the flour, mixing the batter and the dough. Believe it or not, they did it themselves~ I only supervised them on what to do, did the cutting of the cookie dough and of course, cleaning the MESS. Lol ! They wanted to wrap the cookies beautifully just like they did to their Dad's gift last Valentine' Day but it ended up as our afternoon snack for the day ^_^
Wakaba says to her sissy Haruka: ' Wait for your turn, Haruka chan! ' while sifting the flour
Haruka says to her big sissy: ' Oneechan, don't lick it! It's still a powder! ' LOL!
Mom says: ' Be careful not to overmix the dough, Wakaba chan '

Haruka chan, doing her part

The vanilla dough and cocoa dough is being ' smooshed ' to make the marble effect

..... and rolled into a log, wrapped into a plastic and chilled for hours

Messy hands and joyful faces
The cookies may not be in a perfect circle, they did a lovely present for me!
Marble cookies~ made with love of my kids fresh from the oven ^_^

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bandai-Azuma Roadway, Fukushima Trip

Yes, in Fukushima! And why not? I wanted to let the world know that it's safe to visit Fukushima as long as you stay away at the exclusion zone around the nuclear plant. Fukushima is rich with beautiful sceneries like mountains, lakes and nevertheless, Fukushima needs all the help that they can get most especially tourism industry. I can't believe that there was less tourists travelling to Fukushima during the peak season of the Golden Week ( longest holiday here in Japan) unlike the past years and it makes me sad. During our trip there, we didn't encountered bus full of tourists.

The Bandaisan Gold Line, Bandai Azuma Skyline and Bandai Azuma Lakeline toll roads are a good way to enjoy the scenery and a popular sightseeing spots here in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan. Actually, we've been a couple of times there already most especially on autumn but it's a first to visit there during spring time. Enjoyed both winter and spring on the very same day! We planned to climb the Mount Azuma- Kofuji and walk around Goshikinuma Lake but because of a sudden change of weather, we didn't had a chance to do so. However, we enjoyed the trip of awesome mountain ranges and great scenery.
Mt. Azuma
Lake Hibara
Eco friendly boats is operated at Lake Hibara
My kids with their Daddy
Bandai Azuma Lakeline
Yours truly took full advantage with the whole family during the holiday Loong road
The climax of our trip was the Snow Corridor reaching four meters in height during the start season but it was 3 meters in height the time we went there
I can't believe I have photos of the famous Snow Corridor during the peak season of the Golden Week!
Average height of 1,622m above sea level
Mt. Issaikyo, 1949m~ one of the peaks of Mt. Azuma
Mt. Issaikyo is an active volcano
Bandai Azuma Toll Road

We planned to visit again the place as scenery changes with the season~ next time in green ^_^

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