Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend


I would like to give thanks to Sassy Mom for inviting me to her new meme to play along by posting photos that gives best highlights of our weekends every Monday. I guess this is a perfect meme for me coz I am always posting my family' s weekend adventures every Monday here at Kizuna. Thank you so much!^_^

Cars are fun. My husbands real pride and joy is on his four wheels ( most especially when he' s stressed at work )and had zero mechanical trouble which amazed me. I brought my camera and managed to get some footage. Nothing special but at least proves that we were there with him at the circuit AND my husband drove to bust his stress away lol!!

My husband, an occassional racer

Hot race on a hot track!!
Wakaba and Haruka watching him race at the paddock
I don' t know if a picture could convey my feelings but I absolutely love the sounds of the cars screaming at the track and the burnt smell of the tires!

Wakaba loves his Daddy' s helmet-- cool ey?
Mom should have at least one pic again lol!

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Happy Monday to everyone and enjoy your week ahead!!^_^


beakoluvko said...

wow.. what a cool weekend you had.... Nice car too... happy monday..

Unknown said...

exciting naman weekend nyo sis..
nice photos... be safe..

and it is also nice meeting u :-)

see u around sis!

i hope u can visit my other blogs too -

SASSY MOM said...

That's so cool.. My boy would surely love to watch that. thanks for joining and have a great week ahead.

Jac said...

I love cars but di pa ako nakaka experience ng car racing mukang enjoy ang buong family...
Welcome back sis na miss kita :)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

wow i so envy you lol.. kelan kaya ako makakapag drive sa totoong race track lol i love your hubby's car, dati din kasi honda lover ako, naging toyota lang ng ma-frustrate ako sa dragrace nung panahon ko. No wonder, makakahiligan din ng mga pretty girls mo ang car kasi lumaki sila pinapanood dad nila. Gosh, cool talaga hubby mo. Nwei as usual, enjoy ako sa mga weekend get aways nyo. Tamang tama pala itong meme sa iyo no hehe..

Dhemz said...

holy sure the chances of your girls to be a drag racing queen is super about you mami Clang? do you have any desire to bust your butt and hit the pedal on a high speed level?....hehehhe...joke! thanks for sharing...super saya naman ng weekend nyo....:)

woi mami Clang...I have missed you na pod woi...dugay kang nawa sa blog land...1 week ata...hehehe!

holiday pala jan kaya MIA wonder...musta na? thanks sa lahat ng comment...nag peek lang ako sau dito....

we had a rough lang ako nkahanap ng chance to drop by....tulog na kasi mga kabarangay doing my homework....

sige, bukas na ako dalaw ulit dito ha....just want to say hello...sige, mwah...salamat ulit....kisses sa mga dalaginding mo....:)

Beth said...

Cool weekend! Wakaba looks good in Dad's helmet! :)

Clarisse, you asked how we were kung binaha kmi, yes binaha kmi! I posted my Pixel Bug weekend na and it's about flood! :(

Have a happy week pa din!

Yami said...

Mahilig ka pala sa mga cars bihira sa mga girls ang ganyan. No. 1 supporter/fan ka pala ni hubby that's good. Pass muna ako this week paputolputol kasi DSL connection ko dito sa bahay.

Speaking of cars dapat diyan mahilig ang bunso ko pero mas prefer niya ang stuff toy including furby.

Sikat pala si furby sa Japan before. favorite ni Khalil yan dati nga katabi pa sa pagtulog. Eto nga pinaliguan ng husband ko narealize namin maganda pala ang kulay niyang cream kasi when we bought it parang dirty white na eh.

Chatty said...

wow, cool weekend! :)

Seiko said...

Ang cool ng weekend natin ah mommy Clarissa.
've been very busy this past few weeks hindi rin ako nakakapgblog hoping,'though 'm done w/ my tasks in here,'m ready to get online too.
Btw,thanks for the good words & encouraging words you'd left in my blog.It reallt brought a huge smile into my lips.Take care & God Bless!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I wonder how does it feel to be a wife of a race car driver! *wink*

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Nice photos mommy clar, love your family sports.

Ithink Wakaba will try that sports wheh she grows up.

Chubskulit Rose said...

wowowoweee the honda lovers... Ang saya naman. I bet you love the Fast and Furious movie hehehe..

R. said...

What is it like to watch when your husband's on a race? Do you ever get nervous? Yay! Wakaba looks soo adorable with the helmet on.Ü

Dee said...

Nice bonding time din when you go to races; fun and exciting! And ang cute-cute ng pic ng little girls mo - the one where they are watching the race; looks like they are so intent. :)

eden said...

what a great weekend you all had!, very exciting talaga.

wakaba is so cute with his dad's helmet on her..hehehe

hugs and kisses to your little ones..

take care

JonaBQ said...

a cool hubby! but don't you get scared? stay safe! =D


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