Monday, July 11, 2011

My Kids Doodles

I attended Wakaba's Observation Day at school last week and this week is another busy week for me. Went again at Wakaba's school for PTA duties with some mums. We cut out some bell marks from products then the marks get traded in for supplies or useful stuffs for the school. Then at Haruka's yochien ( kindergarten school ), mums at school started a project since last week for the bazaar event and now I'm almost half to finish. I will post the finished product here at Kizuna as soon as it's done^_^

Although my energy is almost drained but when the kids come home with a full of life drawings, it gives me power to be energetic again!

Apple Tree by Wakaba
Rainy Day by Wakaba

Haruka's drawing

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Willa @ Smart Boys said...

Napaka colorful naman ng drawing nya and my favorite is the rainbow, :)
Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

Greg said...

waaaaaaa...supah talented naman tong mga Sasaki gosh! I wish Akesh can draw like that...ehehehe!

looking forward to see your finished product mamiClang...:)

Mommy Jes said...

oh that is a cute drawing! nice anman observation class..kame ng kids ko while off the school nag o observation class dn kame hehehe ;D

sis please join my giveaway ha


Pink MagaLine said...

Hey sis! I love the apple tree drawing tho the first drawing looks creative too. Is that for sale? Hihi. It looks perfect for a frame. I suggest you display them in your bedroom wall.

Unknown said...

wow very artistic.. i love the rainbow one..
thanks for visiting my entry

Gene said...

Very artistic and colorful! Did she get those inspiration in real life? I'm worried that Una might not experience such a colorful childhood since we are surrounded with concrete here and not much trees. Except for the balete sa likod bahay namin. Hahaha!

Thanks for visiting my entry She loves to doodle.

Thrift Trip said...

ang mga work of arts ni wakaba super colorful pero di papatalo si haruka :) nice rin ng mga gawa nya.. naku for sure maluha luha ka everytime may pasalubong silang ganyan noh? :) talented teh. magaling ka rin siguro magdrawing?? :)

Genefaith said...

sis galing naman ng mga drawing ng kids mo..maybe they'll be manga artists someday:)

anney said...

very artistic talaga mga junakis mo! Di ako ganyan mag drawing at color nung kasing edad nila ako. Lagi ako sabog magkulay. hihihi!

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