Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mommy Moments

mommy moments

It' s Friday once again and I can' t wait for today' s Mommy Moments theme: Treasured Pictures--- I have a lot of treasured pictures to share and if only I could share them all here I would but I' m posting my favorites and I guess you will recognize some of them. Here' s my entry with the stories behind the photos. ^_^

In the beginning--- This is one of our dates when I was still working as an talent/entertainer here in Japan. He proposed to me a week before the expiration of my contract as OCW.
After 3 years of getting to know each other, we got married on January 29 at my hometown in the Philippines. It was solemn, a number of guests and friends celebrated our day with us.
Wakaba--- My daughters name has something to do about NHK ( Japanese Broadcasting Channel )here in Japan---we already have in mind of what name to call of our girl after our ob gyn spilled out even if we didn't ask of our childs gender to extend our thrill. Kokoro means ' Heart ' for a girl and the Kokoro kanji ( Japanese character ) can also be read as ' Shin ' for a boy name. That time NHK' s Asadora ( morning drama series ) titled Kokoro of Noriko Nakagoshi and the drama was such a hit!And so we decided to change the name from Kokoro( 心 )  to Wakaba( 若葉 ) after she was born because we don' t want her name same as the drama series name of that time of the year. A months later a new morning drama series starts entitled Wakaba of Natsuki Harada. Coincidence?? Wakaba means a young leaf. ^_^

Haruka---We did a lot of thinking of what to name her and even bought a book for names but when she came to our life, it really made us confused more coz she looks like Wakaba when she was born. We chosed Haruka ( 遥 ) for it' s a kawaii name and it won' t give a confusion to others on how to read her name. And guess what? We found out later that there' s another new morning drama series titled Kaze no Haruka of Eri Murikawa that year! Another coincidence??
My Girls!!

During our vacation in the Philippines, 2007

Daddy' s Girl!!
Husband and Wife tandem during our Community Sports Festival
Taken during Wakaba' s first Sports festival at school
First Christmas at our new apartment
First Christmas in Iwaki--taken at Aqua Marine Fukushima
Family bonding while enjoying the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms
Walking holding hands-- it always made my heart melt when I see them like that!!

Wakaba and Haruka--- I love taking pictures on their back coz it looks more natural.

A date with my husband---I love the marriage that I always wanted. I fall in love with him again everyday!

A recent family picture on a picnic--we had soo much fun there!!

Please share your Mommy Moments and stories-- join us here. We' d love to hear from you! ^_^


Chubskulit Rose said...

ang aga natin Clang ah hehehe, ako ala pa eh hehehe.. busing busy sa makukulit eh..

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Etcetera Etcetera
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Chris said...

beautiful pictures! truly memorable and cherished moments indeed... parang na kuwento mo na din ang lifestory nyo :D

happy mommy moments!

btw, i added you to the mcklinky na :D

Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely shots Mommy Clarissa. I love your chronological way of presenting them.

Unknown said...

ery early for MM and FTF ahh may date siguro ang mag asawa. What a memorable pictures you have here clar something to treaure talaga and it brings so much memories kahit tumanda ka pa.

Ang bata pa ninyo ng hubs mo sa first pic. young and inlove ang mga hitsura.
Ang taba pala ni wakaba nung ipinanganak mo ano, ilang lbs ba siya? inlove na inlove talga hubby m,o sayo clar kasi both your girls look like you.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

wow! pictures overload ah, ako din sana daming treasured pictures kaso 2 lang naisipan kong i post.
Happy Friday!

Lulu said...

thanks for sharing.. i love the stories behind the pics....

SASSY MOM said...

Those are really heartwarming photos Mommy! Thanks for sharing and Happy Weekend!

Yami said...

Awww, ang ganda ng family mo Clang. It's like a photo essay capturing all the unforgettable moments in your life as a wife and mother to your kids. Tunay na na-touch nito ang emotion ko. Definitely a winner. Happy weekend to you and your family. And thanks for the visit kahit na busy ka as a bee. :)

Beth said...

You look so beautiful, kaya pala di ka na pinakawala ni LOvey Dovey mo bago mag-expire contract mo e. :)

Yehey, dito uli fave pics nina Wakaba, un nakatalikod sila, ang cute kasi talaga nun e. :)

Up na din MM ko, sabi ko sayo, babalik ako dito uli ngayon e! :)

pet said...

after all these yrs, maganda pa rin ang lola ko kahit may kids ka na. nakakatuwang balikan ang mga kahapon ano.buti na lang may mga souvenir ka nitong mga photo mo dito aling clarissa..welkam bak sa akin kahit di mo ako i-welkam..

Mauie Flores said...

All photos are nice but I love the Cherry Blossoms pic the most. :)

Here's mine.

Jac said...

Hi mommy I love your MM entry for this week loaded of fun and precious moments :p

Happy weekend sis mine is here

Ceres said...

Hi Mommy Clarissa. I love this post. You have a nice family and children. I'm happy for you though were not been personally introduced. Thanks also for dropping by at my page. Take care! Ciao

Momgen said...

Wow they are all great pictures thanks for sharing. Happy Mommy Moments...

Mine is here

nuts said...

beautiful photographs!

eden said...

i love all the pictures here. all are captured beautifully. you are blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful kids.. God bless always

jeng said...

Wow, those are all beautiful pictures with wonderful stories to tell.

Meikah said...

What a love story! Treasured moments are made of these. :)

Cecile said...

i love your MM very much Clang :-) and yung love storya nyo behind these pictures :-); kaka in love talaga...thanks for sharing ha.

Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaaaa...what can I say? very well presented mami Clang...I love every single line you did...thanks for sharing this treasured photos to us....:)
love them all..thanks for sharing...mwah!

JonaBQ said...

ganda ng cherry blossoms! makakita kaya ako nyan in real life?

treasured photos with treasured memories =D

click to see my entry


Enchie said...

Ang gaganda ng pictures. i love to experience cherry blossoms. and the idea how you presented this entry was nice. sharing your firsts...

Seiko said...

I agree Mommy Clarissa,kahit ako nahirapa din sa pagpili g post ko kasi naman all treasured photos talaga,kulang ang isang buong page dito para maishare ang mga treasured pictures natin.
Ang taba pala i wakaa chan nung pinanganak mo.Hindi ka ba nahirapan?
Kailan ang balik mo mula sa bundok ng tralala?
Happy silver week

nanaygin said...

late mm blog hop...

i guess all of us mom's have so many treasured pictures to choose from.

I love how you arrange your pictures and tell the story behind them.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang gaganda palage ng photos mo dito sis! ^_^ enjoy talaga..
nice wedding sis at ang sasaya ng mga chikiting..happy family talaga..

Anonymous said...

am back sistah naku diko maopen blogs ko dun sa maryland but anyway am back kakaasar hope we can talk sometimes online

Dee said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! I don't know which one I like the most 'coz they're all very lovely. But I got mesmerized by the first one; maybe because it's so sweet. And you two look so in love.:)

Hi Clarissa. Ngayon lang ako nakadaan dito kasi I've been feeling unwell lately. I'm okay now, though, Praise the Lord! Hope you're fine. God bless! :)

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