Monday, January 12, 2009

What's in your Hotpot?

When the season is cold and you need a quick and warming dish,why not cook and eat together with one hot pot? Hot pot dishes are prepared in a hot pot usually at the tables, shared by my family usually for cold months and sometimes a nabe party with my friends here in Japan. Inside my hot pot has more veggies,meat,various kind of mushrooms and tofu ( bean curd ). It is economical and healthy and the thing is you cook anything you like in the pot. Since it's easy and light to the budget menus, I'm sharing again for some of my recipes--you may find some of the ingredients at your asian supermarkets. Here it is..


Ingredients: ( good for 4 persons)
lean pork meat, thin slices - 300 g
tofu ( bean curd ) - one cake or one pack
chrysanthemum leaves - 1/2 packs

hakusai ( chinese cabbage ) - 300 g
carrot - 80 g
shimeji mushroom - one pack

ginger - small
dashi ( instant dashi powder ) - 900 ml
sake - 2 tablespoon
soysauce - 2 tablespoon
mirin ( sweet cooking wine ) - 1 tablespoon
salt - 2/3 teaspoon

How to make the Nabe:
1: add B to the pot, grate the ginger then start heat until to a boil
2: add thin sliced pork meat ,add A, simmer until veggies are soft, taste
3: add tofu, simmer for a while then add chrysanthemum leaves just before you eat them
4: be careful with children coz it's hot!!

How about a healthy Nabe party with friends?? What's in your hot pot? :)


Chubskulit Rose said...

another one delish dish sis, super chef ka talaga hehehe

by the way if you have time please drop by, just need your honest opinion about this thanks a lot!

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