Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend--Digging Sweet Potatoes


A common activity in kindergarten here in Japan is to harvest sweet potatoes ( oimo hori ).The kids have planted on the garden at their school and when the harvest day has come, they digged it up and then eat them at school. I' m glad Wakaba and Haruka experienced digging up sweet potatoes and never mind how much dirt they would get and proud that they were able to get a bigger sweet potato. It was roasted and it tastes heaven!!

In the Philippines, it is comon to hear " Tahooo " on our fave magtataho, it is also common here in Japan to hear " YAKI IMO, ISHIYAKI IMO "( a sweet potato, baked over a stone) recorded tune where you can purchase it from a yaki imo truck vendor who makes rounds at the neighborhood. Whenever I hear the shouts, it means more cold weather is coming because ishiyaki imo is only sold during that time. Bbbrrrrrr!!!
Kinder students digging for some sweet potatoes
Wakaba got one!!
And another one!!
No matter what the size is, what matters most is the expression of her face-- joyous smile!!
Look at those sweet potatoes!!
Haruka did her part at Pre-school after Wakaba' s batch
Dig it up, Haruka!!
It was a surprise to dig a bigger one!!

The sweet potatoes were wrapped in a foil and roasted
Introducing the school' s Director/ Principal

The PTA also did their part of cutting and serving sweet potatoes to the students and Moms who participated at the oimo hori.


Yours trully also have a share of the sweet potato and sit with Haruka's classmates and Moms who participated that day.
Haruka on her second piece lol!!

Happy Monday and enjoy your week ahead!! For more Pixel Bug Weekenders, head up here


R. said...

Ang galing talaga ng mga Hapon :)
I'm glad that you didn't mind their hands getting dirty when they did the activity. Kids should experience these kinds of things every now and then.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

ay ang cute naman sis, galing naman ng activity nila, and about the dirt, i doubt na magreklamo sila,yan ang gustong gusto nila eh (^_^)

SASSY MOM said...

This is such a cute activity. Bilib ako sa training diyan..Bata pa langtinitrain na. I'm sure they enjoyed the activity.

Pixelbug Weekend

Unknown said...

wow it looks like the kids are truly having fun... exciting yung activity naman kasi nila... and afterwards they'll eat what they reap...

they all look cute sa kanila damit hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy Clarissa! Good to see you in another meme. Di ko maalala tagalog ng sweet potato

The school activity is nice. Naiiba and they get to experience playing with dirt and not being scolded on. :)

Dhemz said...

oh my...this is a great activity for kids....ang saya-saya talaga....:)

my gosh...I can tell the facial expression of your dalaga mami exciting kaya....:)

the best part is...kinain nila yung na harvest nila....

galing talaga ng mga hapon.....:)

Paula said...

that's what children need nowadays to get down and get dirty.XD Oh, I'm salivating looking at your photos I love sweet camotes and that's a huge one your daughter got!
Can I also ask a favor? Can you follow me at Google Connect? I'm new at this thing I don't have a single follower at the moment. LOL!
I followed your blog already. ^^
Happy Thoughts
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Celebrity Diary

Chris said...

great activity and experience for your kids!

Yami said...

this early kids in Japan are taught how to be self-reliant. Nakakatuwa silang tingnan. Your kids had fun! :)

Seiko said...

I'm sure nag -enjoy ng husto ang mga bata doing their imo hori.Imo hori kahhh.Malapit na nga ang winter,I could feel the coldness in here too brrrr!!!
Btw,I'm back!Thanks for the visit even when 'm not around.How's your MIL nga pala?Tapos na ba ang operation nya?Odaijini!

craftymom said...

Wow naman I know yong mga kids nag-enjoy talaga. Am playing too...

Mine is here

Marice said...

looks like they did have fun! :) thanks for sharing sis!

u may view mine here

Unknown said...

Uy clang kadamo gud sa kamote diha hehehe. pwedi siguro mangawat sa?lol arang lipaya ni wakaba ug haruka nakakalut ug bulawan hehehe. Uniform sad ilang kalo bisag mangamuti/

Kero said...

that is a very good experience for kids. galing talaga ng mga training ng Hapon :)

must taste really yummy!

my entry is here

Enchie said...

I like that, they plant, harvest and eat! So far, dito hanggang munggo pa lang kami :D

Grace said...

Ang saya-saya nila. Gustong-gusto ko ang mga activities na ganyan. Health-conscious ba talaga ang mga hapon?

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

napaka-busy talaga pag nasa schoo na mga kids, pati kasi parents lagi present dapat sa mga activities which is good. Kaso parang kawawa naman yung iba na busy ang mga moms nila =( Sana same din ang exposure sa nature ng mga students sa atin, i dont know lang kung meron school sa atin na may ganyang klaseng activities. I remember sa school ko meron din pero di kagaya dito na enjoy ang mga kids.
So cute ng mga girls mo.. genking genki =)

David Funk said...

That is indeed a fun activity for kids. I used to see kids dig up the sand on the beach in contests for sand dollars and other things.

You mentioned sweet potatoes, and the state I live in in the USA produces more than any other in the country. I'm surprised they don't have that activity here - at least that I'm aware of.

Very cute photos, Clarissa!

anney said...

What a nice activity para sa mga bata. Sigurado pag uwi ng mga yan ututan ng ututan. ahihihi!

Lulu said...

ang saya ng activity nila!

Cecile said...

wow, daming kamote :-); they really enjoyed digging and eating, huh!

reminds me when i was still a little girl, my mother used to boil them and serve it with sugar :-)!

nice pix, Clang! great job girls :-)!

Anonymous said...

pinagtatanim cla galing naman

JonaBQ said...

this is a great experience for them. at least they get used to eating sweet potato, coz they know where it comes from. it's one of the most nutritious root crop. I can see the excitement when your girl got them =D

Here’s our fun-long weekend.

Let me invite you also to my new meme, With Love Wednesday. Thanks!

Unknown said...


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