Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obon Holiday

Obon is referred as Festival of Souls and although it was not a national holiday here in Japan but most Japanese treat them as such. Last Obon Holiday ( this is a very late post ), the family went to my husband' s hometown and did some preparations for the Obon Holiday. My husband and I helped at my MIL' s ramen shop during the day---my husband did some assisting for I' m not yet allowed to help my MIL in the kitchen ( my eyes hurts when I cut negi, a long onion leeks and yes, I need speed for cutting those(T_T)it is used for the topping of the ramen )but I' m serving and getting the order of the costumers at the shop. Kinda tiring but it was fun!^_^
During the first day of Obon, families hang lanterns outside their houses and beside the grave to welcome and lead the souls home. Japanese believe that the souls of their ancestors will return to their homes.

At my MIL' s ramen shop, we serve udon, too!

These are the flowers sold at the shop during the Obon

Haruka having some bonding time with her GrandPa

Omochi ( sticky rice ) can also be done through an electric rice pounder machine--isn' t it convenient?
My MIL' s glutinious rice--Omochi with kinako ( soy powder ) and anko ( red bean paste )
We had fun during the night of the Obon--Obon features bon odori ( Japanese folk dancing ) games and foods.
My husband and friends doing some yakitori to be sold for the bon odori event
Yakisoba time!!
Baby Ayana and my Sister In Law ( Mihoko )
We also had some booth for foods for sale and introducing my kids as cute lil helpers lol!
Wakaba, Haruka and other kids seemed so happy to be enjoying themselves there
My MIL and yours trully--she said enough with the pics, time to help at the booth lol!!
The Bon Odori ( bon dancing )

My Mother-In-Law and some of her friends hosted some raffle games during the Bon Odori event and was succesfull! People who danced at the event had a chance of winning some prizes of the raffle. I love seeing people enjoying themselves with this kind of event!^_^


Lulu said...

nice pics mami clang... thanks for sharing... love the kids' outfit

Anonymous said...

haponesa ka na talaga sis, tignan mo looks mo, wala na bakas sayo ng pagka pinay, wahahaha. joke lang sis and i know that haruka enjoyed cooking with your in laws...

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang saya saya naman! i love the photos! ^_^ the food looks great! ang gaganda ng flowers! ^_^ nice outfit mo sis. bagay para kang pure japs din ^_^

niko said...

ay ang galing prang nov 1 saten noh? nice to know japanese tradition clang.. thakns for posting..

by the way dear join ka sa thursday meme ko ha.. GIRLS TALK.. see the detail sa GIRLS RULE blog ko..

i sent u email too.. weeeh count na ba kita?

Cecile said...

these pictures show you had fun! the foods look yummy, Clang!

ka sweet naman nyo ng mga in-laws nyo!

♡ N o r e e n said...

Alam mo ang ganda ganda ng mga Japanese traditions, I also love the outfits!

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...super saya naman ng festival nito mami Clang....pag may festival...yung higlight para sakin is yung food...hehehhe!

sarap ng kain ng mga dalaga mo sa yakisoba....yum your attire...pwede pahiram? hehehehhe!

thanks for sharing the them all...I had fun viewing them..was trying to enlarge it...pero d man pwede....heheehe!

Kim, USA said...

Hi Mommy Clare, naku without your blog I don't see and know much of Japan. I like that country much not much on the city side pero yung sa provinces and mountain area. And I don't know why but na cute-tan talaga ako sa mga batang sinkit hehe! Thanks for sharing the picture para na rin akong nakapunta dyan.

Seiko said...

Ohayoo!Gomen ne hindi makapasyal lately.
I love seeing your photos w/ your MIL,I can feel the closeness ;D
Thanks fot the visit as always,I'll be back here tonight!Hugs!

Grace said...

Ang ganda ng mga picture, Clarissa. At saka, very informative din... may natutunan din kami... Salamat sa pag-share. :)

Reanaclaire said...

Most enjoyable for the kids, i can see! thanks for sharing.. obon obon holiday with us.. btw, what is the meaning of obon?

R. said...

I super ♥ your blog because I'm learning so much about Japan .. it's culture, the way of life, the people, and most especially the food! I wouldn't be surprised if I'd find myself living there.

vhingF said...

ay...ganda naman..parang sa atin din ,all saints day pero may kainan at kasayahan din.. oi gusto ko yan mga food booth na yan, mahilig ako dyan bumili ...mukhang masarap ng malagkit ah pero di ko pa natikman ang may soy suace hehehe...curios ako dyan ah..

lagi ako pagud sa work . kaya di na ako gaano nag a-updates ng blogs ko parang ala ako maisulat hehehe..thanks sa dalaw...hugs&kisses sa kids.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

At you're so lucky kasi na-ppractice nyo talaga ang dentou culture ng japan. Kaya hubby ko, dream nya makabili ng place sa inaka kasi safe, tahimik, at mag eenjoy mga kids sa extra curricular activities..

Looking forward na makakain sa ramen house ni Okasan.. siguro pag medyo malaki laki na si azumi, pweding pwedi na kami sa longdrive ulit..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wowowow, daming traditions talaga ang Japanese ano Clang, parang Koreans din. They have a holiday like that in here, nalimutan ko lang yung tawag nila..

Unknown said...

Ang bait mo namang manugang clang, you PIL are so lucky to have you as their DIL. Ang dami yatang naririnig ko holidays dito sa blog mo. Lovethe pics too

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