Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy:How to help

For people in Japan, here's how to help. You can send your donations to these organizations so efforts will be pooled before they are sent to the Philippines.


1. OFW-Shien Foundation (in a tie-up with Tulong Pinoy Movers in the Philippines)
Base: St. Anselm's Church, Meguro, Tokyo
How: via METROBANK Tokyo account (no. 027 3027 2417 28) Tulong Pinoy Movers Unlimited, Inc.

2. Japan Association of Novo-Ecijanos (JANE)
How: Contact Ms. Vilma Castillo (090 6488 5368) or Ms. Chat (080 3408 2127)

3. Via the Philippine National Bank, Tokyo - Remittance Charge is FREE
OIC: Pauline Beset, PNB 03-5401-3300 or 0120-86-6382, pauline@pnbtokyo.co.jp
a. GMA Kapuso Foundation (PESO) 1210 0320 0017 or (DOLLAR) 1210 0320 0025
b. CARITAS Manila (DOLLAR) 1085 6660 0025
c. Philippine National Red Cross (PESO) 3623 3680 0011

4. Convenience Stores
- There will be collection boxes at convenience stores all over Japan


Where: St. Anselm's Church, Meguro, Tokyo, after the 12 noon mass on Sundays
Contact: Natalie (080 3414 8464), Emma (080 5488 9630), Sancy (080 5088 4959), or Ate Linda (080 5510 3961)
Do: For people outside Tokyo, ask if you can send the items via Takkyubin

2. via the Fathers and brothers at the Komaba Chapel (collection will be ongoing for the month of October)
Contact: c/o Fr. Rexbert / Ate Liling
Tel. 03-3467-1871
Address. Escolapios4-5-12 Komaba Meguro-ku (エスコラピオス修道会目黒区駒場4-5-12)
* They will accept donations via Takkyubin, address the boxes to Fr. Rexbert

Let's all do our part ;-)

(Note: This is a re-post from Japayuki Chronicles ,thank you so much C.P.Santi! Please feel free to visit her writings)


EJ said...

Hello Ms. Clarissa, its great that blogging can help spread the word of calamities and ways to help. May God bless you more for doing so!

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R. said...

Thanks for sharing those info Clarissa.

Anonymous said...

ayan kahit papaano nakatulong ka rin di ba? ok yan sis!good luck valuews, reviews, business

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

OMG!!! salamat dito, buti na lang nakita ko kaagad. Tatawag na sana ako sa Transtech Padala bukas para maipa-door to door ko sa pinas yung mga used clothes na na collect ko.. Meron pala dito kaya dito na lang para mas mura. Arigatou

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