Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy Moments

mommy moments

Thanks God, it's Friday once again and it's time for Mommy Moments!! For today's theme, it's time to share for some of our kids YUMMY TIME!!

I love making Obento ( lunch boxes )for my kids--it all started when Wakaba ( a toddler then )starts to hold a food by her hands and made some Onigiri ( rice ball )as her snack was the first.
Even at home, I started making homemade lunchboxes and although it wasn't an artistic one, I always include healthy obento for her and tried to make it presentable for her to enjoy. I'm still making an obento for her coz it is required to make one at her school (she's in Kindergarten)twice a week and for Haruka that will be eaten at home or else she would cry if she don't have any LOL! .

Wakaba, Onigiri ( rice ball ) on her hands
simple obento at home
Wakaba loves eating obento!!
Picky eaters?? NO!!
Here's some of my homemade obento that I made for them
Simple obentoMaking Obento is fun!!
Cutie Obento accessories that can help you--silicon divided heart shaped cups, Hello Kitty dip containers, animal and Hello Kitty sauce bottles,heart skewers, divider sheets, cookie cutter,etc.
Hearty Lunch boxes for my kids
Lunch box during Wakaba's Sports Day

There's no rule in making your obento or lunch boxes as long as they're practical, easy to make, light to the budget, and you're following your own taste.It's ok to include all types of food in your lunch boxes with variety that your kids will surely enjoy. Color is the trick--reds, yellows,and greens for veggies and fruits then add them for a healthy and hearty obento.^_^

Please share your Mommy Moments and stories-- join us here. We' d love to hear from you! ^_^


Rossel said...

sino namang hindi gaganahan sa obento mo e kulay at itsura pa lang masarap na. ganda ng presentation.

good that your children are not picky. rj is very picky. minsan nga padalan mo kami obento, baka kumain sya ng veggies pag gawa!

Jac said...

I enjoyed looking at those pictures.Grabe ang ganda ng pag kaka arrange ng obento talagang gaganahan kumain ang mga bata..Your MM is yummy tlaga :) Cute ng kids mo and prang lumaki sila kaagad..Bilis ng panahon!!! Ingat and have a great weekend, God bless!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang sarap naman ng obento hehehe...

I love wakaba and haruka's pictures. Oist nagdadasal pa, ang ganda naman.. Sowi Clang ngayon lang nabuhay, hay buhay mapuputol na balakang ko dito hahaha..

Yummy Mommy Moments

pet said...

sarap maging mommy ni aling clarissa, alagang alaga ang mga kids nya talaga. ang sasarap ng pagkain mo lagi..ingta na lang lagi aling clarissa..

Dhemz said...

my gosh..sino ba naman ang d makakahindi sa mga pagkain na yan mami Clang...very inviting sure akesha will eat that....kaso dito sa bahay puro unappealing yung inihanda

love all the photos....lalo na yung 3rd...galing humawaks ni wakaba ng chopstick....cute ni haruka sa pic.....ehhehe!

Cecile said...

very creative ka talaga pagdating sa pagkain ng mga anak mo, Clang kaya naman ganado sila kumain at di pihikan! Great job, Mommy Clang!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Ang cu cute ng mga bento box mo,Mommy Clarisse. At ang sasarap pa ng laman, yummy talaga!
I bought one for Kendrick na ginagamit nya sa school.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

basta ako, idol kita pagdating sa obento foods at syempre pagiging mommy... in 2 years siguro, gagawa na ko nyan at mamimili ng mga obento kits for kids.. thanks for these photos

Chris said...

very interesting! :D

Lulu said...

naku mami clang panalo talaga ang mga obento mo... parang pang exhibit ang dating...

kamz said...

ang sarap-sarap naman ng obento boxes mo mommy clang. kahit sinong batang magbabaon nyan, mabubusog talaga at matutuwa!

Enchie said...

I sure want to experience making obento. Kaktuwa na man, may cutie props pa...and the food is healthy by the way...nice one Clang!

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