Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Pretend At Kindergarten

Observation Day at school is one of the most exciting in which Wakaba has experienced in kindergarten--the teachers shows to parents what the children will be learning on the day and this time they played " Let' s Pretend ". Playing a "Let's Pretend" at kindergarten is a great opportunity to explore their creative imagination and this time they played omiseya- san gokko-- the kids made some art crafts out of recycled papers, cardboards(last year Wakaba made a giraffe out of recycled milk packs). They made a paper watch, some animal shaped made of origami, jewelries made of straw, and etc. for selling and since Wakaba is pretending to be as the cashier, she made her own cashier machine/cash register. Each kids has a paper money for shopping and bought something they wanted and has a mini ramen shop there where they can eat while shopping! Just like the adults were doing, they fall in line after shopping for their goods and pay for it or ordering some ramen ( made of yarn and straws)and then paid after. I remember that Wakaba has been very observant during our shopping at the grocery because of her job as the cashier and very courteous,too--telling her classmate to wait for their turn in line and saying thank you to the shoppers. I love watching her grow with confidence and she really enjoyed what they did at school! The kids all seem to be enjoying of doing their jobs very well! I wonder what kind of job that they will do in the future ^_^

---Wakaba' s cash register that she made at school, made from recycled boxes---
---some animal shaped origami, art and crafts made by the kids at school---
---With apron and bandana---
---recycled art crafts for selling--watches, jewelries

---Wakaba and the kids made some cookies and eat them before they start selling their stuffs--yours trully also had a share of the cookie, Wakaba shared it to me^_^-----Wakaba was worried if she can do her job well---
Wakaba is very busy doing her part as the cashier!!---
---paying up after shopping with paper money------Haruka shopped for a ring and watch, she said that it's for me--ain't it sweet?? Of course, she paid for it with paper money lol!!---
---Haruka acting as a ramen costumer--she ordered ramen and juice---

Watch them play their part on Let's Pretend^_^

Have a nice day to everyone!!


Unknown said...

i enjoyed the photos.. love the wall arts and wakaba pretending to be the cashier.. so cute* love love love!

Unknown said...

I love their classroom and uniform, very organized ng japan ano. At ang education is good, no wonder maraming nag success diyan.

R. said...

Cutieeees! :)
Super kakagigil. I love how clean and organized the classroom is and the kids all look well-behaved.

Dee said...

I like the concept. It's a way to inject fun into learning. The kids look like they love it!

Have a great week, Clang! :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

ang cute naman sis ng school nila, nakakatuwa. ganda pa ng clssroom, sarap amg aral. :)

Cecile said...

very organized classroom, i like it...bagay na bagay kay Wakaba yung uniform niya...i enjoyed all the pix, Clang...sucha cutie!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang ckocute namn ng mga arts nina wakaba... So pauwi na pala kayo next week, wahhh mas lalo kita mamimiss huhuhu... Lahat ba kayo Clang or Yochan will be left behind?

Mommy Liz said...

That is so cute,pretending is a way of playing imagination. Mga kids ko, naku ang lalakas ng mga imagination, grabeh, Enjoy your vacation sa Pinas ha..

anney said...

Ang saya naman ng mga bata batuta! Ang cute namn ng bigay sayong ring and watch ni haruka! kaya lang di pwede isanla! ahihihi!

Seiko said...

Ang cute naman at ang bait ng anak mo. She looked so cute with her apron and bandana at si Haruka ang sweet.

Nakakatuwang panoorin yung video. The kids look so cute standing around her waiting for their turn to pati yung cash register nya.

Mylene said...

nakakatuwa naman ung mga art work nila hehehe... tsaka cool yan ha they used recycled materials ;)

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