Friday, October 2, 2009

Join Azumi' s First Give-Away Contest!

Greetings!! A good friend of mine, Bambie, authors of Azumi A Blog Of My Lovely Baby , Kawaii Bebe Desu Yo , Fab Momma , Highlights Of My Day and My Kawaii Princessis offering some grabs of Two (2) $25 worth of gift card by Shutterfly to make your memorable photobooks, cards etc, thousands of EC Credits, Ad spaces from different blog sites, cash, domain and hosting as a way of her Thanksgiving. Here' s some grabs:

TWO (2) lucky participants will win a $25 Gift Cards to the Shutterfly Store to use for the many print options on the site and additonal prizes from the SPONSORS, and another TWO (2) lucky participants will win the other prizes.


$25 Gift Certicate from Shutterfly
•$5 from Crayons N pencil
•3000 EC Credits from All About Babies and Kids
•2000 EC Credits from Our Adventures Together
•2000 EC Credits from
•1000 EC Credits from My Little Angel's Journey
•1000 EC Credits from Samantha's Own
•1 month Adspace at/from Kerstin Closet
•1 month Adspace at/from Kizuna
•1 month Adspace at/from Just About Anything
•1 month Adspace at/from Samantha's Own


$25 Gift Certicate from Shutterfly
•2500 EC Credits from Kaya Mo, Pinoy!
•2000 EC Credits from Tasty Exploration
•2000 EC Credits from Her and History
•1000 EC Credits from Just About ANything
•1000 EC Credits In His Steps
•1 month Adspace at/from Mom Writes For A Cause
•1 month Adspace at/from Kiss Me Mwah
•1 month Adspace at/from Supladita
•1 month Adspace at/from The Dias Family Spot


AGNES B. Make Up Goodies from KIZUNA
•$5 from Just ABout ANything
•5000 EC Credits from The Mommy Journey
•1000 EC Credits from Maldita
•1000 EC Credits from I HEART CONTEST
•1000 EC Credits from The Story of My Life
•1 month Adspace at/from Bitz N Pieces Of My Life
•1 month Adspace at/from Mouth's Delight
•1 month Adspace at/from Rose Obstacles and Glories
•1 month Adspace at/from
•1 month Adspace at/from Annamonique


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Click the cutie button for more information, bonus prizes and other chances of winning!

Bambie would like to thank the following sponsors:
just about anythingcrayonsNpencilsAll About kids and babies her and history in his steps
kaya mo pinoy! the story of my lifethe mommy journey
samantha's ownmalditaour adventures together

supladitatasty explorationkertin's closet
my little angel's journeykiss me mwahi heart contest
bitz and pieces of my lifeanna moniqueMouth's Delight
mom writes for a causedias family spotobstacles and glory

Azumi' s First Give-Away Contest starts from September 30 to October 27 and the
participants will be raffled via Random. Announcing of lucky winners will be on Oct 29
at her site. What are you waiting for? Join now!! ^_^


Azumi's Mom ★ said...

ate thanks for supporting ha and syempre sa pag sponsor =) love u.. may 11 entries ka na =) THANKS sa pagsali mwah

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

goodluck sa lahat...^_^
and congrats sa mga mananalo. ^_^

Unknown said...

Bongga mini giveaway contest ni bambie parang hindi mini. goodluck mami clar and to all of us heheh

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, I'm back hehe...pahabol lang sa question mo. Safe ang family ko sa pinas. Salamat sa Diyos ^_^

Chris said...

im joining too!

Grace said...

This sounds very interesting, Clarissa. :)

kamz said...

good luck mommy clarissa! sana manalo tayo ano? hehehe!

btw, sa yokohama kami dati. dito naman, may araw, pero malamig na. lapit na rin tag-ulan dito. cguro by third week of october, cge2 na ang ulan. happy weekend!

Goryo said...

Hello kamusta na? Dami mo pala sponsors ha.. ?

zencya na; sobrang naging hectic ang schedule ng lolo Goryo.. tumakbo, lumangoy, nagpa-spah, nagtanggal ng tinga, etzetera etzetera.. salamat at di kayo nagsawang dumalaw at bumisita sa aking mumunting tambayan.

diko maipapangako na hindi ako magiging busy sa mga darating na araw subalit pipilitin kong bumisita sa mga tambayan once in a while.. mabuhay kayo!!! =)

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