Monday, November 16, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend--Haruka' s Shichi Go San


Haruka just had her Shichi Go San a day of prayer for healthy growth of young children. Shichi Go San is a festival for girls ages three and seven and festival for boys ages three and five. It is a big milestone for kids in Japan. Haruka inherited her kimono from her sissy Wakaba and mine was borrowed from my Mother-In- Law. The slippers, tabi ( sock-like foot covering ), obi ( sash ) and other items was bought during Wakaba' s first Shichi-Go-San. I was ready with my formal wear but it was my MIL who asked me to wear the Kimono on Haruka' s day. Haruka' s day started at 8 A.M. ( I was already finished at that time with my Kimono on ) at a beauty salon where she had her hair done in the traditional style, complete with hair ornaments. We don' t have prestigous temples here and went to a shrine at the neighborhood instead and pray for good health and prosperity. And after that we went to a Photo Studio for some photo shoot and family portraits and I'm very proud of Haruka smiling most of the time throughout the photo shoot and Wakaba as well. We' re very excited to see the photos!!

First stop---beauty salon. Haruka stayed quiet and still while letting her hair done. Good girl!!
Haruka went into the Kimono changing room where she was wrapped and trussed all over!!
She stood still and very obedient to every instructions while dressing her in the changing room
Haruka dressed up for the Shichi- Go- San Festival
Me too!!
Smile Haruka, smile-- it' s your day!!
Us, before heading to the Shrine
Haruka with her GrandMa
Wakaba with Daddy

Haruka at the Shrine

Her slipper had bells on it and was delighted whenever she heard the bells ringing

Family photo

(click play to view--thanks!)

Happy Monday and enjoy your week ahead!! For more Pixel Bug Weekenders, head up here


Unknown said...

Congratulations lady Haruka, you are a big girl now. May ganyan pala diyan ang ganda naman. Glad to see your lovely smiles clang. thanks for sharing.

SASSY MOM said...

I guess she's a big girl now! and an adorable one at that.

Pixelbug Weekend

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I love the family photo, and your daughter,grabeh, ang ganda nya, para syang japanese doll.

Yami said...

She looks so cute with her kimono on. Congrats! :)

JonaBQ said...

wow twas really a special! ganon pala kabusisi ang pagsuot ng kimono.

thanks for the visit and the comment!

Mylene said...

You have adorable kids :)
God Bless!

Unknown said...

i love japanese kimonos.. wish i can have one too :D

hi there! you might be interested to join my 1st pink giveaway.. it's open internationally for fellow bloggers like you.. see ya around.. cheers!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Haruka Chan iiko da ne.. ang pretty pretty naman with her kimono.. mukhang mamahalin ang mga kimono nyo ha.. cant wait to see your studio pics. Marunong na talaga pa-picture si Haruka dolly.. si anzu lately ayaw nagpapa-picture kaya laging candid mga kuha ko, unlike nung baby pa sya =( You're so ganda din sa kimono mo.. Proud na proud ang lola nila..

Jac said...

kawaii!!! ganda ng kimono ni Haruka and I like your yukata mommy Clang...
have a great day :)

Unknown said...

sure :D be back anytime dear*

Dhemz said...

oh my golly gosh gosh....:) love your attire mami Clang ang Haruka...:)

congrats sa little dalaginding mo mami Clang...:)

I enjoyed the photos and the video...thanks for sharing....:)

kisses from me and Akesha...mwah!

eden said...

hi mommy clang, you and haruka look good on your kinomo at ganda pa ng kulay. Haruka is a good girl and very behave like her sissy. they are so cute.

thanks for sharing. i enjoyed so much viewing the photos.. tc

Seiko said...

Belated Happy Shichi Go San Haruka chan!
Behave talaga sya eh no hehe.Haruka chan's so lovely on her kimono dress & so are you.Mwah!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wowowow ang ganda ganda ni Harka, bagay na bagay sa kanya ang japanese costume.. MUkha ka na talagang japanese Clang!

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