Monday, September 28, 2009

Shout Out!!

There are things running through my head and I cannot help but burst them out here:

Manner at the parking area

I just finished my groceries and a young man just came out from the store and walked through his car and went away from the area. I shouldn' t have mind not until after seeing him where he has just parked his car-- he parked his car at a parking space reserved for disabled person. I know how convenient it is to park your car the nearest the possible most especially on bad weather and on large groceries but please, don' t park your car at the parking space reserved for the disabled persons. That day was a weekday and the weather is clear and the parking area has a lot of space to fill in that day. I' m sure he' s not blind for not able to see the sign at the parking area.

If you drive, don' t drink, if you drink, don' t drive

A sports car was crushed and two other persons was hit during the accident. According to the news, the driver was drunked and driving at high speed and was out of control and instead of hitting the break, the driver hitted the car axels by mistake hitting a mother and her child aged of 4---dead. I may sound mean but I don' t like for some irresponsible driver who cut other people's lives because of their irresponsible driving attitudes.

Child seats

I know how important and how comfort and convenience it is for a mother and child on a baby carrier at her mother's back-- BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING!! Baby/child car seats are important to keep your baby safe. Please strapped your baby on a car seat that is properly attached to prevent any injuries during car accidents.

On gambling

I guess you have already heard the word Pachinko in Japan--it is a kinda pinball game, a very popular gamble game here. Summer is over but not some accidents happening at the parking area. Babies and small children pay the price with their lives because they are left in cars at the parking area with the engine running and after that the air con die from the heat and of course the children, too. Why? The car engine stops, the air con stops and temperature on the car rises, and the heat kills the children while their parents are into pachinko, busy into gambling. It so sad to hear news like that. Games/ gambling can be so addicting, we have to control ourselves. Please don' t leave your child just like that.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh my Lordie, driving while the baby is in her back.. that's totally insane..

niko said...

OMG! kataas ng dugo clang, nakupo highblood ako sa totoo lang lalo na when it concerns children. sobrang irresponsible ng mga adults na yan. grrrrr

anyways thanks sa laging pagbisita my dear! mwah mwah mwah

EJ said...

I agree with you with this realities.

Have a good week Ms. Clarissa.

R. said...

Some drivers really do not have discipline and they tend to forget how crucial and what big a responsibility lies on the hands of a person behind the wheel :(

Dee said...

Grabe naman iyong nag-park sa slot for disabled people. Dapat hulihin iyan. Hinuhuli ba diyan iyang mga ganyan? Sa States kasi hinuhuli talaga ng pulis...

Have a nice day, Clarissa! :)

kamz said...

naku mommy clang, totoo talaga tong sinulat mo dito! nakakainis talaga when you hear of children being carelessly carried or babies dying inside cars because of parental neglect. my blood boils when i hear news like that. hahai! bakit pa cla nanganak ano?

Umma said...

Hello mommy Clangz... thanks so much sa walang sawa mong bisita. I really appreciate it.. super bait mo talaga.

Kumusta na ang mga princess mo jan? Im sure you are busy tending the kids bec its school time na naman.

Once again, thank you so much for always dropping by my site.

eden said...

I agree with all what you have burst out in here, mommy clang. Despite of so many advertising campaigns, there are still parents driving with their kids in the car under the influence of alcohol. it is so sad that it is not only putting their life at risk but they also include innocent and defenseless kids.

have a good day!

niko said...

ei! i have a tag for you! have a nice day!

Reena said...

i agree with you. naku, paminsan tlga irreponsible mga tao when it comes to driving. im surprised with your last rant. grabe, iniiwan lng nila kids nila inside the car?? parang i saw a show na ganyan. namatay syempre yung kid. hay... i hope they learn.

Yami said...

may mga drivers talaga na walang consideration sa welfare ng ibang tao kahit na physically challenged pa.

grabe talaga ang sugal no kahit sariling anak pwedeng makalimutan sa sobrang pagkalulong nila.

yung mga ganitong situation kahit di natin sila kakilala ay nakakaapekto din sa state of mind and feeling mo for the day. nakaka-stress din ba.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

these are soooo true.. yung pang disable na yan, kung sa pinas mapapatawad ko pa kasi lam mo naman mga ibang people dun walang pakielam ,pero kung andito sa jp, parang super sagwa.

mabuti nga napataas na yung penalty sa mga nakainom.. hindi na nga din umiinom si hubby lately, kahit isang beer, nahihilo na lol, pero dati nung mag bf pa lang, nakaka ilan bote.. ganun yata pag tinigil mo pansamantala pag inom..

Pinaka-grabe sa lahat yung yung last 2.. grabe narinig ko din sa news yung sa pachinco.

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