Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend


My husband and I almost forgot about the Sports Festival event at my husbands hometown held every last week of September or in early October as bonding in our community ---This time the community held a mini indoor volleyball tournament for women and outdoor baseball tournament for men. My Mother-In-Law informed us that we couples are both in to participate at the sports fest. We have in our team is my Mother-In-Law, my 2 Sisters-In-Law and other neighborhood in our block. I didn' t participate in our team coz I don' t have volleyball practice since the day we moved here in the apartment. And even though I wanted to join the team, it is just best for me to look up for the kids and cheer with them than messing up with the game and aside from that, I don' t play well. The whole gym ,facilities and equipment was used to us at a school in their hometown--it is where our sports fest is being held every year.You can read our Community Sports Festival last year HERE

Community bonding--- Sports Festival

My Sister-In-Law Mihoko--- I missed our volleyball practices together with my MIL and SIL Taiko every Friday when I was still living with my MIL' place.

Having fun with cousins at the gym
There are ten teams who joined the mini tournament-- a very loong but fun day for us!!
Even the kids are cheering up. You'll hear them say ' Ganbatte!! ' ( fight! )
Lunch time!! Obento time!!

Last game

After each game
Too bad I didn' t make it to watch my husband playing baseball coz it was held outdoor at the same time. The baseball team for men won first place and was given a trophy, plaque and a cash prize while our volleyball team for women placed 3rd and was given a plaque and a cash prize. Even though I was only watching the game, I was happy for the teams cooperation and teamwork.Bansai!! Bansai!!\(^0^)/

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Happy Monday to everyone and enjoy your week ahead!!^_^


Jac said...

wow this is fun !!!! Kitang~kita na sa pictures that you had so much fun. I miss playing volleyball naging player pa namn ako sa school namin elementary hanggang high school!!! Btw, I got a nice tag for you here

Grace said...

Getting into sports will make us healthier.
Hala, Clar, mukhang haponesa ka na talaga. :)

Unknown said...

wow.. looks fun! pero mas look fun yung kunch time pic, hehehe.. sarap nun momsy ha.. ikaw nag prepare?

SASSY MOM said...

I can see that you really enjoyed the weekend. I was never really a sports buff -- that's why now i am encouraging my kids to engage into sports.

Have a nice week ahead!

Chris said...

ang saya ng weekend! sana kami rin ganyan...

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow Clang, am envious hahaha.. I love playing volleyball.. Can I be your team mate next time lol!

Here is my entry hope you can take a peek. Have a good week Clang..

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Galing naman! volleyball player ka pala, ako lang yata ang taong di marunong ng kahit anong sports!

Seiko said...

Ako din walang walang kakayahan when it comes to sport ay meron pala ako isa hehe yung clay shooting pigeon ko,sa mga anko ko na lang ako talaga bumabawi.I don't play volleyball kahit nung during my youngster pa ko chikaranai ga nai mon:D.
I enjoyed looking @ all your photos here. nakakatuwa rin ang mga kiddos kahit kumakain sila kept on giving their boost pa rin.Happy Tuesday!Jya!

Mommy Liz said...

Volleyball is the game that I won't be able to play, I am so scared of the ball, wahhhh! When I was in college, I had to donate a medal so I can pass my PE, huwahhh!

You seemed like you all had a great time Clarissa, especially the kids..Grat photos..

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

gosh so nice naman active kayo sa town nyo.. while us never been active hehe.. tagal ko na pala di nagvovolleyball.. last play ko nung highschool pa lol.. Saya ng weekends nyo, at sporty din pala si okasan. Im sure ang pinaka-nag enjoy dyan ay ang mga pretty girlies..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Pansin ko lang Clang, mukha ka na ring japanese hehehe..

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

sporty pala ang mga in-laws mo ^_^ nice naman dyan mukhang masaya talaga...i'm sure magaling kang mag cheer! ^_^ ako siguro pag andyan panay tili ^_^ hehe
wow kakagutom naman ng food sa pic ^_^

Anonymous said...

ba how envious nman yan ako diko pa nkita naglaro mga inlaws ko sa golf sana sometime mkasama kami he he

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Ohh ang saya ng weekend ninyo clang, pa join savolleyball my fave sports. At ang saya rin ng grupo ng mga chikiting dito, always may pagkain.

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