Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Couple's Corner--He Made Me Really Angry!!

No matter how much I love my husband Yochan, there is some time that is really annoying that drives me crazy and really hate him for doing such a thing!

There was one time at a shopping mall and Yochan was looking for a down jacket and asked my opinion of the color to choose from--black, blue or orange. I knew my husband loves bright colors but I wanted him to have the black for a change and he's asking for my opinion anyway and I guess he needs it for a new look. He was crossing his brows when I chose the black one and insisted the bright colored jacket. The black down jacket looks good on him and in fact t'was cool when he did some fitting but still refused--I guess we've been there for an hour! He was ready to pay at the counter then all of the sudden he went back and returned the black one and replaced by an orange down jacket! I was kind a " Yeah right! Nagtanong ka pa, di mo rin lang pala ako susundin! " Why did he asked for my advice for the very first place but wouldn't dare to listen??!!GGrrrr!!

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Cecile said...

Matt has an attitude like that sometimes and it makes me really mad...buti na lang mahal natin sila kundi....hay

Mommy Liz said...

Hahahaha! nagtanong pa, yun pala di naman susundin.Si Rodney di yun namimili ng damit, ako lagi, kaya lang kapag minsan may nabibili ako na di niya type.But once he asked me about something, like to choose which one, I would always say " whichever you think is best" baka kasi di lang piliin ang pipiliin ko masuntok ko eh, hehehe..

frizzy_rein said...

hehe pambihira .. kakaiba nga pala si kuya Yochan. mahilig sa bright colors hehe.. well, ganyan din nman si habibi.. pero di rin susundin. decision pa rin nila. nagrereact lang ako pag ang pinipili eh sobrang mahal. bahala na sia sa kulay basta fair ang presyo magkakasundo kami hehehe

Unknown said...

Na mga lalaki talaga kaya hirap bilhan ng gamit kasi they stick to the old fashion they used to. Nagtanong tanong ang loko, hindi naman pala susundin sarap batukan hehehe just kidding clang. hubby ko ganyan din

Chubskulit Rose said...

hahahahaha, I can feel your anger right there lol. Ganyan kasi minsan si John, kunwari magtatanong what AI want but he would insist what he wants anyway.

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