Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama Julie and Okasan!!

Mama Julie with her apo during our visit two years ago

Dear Mama Julie,

I hope that you' re in pink of health and in good spirits! I just called you today and now I' m tipping my fingers here to greet you again and yes, I' m still the old Rizza that was never sweet to you ( like what you have said to me ) but I guess I can share them here where you can always read them. Mama Julie, I may not always express my feelings through words but I want you to know that I love you so much and you mean the world to me! I love you because you always loves me!! ^_^

I wish you good health and I' m giving you your biggest pasalubong early next year -- your two loving Grandaughters ( who misses you a lot ) and a makulit na mag-asawa! How about that? ^_^
Happy 54th birthday, Mama!

With Love,

I call her Okasan, means Mother in Japan. My Mother-In-Law

Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law, too!! They have the same birthday with my Mother ^_^

There are so many ways to describe my Mother-In-Law!

---My Beer Friend






---Always ready to accommodate all requests

---Our Inspiration and role model.


お誕生日 おめでとう、おかさん!!何から、何まで いつも そばにいて くれて、ありがとう ございました。わがままな お嫁さん ですが、これからも よろしく おねがいします!!

Clarissa より


Grace said...

Teka muna, Clarissa, are they two different people? Mama Julie is your mother and Okasan is your mother-in-law?
But anyway, happy birthday to your Mama Julie and Okasan.
She look younger than her age. :)

Cens World said...

That is so sweet. A loving message indeed.

Just visiting with a wish that things are doing great with you.

Take care always

eds said...

wow ang sweet nman ni ate izza.. talaga they have the same bday??? ang galing ha.. happy bday to both of them :)

eden said...

hi mommy clarss.. first of all I apologize for the late visit medyo na busy lang ako dito at di tuloy naka blog hop.

anyways, Happy birthday to your Mama Julie and Okasan. magkapareho nga sila no! hehehe. what a coincidence! na mi miss ko ang birthday ng Mama ko. Ng doon pa ako sa Pinas umuuwi ako sa probinsya pag birthday niya kasi public holiday man yan sa Province of Cebu. Wish your mama and Okasan good health always

take care

Cecile said...

swerte mo for having such mother in-law :-), Clang :-).

happy birthday na nga rin pala sa kanya!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday mama Julie. wish you more birthdays, good health, happy life and may you have everything you wish for.

niko said...

oi ang galing sabay sila ng birthday!!weeeeeh

happy birthday sa iyong dalawang ina clang!! mwahmwah

David said...

mami clang, you and i are blessed with wonderful mother in law...

happy birthday to your mom and to your mother in law

...Lulu... (hubby's blog is signed on..)

Seiko said...

Belated Happy B-Day to Mama Julie & Okasan:D

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