Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mommy Moments

mommy moments

It' s Friday once again and I love Mommy Moments meme every Friday and for today' s theme is HAT DAY

My kids loves to wear hats wherever they go not only for fashion but to protect them into sunlight. At Wakaba' s school, they are required to wear hats as part of their uniform and as for Haruka wear hats, too on her twice a week program at Pre K and since our home is a walking distance away to their school, I let them wear hats during on a sunny day.

Wakaba, 10 months old
Wakaba at my MIL's place
Wakaba in all red with Elmo!
Tanabata Matsuri at Fukushima City
My girls!!
Wakaba on her school uniform
Haruka making silly faces
Haruka on our way to her Pre-K class

My girls on our way to their school

Mom should have at least one pic again that made me post this one coz yours trully loves hats, too!! ^_^

To see more cuties, head up and join us here. We' d love to see some cuties, too! ^_^


Beth said...

Hi Clarisse, ang daming pics nila with hats! ang cu-cute!!! Love ko un pic na nakatalikod sila naglalakad, ganda ng angle!
sana napicturan ko din kids ko everytime nakacaps or hats sila. oh well, di bale next time.

Happy weekend, Clarisse! :)

Chris said...

so many cute pictures.. the hat suits your kids :d

happy weekend!

nuts said...

wow, nice entry, dami hats. this is truly at hat day!happy MM.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

wow i love them all.. medyo sossy nga mga school uniforms dito no, may hat pa.. gosh, parang taihen naman kapag nag-aaral na mga kids no.. syempre that time humihingi na siguro ako ng advice sa yo.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

the last photo is surely a winner! and sweet, as in HHWW (holding hands,while walking) pa sila. :)

Mylene said...

they are both cute! very adorable. but I like the one with silly face most :)

Mamí♥Picture said...

I love those PRETTY faces!
to darn CUTE!!!
Have a Lovely♥Day!
to check out my mommy moments go here:

SASSY MOM said...

Your kids are so cute even if your little is annoyed.

happy weekend!

Chubskulit Rose said...

So Kikay naman ng mga girlash mo Mommy Clang, they are so adorable..

My Let's Wear our Hats entry..

Lulu said...

mami clang ang ganda ng mga pics... thanks for sharing

Cecile said...

cute talaga mga anak mo kahit ano isuot :-); thanks for sharing them with us, Clang :-)!

Unknown said...

Ang cute ni wakaba at haruka sa mga hats nila, napa chubby pa nawawala ang mata sa sobrang init sa picture. Manang mana talaga sayo mga ank mo clar ang gaganda. and they are close too, di tulad ko at kapatid ko na magkaawayng mortal hehehehehe

niko said...

weeeeh super cute ni wakaba.. muka syang boy nung 10 months. kala ko kung sino ssabihin ko sana ang POGI!! :) heheheeh. i love their cheeks and pupula!!!! weeeeh

Hazel said...

I love all your pics, Clarisse! The first especially is fab!

Dhemz said...

always include mom...hehehhee....sayang ang beauty kung wala sa pic eh....:)

these are gorgeous photos mami Clang...super cute yung second to the last na na love ko ang pic na yan ever....:)

sa wakas mami dear...nakahinga narin ako for the week..ala na week ulit..makaka blog hop na ako nito...hehehe!

any plans for the weekend? kami sa bahay lang kasi drill weekend ni hubby sa air force ulit...kaya sa bahay lang..which is good also...hehehe..I need a break...kakapagod mag back to skul...:)

sige mami..haba na nitong litanya ko...hehehe..thanks sa dalaw..ingat lagi....kisses kina haruka at wakaba...mwah!

teJan said...

waah! ang cute naman! I like the two of them walking with thier hats;) bigay mo yan kay laikka ha pag ayaw na nila..heheh

Happy MM!

Mommy Liz said...

Wohoo! don't they love wearing hats...They look so adorable Clarissa, I wish my kids would like to wear hats. I bought them different hats with pictures, but only Alex would wear them.

Have a great day!!!

Yami said...

Cute kids with their nice hats on. Kakatuwa to see kids wearing colorful hats. :)

Happy weekend, sis! :)

Dee said...

Lovely pictures! I love the first one - so cute a baby! I also like the one with the flowers in the background - nice composition. :)

David said...

i love the pic of your girls holding hands...

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang cucute ng mga chikitings with their hats! ^_^ love all the pics here...gaganda talaga ^_^

Seiko said...

Ang cute cute nila Wakaba chan w/ hats lalo na yung magka holding hands sila:D At syempre hindi pahuhuli si Mommy!:D

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