Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Girls' Talk-- Chocolates

Our family loves chocolates and it should be from ROYCE' !! You can never go wrong with Royce' chocolates!! Feel that melt to your mouth and you will be heavenly delighted!! Royce' is best chocolates that I ever tasted!! I love their Nama bitter choco ( fresh, raw ) and most especially their PotatoChip Chocolate. The sweet taste of the chocolate and the salty taste of the potato chips will make you think it' s weird but believe me, it is very well-balanced that melts to your mouth! You can feel the crispiness in every C-R-U-N-C-H!! My husband is also quite picky when it comes to chocolates and very much delighted when I handed to him these simply sinful chocolate from Royce' last year as Valentine' s Day here in Japan.

Precious, new product from ROYCE'

Potatochip Chocolate

How about you? Do you love chocolates?? Share 'em HERE^_^


I don' t wanna miss my FAVE DRINKS!!!

On a side note about drinks I would also like to recomend you to try ( well, if you' re an alcohol drinker ) a nama -shibori shochu based( distilled drinks ) And my all-time drinks are grapefruits, kiwi, and lime. Nama means fresh and shibori means squeeze so you have to squeeze the fresh fruit of your choice and mixed them to your shochu based drink.MMMMM!!\(^0^)/
I love BEER!! Friday night is my beer day and my Mother In Law is my beer friend!! ^_^
MOET & CHANDON champange, the best sparkling wine I have ever tasted!! Our wedding anniversary is the only time to be luxurious ( for us ) and feel those bubbly sensation!

Happy Girl' s Talk!! ^_^


nuts said...

oh my, im craving na talaga.. need to buy chocolates now..

niko said...

oh my di ko pa natikman ang royce na yan clang.. at naku mukang susyalen yan ha.. tikman ko yan pag nagdala ka dito pag uwe mo :) ihhh hahahahaa

anyways katuwa nmn beer friend mo si MIL mo.. :) love it!

yang champagne na yan.. sa wedding nmen ni yobib na lng cguro.. un ay pag nanalo ako lotto hahahahahah

miss u dear!! am so happy to see ur footprints na sa blog world :) ihhhh hugs mwah mwah

see u next week ha!! fave pastime naman.. hmmm beer drinking siguro isa dun noh?? hahahaha :)

love u! mwah mwah

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Vannie said...

same here! i love the champagne chocolates of royce!

my list is here

R. said...

OMG! Can I just say that those chocolates look sooo good! This is the first time I've heard/read about ROYCE. Is it an American brand? I'd love to try it one day :)

How's the Kiwi drink? That's something I haven't tried too. Haha.

Dee said...

Haven't tried Royce yet... Hahanapin ko iyan. :)

Chubskulit Rose said...


Cecile said...

wow, galing naman, beerfriend mo yung MIL mo :-); at yung chocolate, looks delicious!

Chris said...

its great to see your posts again clarissa! :D i am glad you feel better :) anyway, i dont think ive tasted the chocolate you have mentioned! :D

Seiko said...

Ahahha!!Talagang humabol pa para sa fave drink nya.Naku Mommy Claris non-alcoholic drinker ako,but I love your choco 'though hindi ko pa sila natitikman.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Sarap naman ng mga chocolates mo,Mommy, passed ako sa drinks.:)

melandria romero said...

i do love chocolates too. Your pics looks very yummy.

darly said...

2nd time ive encountered this brand, now searching the net for more info so i can order some... yummmm

here's my GT

Lulu said...

happy to see you back mami clang!

niko said...


i sent u email re operation smile.. please tell me if got it ha!!

mwah mwah

Clarissa said...

Good news to all living in Manila who wants to try ROYCE'chocolates!! You can purchase them here:

Konbini Store
57 Connecticut Street
North Greenhills,San Juan
Metro Manila 722.4263

pehpot said...

uy may royce na din dito.. kaya lang super mahal.. waaahh.. pero I will try someday :)

anney said...

puro lafang naman ito! Di pa ko nakakatikim ng chocolate flavor na potato chips!

Rechie said...

oh wow..super charaap ng chocolates dito pati na ang drinks hehe

my fave chocs are here

eden said...

hmmm.. my mouth waters looking at the chocolates. na miss ko na yata yong cold SMB...hehehe.. paborito ko yan lalong lalo na pag may pulutan. nice you have a beer friend at ang in law mo pa..hehehe

have a nice day

kamz said...

oh yes, royce chocolates are so sinfully delectable!

Unknown said...


花生豆花Alex said...


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