Monday, July 25, 2011

Haruka's Bicycle

Haruka chan received a red bicycle from her Grandparents as a gift on her 5th Birthday last Febuary. She was itching to have a new bicycle for her birthday ( coz we bought her big sissy Wakaba a pink bicycle ) and was happy to get a new one. Her old bicycle was from Wakaba in which she inherited and used for years. My girls loves bicycling together with some of their friends in the neighborhood.

Now, both of them wants us to buy them a unicycle coz most of their friends has it. It's a fad here, well I guess in our neighborhood only^_^


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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

That was nice that both of them have each own bike now. With my boys, only Patrick is into biking,Kendrick is not so interested.

kimmy said...

looks like they're having so much fun!

anne said...

They are really having so much fun, my daughters are into bicycle too. Especially Mj shes into sport so aside from the bicycle shes also into skating and now swimming. Thanks for the drop Clarissa

raya said...

how cute! which reminds me, we need to buy our little boy a bike.. inggit na sa ate! thanks for the kid visit sis. returning the visit!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Your kids are so cute and very active. I was wondering why kids in your neighborhood are gaga over unicycles. They are so hard to drive because they have only one wheel. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I love haruka's bike at may basket pa sa harap. im sure lots of bike ride going on there

Unknown said...

ingats kids... visiting back for KnD

favor pls kindly leave a comment on this post

thanks ^.^

Ruth said...

I'm so glad to see your children safely playing outside.

I enjoyed reading this sweet post, Clarissa. thanks!

By the way, I sent you a postcard today.

Love and prayers,

prosperitymelandria said...

ooh, i been wanting to buy Peachy a bike too but i think will wait for another year.

thanks for the visit.

Thrift Trip said...

super aga nila natuto mag bike teh. ako grade six n nung natuto to ride a bike ha!!

si yena rin pag 5 na saka na mag bike yan rin ang wish nya :)

so cute na red ang bike ni haruka at pink kay wakaba :) nice nice nice to seee them biking! super active nila both

Beth said...

Wow, ang galing na nila magbike!!! Si Sunday ko di pa marunong e. Sna matuto na din siya kaya lang natatakot kasi ako turuan e. Pagdating na lang ng daddy nila :(

Good to know din na nakatikim ka uli ng Puto Bumbong hehe. Pero tama ka, iba pa din pag fresh and bagong luto :) Take care, Clang! :D

Rachelle said...

you have pretty girls!
bloghopping here and following you now!

Pink MagaLine said...

Cute ng bike nya sis kasi may basket. Parang ganda talaga picturan ng naka-dress sya tapos may flowers sa basket. Hihi.

Gene said...

I miss biking. My sibling and I used to bond over biking and when I grew up, became me and hubby's past time when we were not yet married. We don't have a bike of our own but we borrow his brother's and uncle's bikes. Now that I live in Marikina, they encourage residents to bike around the city, with free parking in malls and along the street. Dream namin ni hubby is to buy a bike and roam the city with it. I like Haruka's bike. It's red and with a basket. Pwedeng pang-pamalengke! :D

Late visit from KID (July 25). Thank you for visiting my blog.

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