Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg And Meat Soboro Obentou

Bringing a lunch box at work is common here in Japan. Ever since I got married, I' ve been making lunch boxes for my husband and though they' re not the ' traditional japanese style lunch box ', nor a ' character lunch box ' , I see to it that it is quick, easy, and reasonable to the budget. I' m usually preparing/ cutting the ingredients being used for the next day at night for time cutting next morning. Sprinkled into rice, folding into other things like eggs, pickles and more. Sometimes I cook for large amount and freezing them for future use. Eating packed lunches can help us save money. Above all else, my other way of showing love and effort for my husband by waking up early in the morning and preparing his lunch box. ^_^
not in the photo: vegetable salad

Egg and Meat Soboro Lunch Box

Ground beef and pork - 80g
Cooking oil - 2/3 tablespoon
Onion - 1/2 pc
Ginger - 2 tablespoon, grated
Eggs - 2 pieces plus sugar and a pinch of salt ( if you want your scrambled egg sweet ) or salt and pepper
Sesame seed- 1 tablespoon
Green beans - 3 pcs ( boiled and cut into one bite sizes ) thawed, if frozen


Sugar - 1 tablespoon
Sake - 2/3 tablespoon
Soy sauce - 1 tabllespoon


1: Chop up all the vegetables as fine as you can ( if you have don' t much time in the morning, cut the ingredients the night before being used ).
2: Heat up oil in the pan. Add the vegetables and stir fry until softened.
3: Add the meat and brown well.
4:Add A and simmer until the liquid is almost gone, but the meat is still moist. Taste for seasoning ( it should be quite strongly flavored ). Set aside.
5: Make a scrambled egg --Heat up your pan ( it should have fairly high sides so don’t use a frying pan.) Pour in the egg. Hold 3 or 4 chopsticks together, and start mixing vigorously.
As the egg cooks, it will start to turn grainy. Continue mixing. Stop heat then set aside.
6. Put hot rice into lunch box then sprinkle #4 and #5 and boiled green beans on top of rice then sprinkle sesame seed. Cool down before closing and packing the lunch box.

Are you packing lunch to your loved ones?


pet said...

pati dyan sa japan uso rin ang lunch box o kaya mag baon sa pagpasok ano? akalain mo yon, mas lalo na nga dito sa atin kase kung ikukumpara e malaki ang abante ng japan sa atin..

akala ko lang na komo mayaman ang bansa e lahat instant na..

anney said...

Mukhang ang sarap naman ng prinepare mo! at talagang may presentation! nakakagana tuloy kumain pag ganyan!

Anonymous said...

tnx for following my blogs.however, I am moving them to one site at
hope to see you there!Thanks!

Chubskulit Rose said...

oiiist sweet sweet mo naman hehehe ako di ako makabangon ng maaga hehehe usually si hubby nagluluto ng b-fast namin hahaha..

Maus said...

iba din itsura ng lunchbox nila hehe
they used chopsticks too?
thanks riza for ur comment!

WHITEShadow said...

Packing for lunch is a fun way to do. I am sure most of the husbands are very proud of their wife and show up that they are well taken care of. Way to go!!!

Dhemz said...

wow Mommy Clang! saludo talaga ako know what you deserve the wife award more than I do....hehehe!

grabi ka naman very organize and very creative....bow na bow ako sayo...hehehhe!

kay banana naman ...ako I wake up every morning to prep his work clothes then make him lunch...oks naman yung lunch nya kasi most of the time is I dont need to cook or something...hehhehe!

your hubby is one heck lucky guy in the whole wide world....bravo!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

wow nice.. sa obento din natin mapapa-feel kay hubby how much we love them, kasi syempre yung time and effort.. Kaso hubby ko ayaw nya nagdadala ng obento sa work (raku naman ako lol)... may time pa kasi sya kumain sa house... =)

Nwei ate,
Taga-saan kasi kayo?

eds said...

ang sweet mo nman ate issa.. grabe na to kaya nman pala love na love ka ni mister.. ulirang mother ka na ulirang asawa pa.. i want to be like you hehehe .

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, ang sweet sweet mo ha...and mukhang masarap yang pinababaon mo sa habibi mo ^_^

Rica said...

ai ang ganda naman nito! nakaka relate ako kasi yung husband ko pinag babaonan ko rin. ang cute ng lunchbox tapos ang pagkain mukhang masarap tapos may gulay pa. wow..yummy.

candicechong said...

Aaww~ That's so sweet.
I bet your husband is proud to have a wife like you.

EJ said...

Hello Ms. Clarissa, that looks yummilicious! I wish that Rose will do that too hahaha.. Im just kidding, I usually goes home during lunch time so I don't need a lunch box hehehe..

Kitty said...

Wow, that's so nice talaga. Blessed talaga ang husband mo sa iyo 'coz you're so loving. Take care.:D

Cens World said...

..hello, tama ka diyan, tipid talaga mag baon. ako din araw-araw nag babaon para maka tipid. ang sarap ng recipe mo,i will check it out again and get it..this will be helpful.

Syangapala, thanks for visitng me. Have a great day!

私のブログ (My Blog) said...



renaye said...

ooh. i bring lunch box to work too because i can save lots of money and i would have enough time to nap!


Chubskulit Rose said...

psssst busing busy ka na naman dyan ah, in silent mode ka na naman hehehe..

Unknown said...

HEllo Mommy Clang..Thank you sa greetings ha pati sa mga comments and for always visiting my blog..just got back from the long holiday..medyo may hangover pa at ayaw ko pa used to waking up late the past couple of days,...i was so exhausted from all the celebration..I have not even transferred the photos from the island..huhuhuhu..

How was your celebration there??

niko said...

wow!!! ur sooo sweeet wife... congrats clang!! :)

on my part, its really an effort to wake up early to cook for our breakfast.. tapos i have to pack my lunch box din.. nice thing hub has free lunch at office!! naku kung hindi saket sa ulo mag isip whats for his lunch.. :)

i know now why ur hub loves u so much.. nakuha mo kiliti nia through his tummy!!! yummmy ung photo ng lunch box ha.. sna matikman ko someday!!

eden said...

woww.. sarap naman nyan at healthy pa. very lucky si hubby mo, you are a good cook, sweet and a very caring wife.

have a nice day mommy clars

Kim, USA said...

Hi claire, I am so amazed about how you present the food into the lunch box. Ano yung parang tube na nakatali sa cloth. Alam mo may story ako about lunch box dito sa america nakakatawa. Na gutom ako sa food mo claire, your hubby is so blessed to have you. Happy Easter Monday!

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