Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couple's Corner--How Well Do We Know Each Other

---I knew my husband so well---

--He loves his coffee black most especially when eating sweets--if his coffee ain't black, it means he's really darn tired at work!
--His favorite scent is Soir of Bvlgari or nothing.
--All the time I thought I'm only a tag-along ( on his car racing practices ), it turns out that he doesn't enjoy it without me watching him at the grandstand.
--He has a lot of colored clothes than me, mine is all black and dark colors.
--He doesn't talk much about his work at home, if he did it means he's stressed.
--If he's stressed, it's time for car racing practises.

---He knows so much about me as well---

--If I take out our electric hotplate and prepare yakiniku or yakisoba or okonomiyaki for dinner, or a pancake for breakfast, he knows he's in charge of cooking at home.
--He knows that I will be asking for my allowance next after questioning the date of his salary
--He knows that I'm always available to him sexually lol!
-- He knows that we're not only husband and wife, but bestfriends,too.
--If he makes utot at home, he knows he has to pay for a 500 yen fine.

The more time we spend together, the more I find him interesting and we're becoming made for each other!

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Cens World said...

That is so sweet. Just dropping by to say hello and take care.

D.L. Verzosa said...

awh... that is so sweet....

Cecile said...

Wow, kailangan pala maging careful si hubby mo na wag uutot or else mag fine siya :-)

anyway, have a safe and fun trip to the Phils. :-); miss na rin kita di ka pa man umaalis :-), ingat!

R. said...

Aww! I practically melted while reading this entry. I hope every married couple would have a relationship like you guys have. Stay happy and in love dear ☮.♥.☆

Mommy Liz said...

I like that part about you being available all the time sexually, wahahahha! Kapag yata kasi matagal ng magkasma at nagmamahalan, talagang nagkakakilanlanang mabuti.

Ay ang sweet naman ng di siya nag eenjoy kung di ka kasama sa car racing. I love that..Ang uto..magawa nga kay Rodney nyan, palagay ko, dami kong pera after a month..Hehehe!

Thanks for joining before ka umuwi ng Pilipinas, ihalik mo na lang ako ke Mareng Niko ah.

anney said...

kailangan pala pakainin ng pakainin ng kamote si hubby mo para lagi uutot para dami ka datung! hihihi! At talagang always available to him sxually hihihi!

teJan said...

ganun??? iba tong hubby mo..hehhe!

dear clariss...waaaa, salary time! sounds familiar..heheh! happy CC!

AC said...

wahaha!!! ate clang, classic ang post mo na to.. super enjoy ako! Hhmm.. parang maganda yung may fine pag umutot ah! matry nga.. Kung talaga sa Japan kame nakatira, panigurado lumba lumba na ako sa sarap ng mga pagkain. Kita mo naman po ako sa FB lagi dba? Medyo may katam lang sa blogging pero now, i'm serious!!! I'm back for good.. hopefully.. haha!!! Enjoy your Pinas vacation, ate clang! mwuah!

Lulu said...

ay ganun may fine pag umutot nako siguro kapag may fine kami for doing the utot yayaman ang makatatanggap kasi all three of us are good in doing the utot business

Seiko said...

Same here din...pero natawa ako sa if he makes utot he has to pay 500 yen fine Lol!

I wish and pray for another long long years with you & your hubby. God Bless!

Lina Gustina said...

Perfect couple... have a happy marriage life :)

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