Sunday, May 16, 2010

PBW---Licca's Castle

We treated our kids to the Licca's Castle before going to my PIL's place for the Sansai Matsuri during the Golden Week . A big event was held at Licca's Castle because it was Licca's birthday ( last May 3, she will be always an 11 years old for eternity ) but we went there a day before the said event coz of flooding of people and we don't want to get stuffed by there. Not only kids but also grown up fans are expected to be there and joining the fun. Licca chan is Japan's Barbie doll and is loved by many around the globe. It wasn't our first visit there but still my kids loves to go back there again and again.
Kids and adults ( women only)are allowed to rent for a free Licca's official gowns/dresses after getting your entrance ticket to the place and be like Licca. You will be greeted by Licca chan as you entered at the lobby and you can also experience her world at the party room, her dresser, her room, the museum, factory,etc. I was amazed of those lovely dolls most especially at the Castle collection but it's so pricey. Since my kids has their own Licca chan at home, we bought some dresses and accessories for them although they're itching to have a new one ( they have to wait until their birthday lol!) and played outside the castle after the tour.
--Party Room at Licca chan's castle---
---Licca chan's dresser-- Wakaba seems like to love the dress and be like Licca chan of her dreams--- ---Licca's Room---
---Study desk and randoseru of Licca chan---
---Little town of Licca!---
---Castle factory, this is how and where Licca chan's dolls is produced. Inside the castle!! There's also an option where you can paint, assemble, dress your own Licca chan doll and some other workshops---
---First Generation Licca dolls at Licca chan Museum---
---2nd Generation Licca Dolls---
---Marie Antoniette, Licca version---
---Gorgeous Licca dollies in Kimono ---
---So elegant!---
---Licca chan's Kimono set for 3,675 jpy! Takaii!!--
---Very tiny Japanese Licca sandal---
---Wakaba and Haruka, fishing for Licca chan's dress---
---Us, choosing some shoes, boots, hats and sandals for my kids Licca dollies---
---Having fun on a kiddie train---
My kids are growing up fast but not old enough to still want to hold their father's hands ^_^

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Thanks for always dropping by!!Have a nice week ahead to everybody!!^_^


Willa said...

ay ang cute naman sis! I think every girl in the world deserved t be a Princess like Licca,even for a day. If I have a daugther,I think I like Licca's personality better than Barbie, because Barbie is such overly figure conscious which is a bad example for a girls.

Mylene said...

Cuteness! Cute ng room at mga gamit, all in pink! Any daughter will love this place.

Samantalahin ng hubby mo na kamay pa nya ang kaholding-hands ng mga mini dalagita mo, dahil sooner iba na ang gus2 nilang kaholding hands. nyahahaha

Karen Chayne said...

ang cute cute talaga nila sis! they all look pretty in pink with their dresses.

Unknown said...

Wow what a nice family bonding and getaway. Pwedi d i maka wear sa princess costume diha clang? ka nice no.

Thanksfor the visit and comments mommy clang, kisses sa imung mga dalagita.

Lynn said...

Wow, I am very fascinated w/ castles. I hope there'll be something like this in the Phils.

Sassy Mom said...

Wow! that's such a cute place. I'm sure your lil princesses enjoyed the trip to that castle.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

I love Licca Chan.. mas gusto ko pa sya kesa kay Barbie doll.. mas maganda kasi sya eh and pang-wholesome talaga.. I remember my sissy's Licca Chan, pinag-tripan ko ang hair nya, ginupit ko.. bata pa kami nun.. Didn't know na meron pala sya Castle.. ANyway, wait ko kayo dito sa Sanrio Land... Mag-eenjoy mga pretty girls natin, at tayo sa kakapicture..

eds said...

wow ang cute nman nila.. hehehe bakit si mommy hindi naka gown :D.. dapat pati un mommy para terno terno :D

Umma said...

Cute little princess... Im so jealous having a baby girl like yours Mommy Clangz... how I wish I could have a girl soon :)

Missed you..I already sent the package.. Hope you will like it hehehe...

jeng said...

Wow, that castle looks awesome. How nice it is to be a princess even for just a day. ; )

Btw, if you have time please visit my new blog

Chubskulit Rose said...

I so love the last shot!

That would be a very memorable experience for Haruka and Wakaba, those barbie dolls are cute!

Dhemz said... cute ng mga prinsesa mo mami Clang....bagay na bagay sa kanila yung dress....what a fun bonding with the whole fam!

TM said...

Hi Clarissa! You have a cute blog! Love the mommy moments! Anyway, I stumbled upon your site as I was searching for Licca castle directions. My aunt told me it's very far. I was wondering if you know the easiest way to get there by train. I will be in Tokyo for a visit and I'd love to see the Licca castle. Thanks for any help you could give!

Anonymous said...

this is such and adorable post! though i'm not a fan of licca but i'm a big fan of jenny! san to located sis? i want to visit this place when i go to japan :D

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you're also a fan of Jenny,my kids loves her too! Licca's Castle is located in Ono Machi,Fukushima Prefecture,Japan.We live 30 minutes near the museu,please lemme know if coming for a visit^_^

Thanks for dropping by!

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