Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wakaba's Observation Day

---Wakaba's name written on her first day of school---

Last two weeks ago, we ( Haruka was tagged along with me ) attended Wakaba's Observation Day at school. It is called ' Sankanbi ' here and it is a day that parents observe a regular lesson at their school and then meet with teachers. We received a detailed schedule of what will be taught in the classroom before the said day. It was my second time to meet some of the parents ( mostly Moms and the first was during Wakaba's Entrance Ceremony ) We entered the classroom and observed at the back with some other Moms. Wakaba that day was trying to impress me--she tried raising her hand and then answered the teachers question and then she faces back towards me and then smiled lol! They sung some songs that I haven't heard before and had some story telling. That day they were asked to draw of something that they like and was given 30 minutes to do so. Some kids draw fruits, cars, etc but Wakaba draws me, Haruka and her Daddy and was very colourful! The teachers asked the kids one by one to say infront of the class of what they draw and after that the kid will point who will do next and I was hearing Wakaba saying ' choose me! choose me! ' LOL! I'll try to get a picture of her drawing when she comes home with it---can't wait to share it all to you! ( forgive this baka oya lol! ) I'm glad I had a chance to observe how Wakaba behave in school and how she operates in a group with her classmates. I have my camera but it's the manner in me that matters and aside from that she's not at preschool ( which was ok at her former school ) anymore and decided not to have pictures of her inside the classroom because the kids might get disturbed during the class ALTHOUGH some of the parents ( mostly the PTA members ) kept on flashing their camera. Here's some of the photos at the school taken after the sankanbi. The Sakura of Cherry Blossoms at their school is in full bloom! Enjoy!
---Wakaba and Haruka---
---Haruka's class at Kindergarten was a half day on the day of her big sisters Observation Day so I have to tag her along with me---
---Walking home with a classmate---
---Sakura, on its full bloom!------Wakaba is enjoying her days at Primary School---
---Beautiful Cherry Blossoms---

Thanks for dropping by! Have a nice day to everybody!


Jac said...

Wakaba's handwriting is really good ang galing nyang mag sulat. Happy weekend sis!

Unknown said...

I always love dropping by here to check your photos. They're so so beautiful esp. with your daughters and the flowers.

Happy weekend and advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY :D

Dhemz said...

wow! very smart naman talaga ni Haruka...manang mana sa mami....:) so proud of your little girl mami Clang....:)

thanks for sharing the photos!

eden said...

Great photos. Ganda ng handwriting ni Wakaba, Mommy Clang. She is so smart. I love all your cherry blossom photos. What a sight to see when they are in full bloom. We are on our last month of Autumn at medyo malamig na.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang ganda ganda talaga ng cherry blossoms ano Clang, at mas lalong maganda dahil nakangiti si haruka and wakaba hehehe..

Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

I love your photos, sayang walang cherry blossoms sa Pinas, I luv them talaga. Your kids are very cute too.

Dropping by from

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