Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Heartful Thanks!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all who has given me a special birthday greetings and sweet birthday posts. I' m so blessed to have you all guys!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!! Thank you so much to RUSS, ATE KIM, GLENDA, ANNEY, MOMMY LIZA, MOMMY EDEN,ATE CECILLE, MOMMY UMMA, BUJOY and

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and to all who left their birthday messages at my message box and my friends at Facebook and Friendster, THANKS A LOT!!

I would like to thank BAMBIE for this lovable gifts!! I love 'em all!! And thank you so much for the effort of making a video present for me-- I' m soo touched!! You made me cry with that one!!Thank you for this birthday presents!! Your birthday card made me smile,too!! I appreciate the thoughts just to make me SMILE! THANK YOU, BAMBIE!!
I had a good night sleep with this rose scented, heart shaped pillow!! Thank you dearie!!

THANKS TO YENA and MOMMY SEIKO FOR A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS a day after my birthday-- after 7 years!!! How did the both of you guys knows that I've been longing this for a long time?!!

A LOT OF THANKS TO YENA and MOMMY SEIKO!! You guys made me cry for the nth times!! My husband left me with a gift in the morning when he left early at work
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Words are mere to express the GRATITUDE, from the bottom of my heart.....
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Dhemz said...

bongga naman talaga ang bday mo mami the flowers....bait ni mami Bamz.....:)

thanks for featuring my badge here mami Clang...dami talaga nagmamahal sa u...mwah...kisses from us ni Akesha...:)

Anonymous said...

wow sistah dami mong friends at nagmamahal sau, youre always welcome yun lang ang kaya ko pa eh sistah haha

niko said...

Baet ni yena at mommy seiko!!! so sweet pa :)

you deserve all that dear.. happy birthday ulit!!

smile lang lagi.. thanks also for the friendship!! mwah mwah

niko said...

Baet ni yena at mommy seiko!!! so sweet pa :)

you deserve all that dear.. happy birthday ulit!!

smile lang lagi.. thanks also for the friendship!! mwah mwah

eden said...

woww.. ang daming nagmamahal sa iyo mommy clang. ganyan talaga pag super bait ang tao.i am really touched of this post. so sweet of your friends to make you so happy on your birthday.God bless you always.

you are welcome and thanks for including my name. thank you too for the visit and comment.

R. said...

Aww. You're very much loved :)
The flowers are very pretty. You deserve to be happy on your birthday. Actually, not just on your birthday, but every single day of the year. God bless you dearie.

Seiko said...

You deserved a treat like these Clang dahil mabait ka.Kahit hindi ako ang may b-day I was really touched.And there is one thing that I learned in here...
Well actually this idea was came all from Niko & by doing this so Niko just taught me that friendship online is not impossible to work because of distance we had ,but she proves as a living witness of the truest friendships she had established w/ everybody here in blogosphere.Sending you flowers was also Niko's idea hehe.
'm so happy for you Clarissa!Mwah!Hugs!
Btw,thanks for including my name in here:D

Reena said...

hmm. na-miss ko birthday mo? :D happy birthday! Bambie is so sweet nga. you deserve to have friends like her and to be loved by all those lives you've touched through your blog. i wish you a very happy and meaningful life ahead.

btw, i love your background music! now ko lng napansin. :) tc always

Cecile said...

you are such a nice person that is why you have many friends; you deserve those gifts, Clang; see how generous they are, too!

Lulu said...

you deserve it all mami clang... you are sweet and very nice naman kasi!

thanks for the linky love of our badges....

pet said...

hello aling clarissa, naku nagbday ka pala di ko alam pasensya na kasi late na ata itong pagbati ko pero late man e pede na rin di ba? happy bday ha! ang dami mong kaibigan kasi mabauti kang tao. salamat sa friendship kahit minsan lang ako makadalaw sayo dito. ingat ka lagi dyan kasama na family mo. good health and more blessngs to come.

♡ N o r e e n said...

Awww sweet nga nyan ni bambie ano? she never forgets!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

your welcome ate clang =) you're so bait kasi eh.. im just being nicer with people who are nice to me

@ noreen
sweet ka din kaya, mana ako sa yo

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wowowow flowers with love, ang bonga naman ng celebration mo Clang.. Madaming nagmamahal talaga sayo, mwah!

Cacai M. said...

ay naku, ba't wla ako sa lists.. huhuh.. next time.. again, belated Happy Birthday sistah.. smile.. (~_~)

Chris said...

wow ang saya ng birthday mo! :D im glad you are happy on this special day!

Mylene said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday. You are blessed with wonderful friends :)

Love the gifts of Bambie too. They are really cute :) And of course the sweetness of Yena and Seiko.

You are such a blessed one :)

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