Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Manga Artists Visited Fukushima

Our family went to Fukushima Airport last month coz we heard that famous manga/anime illustrators will be visiting Fukushima for an event to cheer the Tohoku people with their Joint Work Illustration plus a Paper Airplane Project. Manga artist displayed some of their works, comics, T-shirts and postcards, they also signed autographs to fans and had fun games during the event . No matter how much I would like to feature the persons behind the manga but with all respect, I just can't...

My husband and I have been a fan of the manga 彼女のカレラ ( My Favorite Carrera ) and we were excited to see the face behind the manga and finally met Kia Asamiya in person! I brought my manga with me and let him signed of course~ it was enough for me to have seen him person and to my surprise, he drawed Reina Todori ( the manga's main character) at the back of the books cover with his sign on! It'll be my ' takaramono ' ( treasure ) forever and he also gave me a signed postcard. Wakaba and Haruka however enjoyed making their paper airplane and was given some gachapon and candies.

The game portion was fun and exciting~ fans will have to request the illustrators to draw something in one minute! The best illustration that will be chosen and will be given together with a sign and the worst illustration will be displayed at their 'worst display whiteboard' for everyone to see till the event ends. It would be embarrassing for them but no matter how pro they are, they still have some weaknesses just like when a kid requested them to draw ultraman, lady illustrators had difficulties of drawing it and of course it was displayed as worst lol!

Fukushima Airport
Kia Asamiya sensei's work
Works of famous manga illustrators
Wakaba chan
Haruka chan showing off her paper airplane
Wakaba chan had fun over gachapon
Display of worst illustration chosen by fans
Fukushima Airport's Souvenir Shop
Nagatsuki Misoka
My kids~ sketched by Nagatsuki Misoka sensei

I would like to thank the following manga illustrators who came in Fukushima

麻宮騎亜先生 Asamiya Kia
岩本佳浩先生 Iwamoto Toshihiro
こうの史代先生 Kouno Fumiyo
ときた洸一先生 Tokita Kouichi
とだ勝之先生 Todakatsu Yuki
長月みそか先生 Nagatsuki Misoka
杜野亜希先生 Morino Aki

and guest 天神秀貴 Tenjin Hidetaka


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Thrift Trip said...

super galing nila to do sketches like that!! mga talentado teh :) i super love the last pic!! pa frame mo yan teh! gowwwww

gengen said...

Wow that is really good. Happy Nostalgia mine is up too.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I so love the sketch, so pretty! Sowi Clang na di mo makita yung pics wahhh, di ata compatible sa pc mo yung design hehehe. Thanks for the greetings. Daming fun activities mga princesses mo!

Lainy said...

The kids must have enjoyed it heaps, Mommy Clang.

Lovely sketch! I wish I have the same talent ;-)

Thanks for the comment at SINGAPORE, HERE WE COME!. I truly appreciate it.


Jidhu Jose said...

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anne said...

wow super very talented indeed, obviously your family enjoyed it so much. Thanks for the visit clarissa!
Mary Anne’s Musings
SAHM’s Online Diary

J.Rylie.C said...

That's a beautiful sketch Tita, love all the smiles of Wakaba and Haruka. Thank you so much for the greetings and for the beautiful post card, I love it!

Chris said...

wonderful! i am so glad that you were able to participate! :D

lina@women's perspectives said...

I adore the sketch so much! So pretty...
Surely you have unforgettable experience there :)

Mommy Jes said...


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Vernz said...

wow .. this is interesting clang.. tapos on the spot idrawing ka.. wow ang swerte naman nang mga kids na to... unsa kaha akong face kung idrawing sa manga..

Cookie said...

ang galing naman! i like your kids' "anime-ted" sketch ;-)

thanks for visiting my site!

Dhemz said... cool! love the drawing...pang postcard...ehehehe! so kawaii...:)

Aida said...

Wow ang galing naman ng nag sketch how i wish marunung din ako.Pls. visit also
Joined your website.

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