Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celebrating Our New Year


The holidays for me has always been about my family at the bukid of tralala, party and food and it' s our first time to celebrate our New Year without my Mother-In-Law ( she's in the hospital since last week of November due to an accident) but still enjoyed a well- deserved break without having much hassles in the kitchen( well, sort of lol! I made an Iridori without the chicken because there's no meat inside their fridge ) and managed to keep up the tradition. My Sister-In-Law bought ready-made osechi-ryori ,a traditional New Year foods with meanings---they can be kept for days without putting them inside the fridge. I'm not really familiar of the meanings but here' s some of them: kurumame ( a slow simmered sweet black soybeans means fertility ), a lucky color pink and white kamaboko( fishcakes), datemaki, konbu ( a kind of seaweed means joy) and because of the sweetness of a ready-made kurikinton, my MIL usually made her homemade kurikinton(candied chestnuts and sweet potato means wealth ). In order to start the year in the most positive and pure way possible, the whole house was given a cleaning on December 31 ( same as cooking too, so that on January 1st can be spent with families and friends and yes, we cleaned our apartment too before we left ), took a bathe, prayed for good health and fortune for the coming years ( the buddist way )and started our dinner festives. My Father In Law went to see the first sunrise of the new year and went to the temple and gave us omamori(a japanese amulet). I wish too someday to be able to watch the first sunrise, it's really freezing cold out there because it's by the sea.

Sister-In-Law and Me
I bought some books as a late Christmas presents for my kids kawaii cousins
cousin Kei chan loves Dragon Ball--he can spend a day talking about dragon ball anime!!
Haruka and Ayana chan--remember her?She can now walk a few steps without support before her 1st birthday!! How time flies!!
New Year festives will be served at FOOD TRIP FRIDAY!
MIL at the hospital
She's getting better My other SIL and family and yours truly at the hospital

My New Year's Resolution:
Be well, share love, keep breathing and keep moving forward!
Wishing you all a blissful 2010!! ^_^


D.L. Verzosa said...

cool stuff!!!!
get well soon to your mom-in-law...

anney said...

Ang dami nyong lafang! Ano, nag gain ka ba ng weight? ako wag mo na tanungin hihihi!Hope your MIL gets really well soon! Happy 2010!Wishing you all the best!

R. said...

I love the table setting with the whole family, just like in the movies. I think I'll enjoy in Japan. I wanna meet you tuloy, I hope I can visit Japan again. Last time I was there, I was only 4!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

great celebration..i agree with Ailee Verzosa..

Unknown said...

ang ganda tingnan ng lunch box.. so colorful!

eden said...

Ang daming handa at sarap.. Mga chekting ang saya nila. Ganda ng mga books.

Get well soon to your MIL. Glad she is getting better.

Wishing you all the best for 2010

Rossel said...

good to know that mother in law is getting better. i remember Ayana chan, she's the new member in the family that you welcomed months ago in your post. she's your sil's daughter, right? she grows fast, ehehe!

happy new year, clang! may you have a fruitful 2010. mwaaah!

Mylene said...

Good to know that your MIL is getting better :)

I am wondering how would you look if your hair is the same with your first SIL... hmm... you already looked like a Japanese eer Chinese? hehehe...

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Hope you MIL is well and back to healthy normal life na clang. happy New year!

Dhemz said...

get well soon kay MIL mami Clang....:)

woi super saya naman ng celeb nyo during the new year....waaaaaa...bukid of tralala...ahhaha....joker!

woi, I remember that kid...gosh...the last time I saw her was in the hospital picture....bilis talaga ng panahon ano....:)

hugs and kisses from us ni Akesha mami dear...mwah!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

omg ang laki na nung pamangkin mo, ang bilis talaga kasi kelan lang bagong panganak sya.. Medyo nasasanay na nga ako sa new year ng japan, peacefully spending time with families.. although super miss ko talaga yung sa pinas. First new year ko dito was 2007, mag bf pa lang kami nun kaya sa labas kami nag new year at hinintay ang first sunrise.. ngayon year lang talaga nagcelebrate in traditional way.. nakakatuwa pala kasi ang dami meaning at tradition.

Get well soon sa MIL mo.. sad naman sa hosp sya nag new year

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