Monday, July 18, 2011

Kaki Gori

Well, talking about Japan's soul food for summer~ Kaki gori! ( A japanese style shaved ice with fruit flavored syrups) Last year, I bought my kids a Hello Kitty ice shaver for the summer and invited their friends in the neighborhood for a kaki gori party after going out for play. Gees! Summer here is too hot and the kids are too sweaty lol!

The kids just love to turn the handle of the shaver and I love to see them making their own kaki gori. Although the kaki gori made at home is just ordinary and unappealing, the kids love 'em! ^_^

Kaki gori at home
Haruka chan in charge
With friend, Mirai chan
summer, 2011
Hello Kitty Ice Shaver

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Pink MagaLine said...

That is a very cute ice shaver. Hey, kaki gori looks like ice scramble or ice cone. Sarap!

Keanna Steffi said...

I so love Kaki Gori and the ice shaver is really cute!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Ang cute ng ice shaver,pwede bang hiramin,(j/k) lol!

Thrift Trip said...

yay pag dito hinahaluan pa ng mais or saging noh? yelo at matamis rin un :D


Phyllis at All Things Beautiful said...

We have something similar to that here in America. We call them snow cones.
I posted about your postcard today.

Mirage said...

Looks so hot there! Pawis na pawis!


anne said...

para siyang ice rumble dito hehehe. thanks for the visit clarissa

Chubskulit Rose said...

Parang ice cones dito sa taae Clang.. I love those smiles.

Mai of MaiThreeBoyz said...

The ice shaver is so cute. Perfect for the little girls.

When I was a child here in Pinas, my aunt used to sell ice scramble and what we used to call as "snow ball", same as kaki gori. Now, I don't see anyone selling them with the original flavor anymore. Iba-iba na ang flavor, kung anu-ano na ang halo. Thanks for this post, Momsy. I'm suddenly reminiscing and missing the snow balls of my childhood days. :))

Iris by Shengkay said...

ayay! pati ice shaver kikay..
visting you from KIDS Tita Clang..

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Hi Ate Clang. I miss you. I know I missed a lot as usual. You know naman, working na rin kasi ako kaya limited ang bloghopping ko.

I hope you're all ok. Minsan chikahan tayo ulit. Lagi ka nga tinatanong ni Hide kung genki ba kayo. Napaka init ngayon sa Japan, nakakainis. Korekara gagawa na kami ng halo halo kasi binigyan kami ng friend ng Mama ko ng kagaya sa inyo, napanalunan nya yata sa bingo. Gusto ko sana yung phil style na halo halo. ANyway regards sa mga pretty girls. I'll be visiting again pag hima :) Mwah

jared's mum said...

wow, i love that ice shaver, very nice, borrow! :D

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

thats really cute, they're making thier own crush ice hehehe

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